T.I. & Tiny Show Love in the Club on Her Birthday

ti tiny birthday back together

Even though he was recently caught slapping actress Asia’h Epperson’s butt on video, it looks like Tiny has forgiven T.I. once again.

Their reconciliation comes just in time for the XSCAPE singer’s birthday, and T.I. has been showering her with gifts, including a new car.

They also hit up a club together and showed some PDA for the cameras.


Is Tiny a fool for forgiving him again?


  1. Tiny is a fool for getting that shyt pumped in her ass like that. She’s more of a fool for staying with a misogynistic man who whips her ass. Those boys are going to turn out to abuse women too I’d bet.

    • Where do you get your information from? I’ve never heard anything about him “whipping her ass.” He might be a cheater but he’s not physically abusing her.

  2. ti and tiny are freaks deep down they both get turned on by the other if one cheats tiny did her dirt but it seems to arouse ti and tiny hot biracial ass got wet when her dudes ti and Floyd fought over her

  3. These men and women think this is what the world want of them to showcase simply nothing of real value but a contract of stolen souls. There is a very thin line of truth and lies that’s not for REAL everyday people.

  4. Tiny’s self esteem is so low…she let’s Tip treat her any kind of way and she looks terrible with that diaper booty!

  5. She needs to divorce this dude. Then take off a full year to recover after buttocks reduction surgery and facial reconstruction. Those two things are the source of her esteem so go fix it. She hates what she sees in the mirror and people don’t let her forget. Korean doctors are magicians and she has the money.

  6. Tiny butt looks horrible…Bless her heart!! I don’t know why she would even think that looks good. I guess she wanted a big butt like all the women T.I. had or still have.

  7. Ya’ll wrong as hell for havin Tiny look like Weird Al Yankovic/Carrot Top in that pic. Just wrong.

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