Cops Called After Cassie & Diddy Get Into Explosive Argument!!

cops called cassie diddy

Cassie and Diddy’s on-again off-again relationship has ended…and this time, there was an explosive argument to go along with it!

The couple broke up late last year, but Cassie took the Bad Boy exec back in January 2016.

But their reconciliation didn’t last long, and the couple got into an argument in Beverly Hills in a car Wednesday afternoon after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up again.

Diddy allegedly got so ticked off and suspicious that he grabbed Cassie’s phone and started scrolling through it.

Let’s not forget, Diddy’s the one who was cheating on Cassie with her lookalike last year, but now he’s paranoid that she’s the one cheating on HIM? LOL!

But anyway, Diddy jumped out of the car with her phone, and Cassie left the scene with her driver. Cassie called her mom to tell her what all went down, and that’s when Cassie’s mom had enough sense to call the cops.

Diddy eventually returned and brought the phone back, but he took 2 cars that were parked outside the home.

When the cops arrived, Cassie told them she got her phone back, but they still wrote up a domestic incident report.

Messy, messy.


    • How about Homosexual behaviors! Please! That ship done sailed a long time ago!…..Metrosexual just means that, you didn't get shit on your dick yet, but you're thinking about!…It also means that you're in competition with females over grooming, and looks!…uuuuuugh, f*cking closet fags!?????????

  1. Fameolousent ran this exact same story! No credit for him? Any way Cassie wasted her whole life on this man. He will never marry her. I hope she thinks it was all worth it. Such a shame because she is so beautiful and she could have gone far on her own if only she had had the courage to dump him years ago.

  2. @Scorpiess Totally agree. She's wasted her best years on this dude. If they do finally break up, she'll basically be blacklisted and won't be able do anything but the "Yacht Club" for income. One thing she did (or yet her Mom) wisely was call the police. This altercation is now "on the record" and might save her life somewhere down the line if she finally does leave him and find another man. Pretty sure they've had knock out crazy fights in the past, but none documented. Now, if she should happen to slip and fall off a 30 story building, guess who they'll be looking at?

    • You're right. The fact that her mom thought to call the cops shows that there's been some real fights in the past. Didn't someone here talk about cassie having to shave both sides of her hair back then because of some drama in a parking lot?

      • He apparently beat her and pulled out her hair so she kept it shaved. I think it's on LSA. He is bad news. A gay man who has a weakness for Filipino tweaners – 'pparently. One has to wonder why he doesn't just come out, he's got no career. Fling that closet door open Diddly; it's 2016!!! ?

        • Wow that's terrible… A lot of DL men in hollywood are mad abusive(Diddy, Dre, Terrence Howard ect.), and sadly none ever face consequences for the terrible thing's they've done to women. I doubt diddy will face any real backlash for this.

          • Yeah I heard Dre beats on his white wife. Why stay when you can just divorce him and get some kind of settlement? It was me, I'd keep a diary and photographic proof of systemic, sustained consecutive abusive and take him to the cleaners (once my phone's storeage ran out of space!).

            • Dr Dre's wife is realllllyyyy ugly so she probably thinks she can't do any better than him. Also maybe he mentally abused her into thinking she's worthless. Shame, Becky thought she was the shit back then taking him from Michel'le

              • Ive always had the sneaking suspicion that Dre's wife was a trans. That chick is real HARD in the face, and that jawline ain't helping. There's a chance he may not be beating her around, due to the fact that Dre knows damn well that he-regardless of the amount of money he's made for his puppet masters); would catch mad hell if word ever got out that he was beating Nicole around. Remember, America only cares if it's white women being beaten, pushed and slapped around.

          • We all know why they are hurting these women. They sacrificed their souls and manhood for fame. They are so ashamed to try to hide the charade that it messes up their minds. Not to mention, they had demoted themselves even more for the mere fact. Having a good as woman by their side is just a cover up to pretend they are real men. Not! All that pinned up frustration is getting to the best of them because they gave it the one thing that can outweigh Yt on any level. The power of control. Whether it is mind, body, it spirit, once U lose one, U have lost all. And that is why these men do what they do.

