Columbus Short Knocked Up New Girlfriend While Dating Superhead?

columbus short baby wedding

Back in March, Columbus Short was getting kicked out of Karrine “Superhead” Steffans home. Their relationship ended when Superhead put Columbus on blast for cheating. She later tossed all of his stuff in the lobby of her apartment building and told him to “call Tyrone”!

Superhead was trying to convince us that she and Columbus were actually married, but that was proven to be a lie.

But now, Columbus is ready to walk down the aisle…just not with Superhead!

The actor has hooked back up with his on and off girlfriend Aida and the couple is expecting a baby “in five months.” So Superhead was definitely right to kick his azz out. He was obviously dipping into these two women at the same damn time!

The two plan on getting married some time in January before the baby is born…don’t hold your breath on that though.



  1. Poor Aida thinks she won. I have never seen a man lose his dignity as fast as Columbus did. He thinks he's playing these women but he doesn't realize that child support is going to squeeze him so hard?

  2. LMBAO! People are really showing their true colors, and I love it!……He already has a child or two, by the first wife, that he needs to take care of, and spend time with….Most Black men are insane! I don't care what continent their from, whether or not they come from a two parent home or not, their mostly out of their f*cking minds..This is why most Black women are mad, because their dying to be loved by this fragmented, deranged man, that so debased, he'll prey on their insecurities!…They'll do anything for his affection, bleach their skin, fry their hair, get implants and shit!….They don't go hard for sisters, or better themselves for you!…All races of men are f*cked up, but Black men even more, because they aspire to be like white men, selfish, insensitive, homosexual brutes, with no heart! Uuuuugh!….Every day that goes by, I hate people more and more! Just venting!

    • Brooklyn Queen & Sarah,
      I'm sitting in the T-Mobile Arena as I write this half ass watching a pretty good preliminary MMA fight before the main event. The ENTIRE time I've been here, from parking to entering the back of the venue I noticed the majority of the black men here…I'm talking about boxers, film producers, auto accessory shop owners, the everyday black dude who's a UFC fan who is here….IF they brought a woman she is white. I'm usually not moved much when I see this as I see it all the time but for some reason it's overwhelming noticeable today at this event. The black audio engineer's wife just said hello to me & wants to know what fragrance I'm wearing….and yes, she's white! I saw Dwight Howard but didn't see who he is here with.

      I'm not hating on anyone but seeing it here in such great abundance suddenly changed my feelings & perspective on that issue. It's very hard to respect black men as a whole when we see them in this light but we can't/shouldn't punish all black men for what we view as "a slight against us as black women" from a few… even when that few seems like the majority.

      *Even one of the refs walked in holding hands with a white chick…smh
      But he's wearing dreads & will swear he's pro black if anybody called him out.

        • LIKE I SAID. …we can't blame ALL black men & likewise ALL BLACK WOMEN can't/should NOT be blamed.

          • Reg You saw the Colin McGregor fight??

            I heard it was amazing. Jason Whitlock said that it is primed to replace boxing as the premier ring sport.

            • Anonymous @ 21:39,
              YES & it was GREAT? (in my Tony The Tiger Voice)
              I am a true Conor McGregor fan. I love MMA but can live without the politics involved. A lot of the back stories & business side isn't always cool as I recently learned.

              OMG…the prelim fights I caught were okay but there was a black dude name Michael (can't remember his last name) who broke up the guy he fought badly in the first round. It was nuts….it was ALMOST as good as the Conor McGregor fight but without the venum & rush you get from a rematch of that kind. Nate beat Conor the first time which shocked everybody but it was in a different weight class. Now there is NO question who is the finer athlete. Not sure if you caught it but Nate Diaz showed his ass at the press conference. He has zero respect for other athletes or the sport itself…smdh. I don't like him or his brother. I was so happy Conor beat him I'm STILL recovering from my own adrenaline rush…lmao!

              As for MMA replacing boxing as the premier ring sport…
              I don't know. I feel like that's a really rough call at the moment. Time & strategic branding will be the determining factors in that happening. The Mayweather & Golden Boy camps BOTH have the fighters & opportunity to make boxing "good again" but neither seem to want to do what's needed. ?

