Teyana Taylor Defends ‘Bussin Down B*****s’ With Iman Shumpert

teyana taylor defends threesome iman shumpert

Teyana Taylor went on The Breakfast Club to discuss her song, “3 Way,” and to talk about her sex life with NBA player Iman Shumpert. In the interview, Teyana talked about how she was the one who brought a third person into their bedroom.

Social media users began criticizing Teyana for sharing her man. And this was her response:



  1. What the heck does bussin down mean? Where r the regular posters? I truly believe that Charlie Sheen had Jacky Jasper killed.

  2. Budding down.mean teyanna and her dude is phukking other women

    Threesomes are the way to go

    • Threesomes are the way to go FOR MEN. Very seldom is there a happy ending from a threesome from the woman’s perspective.

      And when one of those bitches she likes to “buss down” runs off with her man she’s gonna be somewhere bitchin’ about that.

      She’s already out here making herself and Iman look like a damn fool. She’s just mad because that woman told her the truth. And Iman’s ass needs to be somewhere workin’ on his game instead of chasing reality show fame.

      • How come the threesome is never two men and the wife. He ain’t for that. He wants two women to service him. Her choice but these relationships never end well.

  3. This is how she tryin to save her marriage. These two, a couple of years and done.

  4. For Gawd’s sake, leave the sexual preferences behind closed doors. How many times do we have to hear about threesomes gone wrong and isht! What child wants to read this about their mama and pappy?

    • Thank you! Only a classless hoe would even let that be known. Folks are so THIRSTY for fame they will do any damn thing to get it. Iman should be ashamed of and for his wife.

  5. Yeah and she’s gonna be boo hoo’ing when he cheats on her and gets somebody pregnant. This generation is fucked and I hate I’m a part of it absolutely no morals. Wtf was the point of them getting married first off and second off it’s way to many diseases out here for someone to want to freely cheat but those hollyweird people all have stds and sleep with each other anyway ??‍♀️

    • I agree. Stay single. She had some money, just go to a sperm bank and get your children that way, not with a loser boyfriend / husband. He could stay single. If he wants a kid, just get a surrogate and raise your kid without having to shell out child support. These two are pathetic but they are not alone which is the saddest thing. They are adults and can do whatever they want, but the child is a victim.

  6. I don’t understand how a woman could watch her husband fock another bitch right in front of her??? Defies logic to me.

  7. It’s just a matter of time, before they bring another dude in mix, if they haven’t already.

  8. T is obviously the leader in the relationship. Look at his body language he is submissive. She said she busts the woman down meaning pulling out the dildo and strapping the chick while he watches. She wants to live her lesbian fantasy through her marriage, while claiming it’s healthy. He will eventually get tired of the onesided dominatrix ways and leave/cheat if he already isn’t. Smh #LastDays/EndTimes/Soddom&Gommorah

    • Right. One of the angels already poured out his bowl on the sun to scorch man. Heatwave anyone? Rev 16

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