  3. What male you know of gets into a fight with a female and pulls the female's hair out?……..OMG……..I'm so glad her MOM got some sense…………GEEZ

    • Some men just chop / shear off a woman's hair. Same basic principle: ruin your beauty. A woman's hair is her beauty – to some people.

  4. Bravo everybody!!! I have nothing to add you all have covered all of my thoughts and I have enjoyed reading these comments. My favorite was "fling that closet open diddy" lol lol good stuff

  5. She probably realizes she is too young for him as he ages more and more. Now she is stuck unless she can 'escape'. Wouldn't want to be in her shoes regardless of how much they cost!

  6. I have no feels for her because she's just riding his wallet. obviously he's been laying hands on her for years and she takes it so it's a toxic abusive relationship yawn.

    • I can't imagine putting up with that more than once. How do you end up staying? I hate any kind of pain so for me, I'd have been gone long ago.

      I once got slapped on my face and I thought my head was going to come right off – or be permanently stuck facing behind me. Ouch that was so sore. I cried like a baby.

  7. what people need to understand is that diddy is her handler and she is his puppet think about it

  8. Handler? As in pimp? Did Cassy deliver all the money DaddyO has? I know there been 'trips' for 'fun' but he got just one girl. That aint pimpin. What does he need her for? He got money for them yacht parties. I don't see where he needs her – for nuthin – cept maybe arm candy.

  9. This thread was going well until some loon gad to get it off track with the "programmed" and "handler" crap. If you really think ol' shaved head is a programmed sex save you're more confused than I suspected.

    But then that never stopped y'all before from Conspiracy Theory bloviation, so by all means continue.
    Dazzle me with your great insight and knowledge obtained from YouTube.

    • Agreed. That they think the elites have time for petty Negroes and their mistresses that is a bit insane.

      Now if they were talking about Beyoncé and Jay Z Rihanna etc. Diddy is nothing now but a empty powerless figurehead. Example given if he was powerful the police would have never have been called in the first place!! The elite protect their own and he's not one of them.

      • Has nothing to do with "petty negroes and their mistress." The Hierarchy are always into sex for pay, play, or abuse regardless of color. If you think the Hierarchy is not interested in what goes on, then you have never played chess. Even the pawns are necessary when protecting the queen. Diddy is not a powerless figure head. He has a real function. Otherwise he would not be able to make money making alcohol, a cabal favorite. Do you really think that the Negro sexuality is basic to the cabal? It is not, because what is in the negro body is very powerful–they just brainwash blacks into not knowing what they really have. By the way, what I am speaking is NOT from YouTube, nor is it a conspiracy theory. It's facts.

  10. Imma take a step further. I don't like saying this but in this case, I need to make a point. Look at Cassie and look at Diddy. They are going to side with Cassie before Diddy. Why? She is a woman, she is white, I guess, plus the damn law is mostly designed to protect the woman. Diddy on the other hand, is another dumbass nigga. Just that stunt what he just did, just gave a cop a reason to kill his stupid ass. Just because of for these reasons. 1) Cassie is a woman, 2) She is not black 3) Diddy a black man 4) He is another statistic 5) And these cops are trying their best to eliminate a black person for the littlest thing they can find to get rid of us. Right now, Diddy needs to chill out. He don't need that kind of attention especially what is already said about him.

      • I think that was a message to Dr that wasn't what it appeared to be. That happened to keep him in his place and to show him he has no power !!

        • No. There is a real plot to start a race war. The death of a negro brings a lot of magical power–especially if it comes with a strong emotion, like fear, or anger. Think about it. The message wasn't to Dre- he's in on it. There is a plot of bring down every Black successful powerful person (especially in media or entertainment). One reason is they want to strip the Negro of any loyalty to country. If you have no one to look up to, or you find out that your hero is a villain, it f*cks with your whole sense of reality. Creates powerful emotions that can be used and directed, if you know what you are doing. And they know that some people will be smart enough to notice the trend of this. It is a psychological game played on a grand scale built to stir up anger and rage, disappointment and despair, which is are poisons.

