Tiny Addresses Divorce Rumors

ti tiny divorce

It looks like Tiny got tired of all of those divorce rumors, so she’s finally setting the record straight once and for all.

Tiny apparently doesn’t care that her husband had knocked down alleged escort Ana Montana, because she’s standing by her man!

Peep the press release from Tiny’s rep:

“Tameka Harris has read so much about her marriage in the past few weeks that it’s time to set the record straight and really educate everyone on the facts. Certain blogs have ‘reported’ that she’s going to be a single mom, she’s getting a divorce, she has a new residence and everything in between. On behalf of Mrs. Harris this is the truth – Tameka and T.I. are good. They love each other and they have a beautiful family with 7 amazing children. For them it will always be family over everything.”

I guess this means T.I. will continue to have a free pass to cheat, because Tiny ain’t going nowhere!


  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's time he started wearing his cap normal? I mean, isn't he like 36?

    • @anon12:51 you are not alone! Uuuuuugh this ingnant, somewhat articulate, lying asshole, won't be doing anything mature, anytime soon, okay! He is a perpetual, retarded child, on the loose! Umkay!?????? Look into his eyes, he's gonna look stupid no matter what he wears! ??????

  2. Tiny is crazy as hell, and ghetto! It's hard not to like her though! Uuuuugh! She seems very sweet!

    • Hells Naws ??????????????????. . . T.I Sholl Favor Tf Out Of Gumby Yo !!!! ???????????

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