Strangest Hip Hop Beef Ever: Soulja Boy vs. Shia LaBeouf


You know towards the end of the year celebrities start to act the hell up, but this latest beef is just too strange.

In case you missed it, Shia LaBeouf freestyled on Sway’s “5 Fingers of Death” program last month, and he dissed Drake, Lil Yachty, and Soulja Boy.

I guess Soulja barely got the memo about Shia’s freestyle, because he posted his response to the rapper on social media earlier this week. In his recorded video, Soulja tells Shia to stick to acting, and advises him to never step foot in Atlanta.

I guess Shia thinks his freestyle gave him some street cred because he’s really starting to act like he’s about that life. He recorded another freestyle in response to Soulja Boy and he tells the rapper he’ll be in Atlanta when his “schedule is flexible.”

Peep the track:

Should Soulja record a freestyle response or should he just take the L and realize he got bodied by an actor?


  1. Ha ha that crazy druged white boy got balls I wonder what kind of drugs he’s on? And that little queen Souldja is happy to have some shine!

  2. That was Hella Cool,
    Shia killed it!
    Shia said why are they acting like lyrics no longer matter?
    Writing is the key boys!

  3. lol wtf? I had heard about this, and laughed to myself. Why would he have beef with Shia? He’s nowhere near the rap game, nor ever mentioned Souja boy. Souja boy has taken a massive L for this one.

  4. Soulja boy was recently checked by some Chicago thugs who was gonna kick his ass

  5. shame when bisexual stoner ass whiteboys who grew up rich come out with the best hip hop verses in music and killing these fake ghetto thug rappers asses.

    guess Eminem taught all these whiteboys how to rap and act like theyre from the hood.

    • Chris Shia grow up dirt poor on WIC and in public housing.

      He didn’t finish high school either.

  6. and that pic shia looks like a gay porn star or one of Kenny g’s ex boytoys.

  7. Meanwhile I’m just tryna figure out how everyone on here knows that Shia is Gay? Which brings me to the conclusion that someone Here on HSK musta hit the Cakes…?????

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