Katt Williams Slapped With $1 Million Lawsuit for Brutal Assault

katt williams sued assault

Katt Williams is definitely having the worst year ever. After multiple arrests and lawsuits, the comedian now has another legal matter to deal with.

Katt is accused of assaulting his former assistant, and the woman wants him to pay up!

Angelina Triplett-Hill says she was on a movie set with Katt back in 2014 when he noticed she was on her phone. He became angry and “lunged at her.”

Angelina says the comedian ordered her into a near-by van where he snatched her phone, threw it towards the other end of the van and began to terrorize her. Katt allegedly called her a b*tch, hit her in the face, slammed her to the ground and knocked her unconscious!

The woman says she spent 3 days in the hospital and immediately quit her job. She is asking for $1 million in a civil lawsuit.

All of this really isn’t surprising, and it wouldn’t be the first time Katt put his hands on a woman.


  1. Thought Kat would do better now that suge is locked up guess he getting into trouble

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  2. The powers that be are taking katt williams down at a slow pace i think they gonna kill him off after while

      • Well this may have happened in 2014, but he beat his pool boy who had just recovered from brain surgery and he's being sued for that now too.

        He has an anger management problem because he is always feeling disrespected. He's got to learn that when you are wealthy and well known, you can';t go around punching people who disrespect you. Well, you can, but you will be paying through the nose for it.

        Katt has a drug problem, and that is exacerbating his anger problem. This isn't about some nefarious plot to take him down. He can stop this if her controls his anger.

        • He also punched out a woman at The Sportsmans Lodge in Studio City in July this year. He has three lawsuits filed against him for injury, pain and suffering not to mention the criminal charges.

          Dude is outta control.

          But it's all TPTB fault right?

          • I wonder y he never did jail time? Ever wonder about that?
            Always a different mug shot photo, but thats about it
            So yes Tptb could be at work here
            These multitude of stories all seem so fishy

            • I assume that he pays the people he has assaulted and they drop the charges. yes?

              I agree that it's very fishy that a grown ass wealthy man is constantly involved in petty fights involving perceived insults to his personal respect. Maybe he needs a better bodyguard? Maybe he needs to lay off the blow?

  3. Katt needs to get the f*ck out of hollywood. He needs to clean himself up, and undergo some real, deep spiritual help. Too bad none of his so-called friends, associates in the industry haven't reached out to him to help him with that. Their always there for your successes but never when you fall.

    • Who the f*ck could he turn to? His rolling buddy suge is in prison and he ratted out every one else. They do not give a damn about his ass.

      • Hence why I stated he should get the f*ck out of hollywood. Damn is reading comprehension a concept you're able to grasp or what?

        • Bitch please, what you said was not some great masterpiece and what I said was a reasonable response to that garbage. Reading comp is what seems to fail you.

  4. katt is losing his mind that mk ultra is a bitch katt is so mind controlled it's not even funny i looked at his mugshot he looked like he was not there like the batman shooter just empty stare katt williams is finished when he gets like his time is up

  5. Absolutely Stephen! Sir, your comment is on point! ? Most people don't pay attention to shit!

    • Absolutely agree. I told my homeboy and he asked me how bad is it. Man, I just sent him the link and he said, "Katt needs to get the hell out wherever he is at and lay low".

  6. Is this nonstop assault on his character ever going to end? I would have been left town and headed to the mountains with a long dirt road with only one way in and one way out so I could monitor the coming and goings. This is PAST ridiculous!

  7. The industry really started on Katt after her verbally came for the BOY……KEVIN HART………go figure the rest out

    • So many people here never hold anyone responsible for their actions. I just don't understand it.

      Whether it's Bill Cosby or Katt, a person chooses their behavior and they have to live with the consequences.

    • Nawwwwww that it it it goes back to him telling his crowd at concert which was seen by millions about them hollywoody toga parties … And how they was chasing Mr ogle tree ass butt naked wearing just a sheet !

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