DMX Falls Off Stage!!

dmx falls off stage

DMX was performing his song “How’s It Goin Down” when he took a tumble off the stage and fell straight on his azz!

The rapper was performing at a show in Rochester, New York when he made the wrong move. Security rushed over to help him, and the rapper got back on stage and continued rapping like it was nothin’!

This incident definitely doesn’t help those drug rumors.

Peep the video:


  1. Crack kills hope nobody say the illuminati is behind this they didn't offer dmx the dope

  2. @Chris! It depends on the situation! Illuminati just means enlightened! The word has been overused, and it's existence has been overstated. So now, you and others are desensitized to it!….He can be 98 years old, and drug free, and if the industry that he profited from, signed his life over to, and took Oaths with, want to use him as a ritual sacrifice, they'll do just that! There isn't one celebrity in recent years, that didn't die without assistance, okay!….It appeared to be their fault, but that's the whole idea!….They take celebrities, as well as random innocent blood at the same time as an invocation, to their GODS! Facts!……….Now with that being said, I hope the fall knocked some sense into his ass, but I doubt it!….This Ninja does shoes just to get high, and pay child support! ???

    • Typo! Not shoes! He does shows, in order to pay child support, and to get high!???

  3. He is not looking to good I don't think he will be with us much soon. I hope he can come out better from this and yes they did play a major part in all of this don't believe me he said it him self thy want to take him out because he didn't want to play in their evil games.


  5. I will always love X and I hope that he saves himself from where he's headed before he end up dead.

    No, he don't look good, but he still breathing so there is still hope.

    • Me too! I love his rawness in his music. One song that everybody is familiar with is Slipping. Everytime I listen to that song, tears just fall. That song gets to me everytime.

      • When I first heard that song, I thought that was a jab he took at old folks, then I realised it's about him,……helll I was much younger then, & wasn't as enlightened as I am now, i'd say "Slippin" & that Bill Withers cover song, may have just been two of his best!

  6. I love Lord give me a sign ! every time I hear that song it's so deep because he is really pleading with God of this wicked world that we are all in.

  7. This is the shit that I don't like! Talking about God and illuminati regarding crackheads nobody put a gun to his head and made him be a crackhead and since there's not a God obviously he's going to die from being a crackhead very soon!! There I said it I don't believe there's a God if so look around at how black people are living straight bullshit.

    I'm sick of the damage that these old black crack kids have placed on their children and communities look at DMX he has lots of kids how do you think this affects his kids look at your own family we all have a crackhead or three in our extended family and look how their kids are f*cked up it's nothing cute about it and talking about praying about them obviously doesn't help!

    They have to die out all those idiots who started doing crack in the 80s will be dying out!

    • Be careful what you call up.

      If the crackheads die out….

      there will be heroin addicts…


      Yup, I am old enough to remember the dope epidemic in the 1960s and 1970s in the black communities. It was only stopped by the AIDs and crack epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s.

      If dope ever makes a comeback heavy in the black community, IT WILL BE A WRAP for the people who will be once known as "African-Americans".

  8. Dmx ass shouldn't be rapping period…especially not that thuggery kinda rap.he's outgrown that stuff..dude should be chilling excecutive producing stuff.

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