    • @Brooklyn — Keep telling the truth and nothing but the truth.. Black men can't wait to have a white woman on their arms.. That woman make them eat shit with a shovel.. It's sad to see, he has kids now he doesn't take care of.. I must admit I still miss him on Scandal.. It's not the same without him.. But he needs to seek intensive therapy for his issues..

  3. He will beat her azz soon enough and he will be back in court.

    She was dumb. What income does this fool her blew his career up have to support her and the baby.

    This woman should be thanked for taking him out of the procreation pool for black women

  4. Another bites the dust. Another black man that I will no longer support. Let the white race support their endeavors. I'm done!

  5. If black women would ever learn when to stop runnin they mouth, black men would return.

    Watch how white women act with their men and learn.

    • White women who wont raise their kids, kill their kids on the regular and lie about black men raping them all the time? If thats what it takes to keep a black man, white women can gladly have him. We want MEN not chihuahuas.

      • But you know I am right. BM want a woman who knows when to shut the f*ck up. Period.

        Even the most intelligent BW can't do that these days. Yall just driving them away as fast as you can. Like Tommy Sotomayor says, they will f*ck you and procreate with you all day long, but they don't want to marry you.
        Fortunately every bw has the power to change that situation. Learn to let shit slide. You lose even when you win when you can't do that.

        Just look at some of the threads here. There is ti for tat for like 25 posts because a BW can't shut up. It's comical but sad.

        Let me let you in on some inside information: not all ww kill their children. Check out Tommy's You Tube page—just last week THREE bw killed their kids. That is not a white thing anymore. Susan Smith and Andrea Yates set the standard, but now be are following suit.

        BW hate Tommy with the heat of a thousand suns, but if they would listen to what he says and digest it and learn from it, they'd be married within 2 years max.
        Just read all the comments from the brothas under the videos. They are 99% in agreement with him.

        • I'd rather be dead than read this rubbish you wrote here or marry you. Y'all are broke deadbeats. Don't no black woman want you.

        • First of all…
          BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT DOORMATS MADE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AT THE DISCRETION OF THEIR MEN…BLACK OR OTHERWISE. WHAT BOTH BLACK MEN & WOMEN ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT "COMMUNICATION IS 95% OF A LASTING RELATIONSHIP." Having said ^^THIS^^ means "what's small shit to YOU may NOT be small to the woman involved with you depending on the issue" & shutting the f*ck up about it AS YOU PUT IT may not be an option because by doing so she'll only end up repeatedly putting up with issues she shouldn't or doesn't feel comfortable with.

          I would continue but instead for the sake of respect, peace & harmony I'm going to REPEAT what I previously stated with an extra nugget for a man such as yourself. Maybe you will download it into your spirit….

          "It's very hard to respect black men as a whole when we see them in this light (dating non black women so prevalently) but we can't/shouldn't punish ALL black men for what we view as "a slight against us as black women" from a few… even when that few seems like the majority. Likewise, ALL black women should NOT be blamed for the plight of every black man & the major shortcomings they face with CERTAIN black women." NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE THE SAME & NEITHER ARE ALL BLACK MEN"…thank you very much. ***NO WOMAN OF ANY RACE SHOULD PUT UP WITH ANY LEVEL OF UNBECOMING BULLSHIT TO KEEP A MAN IN HER LIFE. EVERY MAN IS AS REPLACEABLE AS THE NEXT & THIS SAME PHILOSOPHY APPLIES FOR MEN AS WELL.

              • This is about the second or third time I've seen "you bitches" included in your comments. None of the women on HSK has said or done anything to hurt or offend you at least to my knowledge & if they did maybe an apology is in order. Regardless, you seem to like the term "you bitches" a lot so I guess none on the women here on HSK or anywhere else for that matter informed you that the first "bitches" you were acquainted with was your mother, grandmother, sister, female cousins & the like should you have any. I wonder if you address them the way you do the women here.

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