          • This goes along with the "executive orders" that obama signed into effect not too long ago, to try and bring forth and implement martial law.. I just simply ask people one question- why is it that every summer since 2013, the summer solstice is followed by the numerous deaths of black people at the hands of cops, or someone believed to be white?

  11. Diddy is not the handler of Cassie some of y'all need to get off of it. You read that website vigilant citizen and you take it overboard. Cassie is too old to be offered up as a sex kitten some of y'all should be knowing that since you were obviously cribbing from that page I just mentioned!!

    She's his basic arm candy and when he gets rid of her he'll just get another younger mix chick to floss as a str8 man.

    • Its true. She isn't MK'd. Shes just a pretty girl in a weak position she chooses to stay in for the lifestyle. Half these celebrities aren't victims, they're normal people consumed by their own greed and need to be liked.

      • No she's not MK. Buta lot of these hood boogers believe every black male in the entertainment biz victim is either victimized by the illuminati or he is a handler. This shit is getting old now it's so predictable HSK post a story about a black male celebrity an up come the hood boogers talking about illuminati. This is what happens when a small amount of information is absorbed by ignorant people they go overboard and run with it

      • Also Diddly is too unstable to be a handler he takes ecstasy all the time and he's bisexual that makes him to vulnerable and weak.

        The hood boogers are too ignorant to follow the dots they need to go back further in history when indeed he was Handling Biggie!!?What he does with Cassie isn't handling it's low level pimping! There's a big difference between a sex slave and a sex kitten these fools don't know the difference.

        Here's my last word on it also clearly Cassie isn't a sex kitten because if she was her mother would be in on it and not be calling the police on her handler!! get a clue ignoramuses! ??

        • Shut thee f*ck up ! You know absolutely jack shit and your commentary in here means absolutely jackshit ! Go jump a bridge you miserable f*ck !

          • I'm sorry your white master hasn't been ass f*cking you the way you like it you punk. You crusty down low Homo thugs crack me up you weak broke a thug punk bitch! I'll be cussing you out the way you cuss at all the black females at this page.

            Yeah I know youre a bitter pissy high school drop out jailbirfd queen you know how I know too.

            Go douche your herpes infested stank hole, you butch cunt???

    • @100, Cassie is still in childbearing years. And that is the key. Don't believe all the misinformation you hear about sex kittens and sex slaves. And FYI, mothers aren't always in on "training". Especially if it is not bloodline. And mother who are involved in "training" can turn against the handler if certain problems arise. Brittany Murphy, anyone? I'm not saying this is a case of it, but those are some of the parameters. Look, this goes way deeper that the name "Illuminati." but the Hierarchy still exists, has an ego, and is super dangerous.

  12. ^^^^ you sound slow. Obviously shes BEEN being offered up. Abd she can go atleast another 5 years. TRUST. Sex kittens are real. MK ultra is real. Handlers exist. Women are cinsidered propert in hollyweird. These are FACTS

  13. How many times do you think Puff Daddy beat up Cassie? I have another question, why does Cassie allow Puff Daddy to beat her up? Why do some black women put up with black men who ain't shit?

    • I have another question, why do so many black women date black men who are on the DL? All of these heterosexual single black men in Amerikkka and some black women want to screw around with black men who like to suck dookey off of another man's dick! #Disgusting!

      • Most Black women in real life don't know that their men are DL. These undercovers work really hard at the deception because homosexuality is still kind of looked down upon the in the black community. Plus no Black woman wants to be with a man that doesn't want to be with her and wants to be with a man. The Black queen"s self-esteem is not that bad, contrary to what is said. Now in Hollyweird, the rules are different. Most are DL…. cause they want the power, fame, money that comes with that life. And the women know it cause some are pay for play and power too. It's accepted, the same way drinking coffee is accepted. If you knew what is took for them to make it to the top, it should be no surprise

    • cause that's all of them unless theyre blackphobic black men whorre usually already married, diseased, or gay

      be real dont act perplexed u c it

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