Floyd Mayweather Continues Dragging 50 Cent After Exposing Alleged Herpes

50 cent floyd mayweather

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have continued to drag each other all weekend long after 50 clowned Floyd’s ex, Bad Medina.

Floyd went on a rant and exposed 50 Cent’s alleged herpes he acquired from someone who may or may not be his baby mama, Daphne Joy, and he also called the rapper a snitch!

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50 tried to clap back, but he didn’t deny the herpes allegations.

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  1. a boxer and a so called gangster arguing on Twitter like two teenage girls wow this world has gone to shit. Social media is the worst thing that was ever invented

  2. I was going to say, wow, that was a mini novel with no typos?
    Fiddy is soo messy, he had to point that out but didn’t deny anything that he wrote, smh…

    Why drag the world into your arguments???


    • if they didn’t, you and everyone else on here wouldn’t
      have anything to dissect, misconstrue, and put our own
      personal perspective into comments ?

      • True but one would think that having and bragging about the millions that you’ve got would give you so many positive things to do besides putting your business all over the internet but I digress…


  3. So,
    Ms. Daphne Joy got the herp. Well so many have hit that even Jason Derulo or how ever you pronounce his name. This is why Hollywood is one bug nasty germ. These folks know they have diseases and still screw the same people becasue they look good? This some sick shit!

    • There is zero degree of separation between them all. If you do a diagram, they are all fluid-exchanged connected. Men with women, men with men, women with women, and the in-betweens doing it with everyone. They marry, divorce, hippity hop playing musical bed chairs. They break up, next day trolling the streets with a new paramour. It’s disgusting. Money is hard to come by but your health is more valuable.

    • Remember when he was parading her disease filled behind around after he dumped Jordin? Now he’s all up in Jordin Sparks IG post wishing it was his baby and a be got left with from DJ is the Herps.

  4. That means Vivica Fox got the herp. It’s the gift that keeps giving. Oh let’s not forget Megan Good.

      • Megan is married to a Pastor.

        Fifty only recently got with DJ so
        I doubt the others got Herpes from him.

  5. 50 stay dissing somebody he beefed with half the industry I mean him and ja rule beefed over a tranny.

    how many diss songs or I miss you songs he made to game they made about a 100 diss songs to each other.

    he slapped his employees for fun he mistreats women

    g unit as a musical force is gone, tony yayo cant sell records, young buck got hooked on drugs and ened up I jail.

    • G Unit was never no musical force in the first place. Just a few thugs grouped up tryna make money legally. Musical force???

      • Them dirty dick nuccas, probably got from oral sex with randoms. Dudes forget that they can get an STD from getting head.

    • Lol ibecause you sleep with some that has a disease don’t mean you have herpes or any other disease… we come to far not to be educated on STDs. While it is wise to be safe. Facts are a lot of people have dormant diseases and don’t know.

      Hollyweird is wack all that access to money doctors and info and they all still fall short to shit

  6. Pain, hurt, sex, love and war make strange bed fellows these days even if you have or have not. Its such a sexy nasty thing don’t you think ?

  7. I love what FM said. 50’s always dissing others and putting their business in the online streets–it’s time for somebody to come after his a**.

  8. For starters, 50 hates his baby mama who turned his son against him, so I don’t get what Floyd is saying there. But does anybody know what really went down between these two. They used to be super tight. Anyway, 50’s time has come and gone and so has Floyd’s. The only difference is net worth. Right now Floyds is blowing his money away. Hopefully he won’t forget there aren’t anymore 100 million fight payoffs. Those days are over. So how do they spend their time? Beefing like a couple of high school mean girls. I wish Curtis would grow up. He needs to go by his real name and get into movies. He’s not a bad actor and black men are under represented in dramatic roles.

    • “50 hates his baby mama who turned his son against him”

      It’s a thin _________ line between love and hate. I personally agree with Mayweather because 50 spends way too much time heckling that woman.

  9. I wish the lil ones would pick up their toys and go home…. Right now… Right this instant!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chelsra was pissed when Curtis left her alwYs seemed more than him hanging around Ciara

    Can’t forget 50 dated Gayle king briefly

  11. Wait a minute…if he has. “The Herps” as somebody put it what about he newest baby and baby momma??? ???

    • THATS where fifty got the herpes from.

      If he has it- it’s only recently. So vivivca and all the rest he dated wouldn’t have gotten it from him then. That as before DJ.

  12. Mayweather has got more money than most black celebrities. He can’t read or write but financially he can’t be touched.

    • Having money is one thing…KEEPING it is another.

      And when you can’t read or write…and have to rely on others to do it for you… you can and WILL be touched financially.

  13. They throwing all their friends business out there as well but Floyd is foul ain’t no coming back from death an you went to the game after he after your man ate his pistol

  14. With all that money that FM has…… you think since he can’t read or write he’d take his a** to school. I heard Devry has classes available. He could use the above comments as his entrance exam paper or thesis or something…….

  15. Most of you weirdos talking sh*t about people having the “herp”. Havent even been tested, because you’re too scared. Who knows what you nasty mfs are inflicted with. Funny thing about herpes is the more you talk like this, the higher your chances of contracting it. And its not just sexually transmitted. Its a skin to skin disease and many people with HSV2 may only get an OB on their thigh. You could be exposed by dancing in a night club with someone wearing minimal clothing. At least theyre not passing around HIV.

    • Please don’t normalize Herpes. Many of us, including myself HAVE been tested.

      I am proud to say I am NEGATIVE and plan on remaining that way by making WISE sexual and physical contact decisions.

      No one is weird because they are clean- its you dirty ones who hate that we are. We’re not self-righteous because we don’t have it.

      • Actually everybody has or had herpes it just depends on which herpes type. Again because you are tested at that time heroes could have been dormant. Have you had a cold sore … that’s a herpes simplex rashes or blisters can be another form of herpes.

        No one is is healthy we are all just maintaining with what we have. The air we breath is breathing death the same air sick people caugh sneeze spit in.

        That’s where people try to act self righteous than the next it’s just the stigma that come from STDs makes ppl think they are better than the next. I bet you 1,000 bucks if you ask someone with leukemia a person whose suffered an aneurism or has breast cancer would they rather have herpes or those diseases I guarantee you they would chose herpes where a person can live life with not one outbreak vs the other disease you can die instantly or in a few years. Ijs

        • No NOT everyone has or has had herpes…you cannot give blood if you have had ANY virus type diseases INCLUDING Herpes…so if your nasty ass is not able to donate blood you know why.

          And NO, no one would trade one disease for another…You CAN’T ANYWAY…so keep it stepping with that BS.

          Stop trying to minimize the fact you got caught out there…you have the shit and now you are stuck with it FOR LIFE!!!

          It ain’t cute or normal or some base ass communicable disease…it is an STD that can be transmitted easily and you got caught, so now you HAVE to live with it and there are plenty of others who don’t, YOU DO tho…no need to be salty, especially when you have one roasting on your LIP!!!!…Queen of the Herps, LOL!

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