Jacky Jasper & Kris Jenner’s Impersonator Arrested by FBI

jacky jasper christina bankston kris jenner stalker

HSK Exclusive – Jacky Jasper and Kris Jenner’s impersonator, Christina Bankston, got busted in the Bay area yesterday by the FBI. Know why? Because Bankston was stalking Kris and Caitlyn Jenner and impersonating Jacky Jasper for a period during the last few years!

Here’s what’s reported:

Prosecutors slapped the woman with a 15-count indictment for harassing Kris, several of her family members and 2 assistants in 2014. According to docs, the suspect sent hundreds of emails and texts, many of which were sexual and disturbing.

Christina called Gawker a few years back and pretended to be Jacky on a phone interview…causing Gawker to fire staff members.

The drop:

“Christina appears in a courtroom this morning for a bail hearing. I think Christina did this for popularity and she’s getting what she asked for.”

Back in 2014, Bankston contacted Jacky saying she had been “framed,” and asked Jacky to meet her at a hotel to give an interview. Peep the emails and text message exchanges here.


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  1. Where are all of these f*cking weirdos coming from?……Some of them are being sent to you!….You do know that right?…..It ain't a game outchea!…..Just like the bitcvbitcvh that was inside of Chris Brown's home, they're just letting you'll know that we got the keys (DJ Khaled's voice)????? No but seriously, this is creepy as f*ck!

  2. Is Jacky Jasper real? Is this the name of the site only or does he actually still write for this site? Let's start with these questions!

    • I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Jacky is missing shit a few years ago. Remember they offered a reward said something about Mexico shit was strange outta nowhere then suddenly there's a interview with Jacky and some girls I don't remember who and that was supposed to confirm Jacky was alive and Jacky didn't want to hear anymore foolishness about being dead. Well no updates were ever given to the Jacky is missing story at all and no one noticed the writing changed drastically after that. It clearly was not and has not been Jacky since then but no 1 says anything. This site was great the writing was great the headline was the headline and you read the story and got actual info not the same 2 lines in the headline written again and it always had a ask "somebody". Now spelling errors like crazy boring stories that tmz and everyone on the news puts out first. Jacky always had original info and people were mad but Jacky was thee best without a doubt. This new site is horrible and I only still come because I'm still looking for the truth of what happen to Jacky. You shouldn't just forget people and you should notice the little differences in people even though writing style isn't littleisn't little it's a huge I feel like I'm the only one that still remembers. So who knows who is writing but I personally don't think it's Jacky hasn't been for a few years now.

      • Wow.. 3 months later and no reply. The truth is a lot of people aren’t deep thinkers or observers like you and I. At least 85% of the world’s population are dumbed-down zombies. I believe something happened to Jacky and they took over his social media and blog. The writing is drastically different… So obvious

        • Who the hell is Sasha R? Apparently thats the name I see on all these articles so I assume thats fake Jacky. Why not just admit Jacky is gone? Lets see if this shows up most of everything else i say is refreshed before i make it to line 2 but i got smart and just paste it now.

  3. I eouldnt have met her anywhere. She looks crazy. Gawker is something else. Hulk hogan did them in. I remember when i was given his okd phone number everyone was calling for him. I still havw the phone and tge text messages etc. Gis friend called and said that the sex tape would be released by gawker and he was giving him a heads up. There were so many other things too that blew my mind.

  4. At first glance I thought it was a bloke. Wow. She must have been the one on LSA talking about how Kris arranged for Kendull to get 'gang banged' by the elites in order for her to become a super model. Or was that someone else?

  5. The reports of "Kris" saying the n word over and over on tape need to end with this.

    Kris is many things, many of them bad. But she is not someone to use the n word even in anger.
    Her grandkids who she love more than her own girls, are black. She would never use the n word because of that. My MIL worked in the household for a couple of months and Kris the only one who she ended up liking. And don't give me that biracial bullchit. Saint and North are 2 black kids. No one never going to mistake them for white.

    This ugly bitch who impersonate these people is obviously the one who pushed the story that Kris was a racist and she has it on tape.

    • I agree with U on that 18:39. Kris is something else, but using the n word is a no no. I give her props for that.

    • Those kids are biracial. No one is going to mistake them for white but they will not have the same life experiences as kids their age born from two black parents. And you're right about Kris. Shes the only person in that family who works for her money and I can respect her for that.
      Also tbqh racism is not limited to using the "n word". Many racists don't use it (not that I'm saying Kris is racist)

      • Of course they're mixed/biracial. I just meant that like Pres. Obama, they are clearly black to the general public. We're not talking Rashida Jones here.

        And Sarah, I could not agree with you more concerning the n word. That tends to be a class issue more than anything else. VERY few middle class and up Caucasians use the word, even the true bigots. But Kris has never been proven(and I am not going by hearsay) to be racist or bigoted. I know that everyone hates her, but it isn't because she has acted or proven herself to be a bigot. Just the fact that she and her husband were joined at the hip to OJ and Nicole tells me that she's long been pretty cool with black folks.

        • I thought the general public was quick to point out Obama's mixed heritage. I guess it depends on who you talk to. Some people swear blind that little Julian Thicke is black too. Halle Berry's daughter clearly looks like a black girl to some – not me however . I find that just calling them mixed is a lot easier.

          • @ 12:05 Thank you Scorpiess! We still have sheet wearing black cone heads who adhere to the 1 drop white supremacy rule. No self esteem. Those kids are a NOT black. Give the cops a description, saying a black woman did something and I'm sure, he's not going to be looking for someone who looks like North West. Obama is biracial and everyone knows it. His experience growing up was nowhere near what the so called black person in America experiences. Hell, Michelle Obama was his first and only Black companion. Biracials can't even receive organs from authentic black or white people. So, this nonsense with calling them Black show social retardation on the part of some.

            • Wow I didn't know that about the organ transplants lol. Wow!! Jesus. Definitely their own race then.

              • Come on now. You dumb. My cousin, mixed race, had a kidney transplant no problem. But you go 'head and be the doctor for all the races.

            • Come on now. You dumb. My cousin, mixed race, had a kidney transplant no problem. But you go 'head and be the doctor for all the races.

              • My mother got a hear that was in a white teen age boy who was killed in a car wreck.

                People say shit on here that they know nothing about.

  6. For the person that asked…look up dear abbey …shes been deadfor years…yet advise colums r still wrote in her name…jackys gone…..been gone for years

  7. This bitch looks like Sean Kingston. I don't blame Jacky for not f'ing with her. I wouldn't meet her at the bank if she told me she had $1 million in cash for me.

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