Tiny Addresses T.I.’s Infidelities: “When a Woman’s Fed Up!”


Tiny and T.I. are still letting their marital drama play out online, and Tiny is still addressing the video that was leaked of her grinding up on Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny took to her official Facebook page and released a message about the video. She says “for years” she has been the one getting hurt.

She says Mayweather is just her friend, and she’s not going to stop associating with him, just like T.I. won’t stop associating with his female friends.



Do you agree with her?


  1. Why does everything have to be aired on social media. Girl u ain’t fed up, cause u still there.

  2. Bitch, you and TI have had an open marriage for years. Both of you swing, and your marriage was just for props anyways. Both are bisexual, and she was also acting as his beard. Ain’t nobody with half a brain buying this bullshit.

  3. To be associates with a night your husband has had beef with is disrespectful ass shit!

  4. She’s to old to be acting this petty spreading her business all over the Internet like damn idk who is dumber this generation the kids or the so called adults. I feel like this is a conversation her and TI should be having not her us and TI smh

  5. STFU eddie long’s tragic prolapsed asshole…you are just mad because you f*cked the wrong skamp.

  6. This tired queen ?? you know he’s a damn closet Homo cause you keep talking about black women as though he has sex with women.

    He bitch you better be running from the cops and worried about the aids that your broke ass living with your momma, got.

    Nothing worse than a broken better he bitch queen.

    • Man 48% is high wtf why isn’t there a conversation about this black women lives matter. Herpes is no joke

      • Because it’s not true. Even if it was the finger points the black males because black women are dumbasses who don’t swirl and black males are the ones in fact in there with herpes HIV and AIDS.

        That jailbird queen need to be talking about why do so many jailbirds rape little black boys in the hood yeah I went there.

        • I am not sure I think the problem is the unprotected group sex black women have with high risk men. In the hood running a train on black women is very common and most times it with no condom

            • I was raised In Atlanta and black women there are very liberal in their sexual choices. And there is a shortage of black men so black women the availabe ones

  7. Not in this life time, the next, previous, future, past, present, right now, today, yesterday or tomorrow will a man ever be able to talk me into having a 3 some. This probably why I ain’t got no husband, I could never let a n…ga get to the level of disrespect Tiny has been through. I just don’t see what a n..gga could tell me that would make me stay around for 18 more minutes of my life after he cheated. To me the love, turns to hate when you’ve been disrespected like that, she must not love him, since she don’t hate him by now.

  8. Any person that puts their personal business on social media…deserve every bit of ridicule they get ( if this is real). Tiny, you could have sucked 3,000 diks by now, we don’t really need to know.
    Also, stop saying you slutted yourself out to get back at your man. It was in you all the time. If you were going thru turmoil…you’d just ask for a separation/divorce.

  9. These two are the definition of marital bliss. If she enjoys her hubby slanging his dik left right and centre then who are we to complain?

  10. Fuck their drama they both like it or they would have filed divorce years ago never marry a celebrity

  11. Maybe Tiny needs to put her foot down for real, looks like Tip has been taking advantage of her for years. I’ve noticed that as a lot of us women get older, we get tired of that. More & more we start to come into our own. Tip has a good woman in her I believe, so if he can’t fully appreciate that, she needs to let him go. Especially if he got some other chick pregnant….like he/they need MORE kids!! Anyways, I hope VH1 will show their Xmas special again this year. 😀

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