Kandi Burruss Outed as a Trifling Side Chick!


It looks like all of Kandi Burruss’s skeletons will be tumbling out of the closet on this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. First, Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker were exposed for allegedly asking cast member Porsha Williams for a threesome, and now, Kandi has been outed as trifling side chick!

Kandi’s baby daddy, Block, has made an appearance on this season of the reality show, and although Kandi has been wanting him to have a relationship with their daughter Riley for years, Block’s ex-wife says Kandi knew what she was in for when she started messing around with Block.

Block’s ex-wife spoke to Radar Online and said Kandi knew Block was married when she started sleeping with him during their three month affair.

“Kandi definitely knew what was going on with the situation. It’s sad that he’s not part of Riley’s life, but he was in a relationship with four other women at the time. She was a side chick, it was expected! He cheated on me with Kandi. I told her then he wasn’t going to do anything. What does she expect? She knew what was going on, and now she wants to play the victim. Girl, you knew!”

Block was apparently juggling four different women when the reality star wound up pregnant.

Close your legs to married men, Kandi!


      • Most people in show business have no moral compass.

        Candi is a hard worker and she has earned her legacy.

          • Her career will never be “washed out” because of her publishing…that’s the gift that keeps on giving…not shaking your ass on stage to songs someone else owns.

            • That is why she got played by Kim because she was so careful with her “publishings”…Miss me with the BS.

    • Kandi will be fine. Everyone has something/S in their past that they are ashamed of. I’m sure BLOCK is one of hers.

    • Thank you. Why do we always malign the woman and give the man whore a pass? And on top of that he’s a deadbeat dad!

  1. Wow. That’s disgusting that I was juggling that many women. Does this mean he was hitting all these women raw ??

  2. Tell the truth who really watches that bullshit fake reality nonsense? ?Not me!

  3. Ah, this song is for all them bitches out there
    That think a nigga really supposed to pay they way through life
    You know, like that “Scrub” shit
    It’s also dedicated to that chicken head bitch that wrote the lyrics- DJ Quik

    LOL I wonder if he knew something about miss Kandi Burruss that we didn’t know back then? XD

    • DAYUM!!!! LOL! Thanks for the throwback tip! Yeah, how is she just now outed as a trifling side chick when she already outed herself as a trifling side chick back in the 90s. Remember that other song she wrote, “My Little Secret”. Yup, she wrote that one too, and was telling on her ass

  4. Idk hey but she bothers me she just has a sneaky ass look to her. And what’s the f*cking point of getting married if u want to have threesomes and have sex with other people smh

  5. I thought everyone knew her BD was married when she got knocked up? I’ve known that for years. Like I knew her and Tiny had a 3some with someone I can’t remember, she kicked it with JD and broke up the group. She’s nasty!

  6. Kandi been a side chick and I’m sure her daughter didn’t ask for this to be a story line for her mother.. Kandi has always been messy and a hot mess.. She could have shut this down, because she don’t need the money.. But they will do anything to stay on TV..

    • Kandi needed a storyline at her daughter’s expense.

  7. Where’s hubby Tadpole at? He must like the coins more than public shaming of his wife.

  8. Everyone has know for years about Kandi being a side chick. She was you and dumb, and didn’t do her part on protecting herself nor did he. She got pregnant. Maybe she’s like my sister and doesn’t believe in abortion no matter what the situation is. So she had the baby and that was that on that. She’s not trying to get back with Block or demand money from him. She’s simply saying there’s a young lady who’s innocent to all our f*ckery from years ago who deserves her father. It doesn’t matter how she got here, it matters how she’s treated while she is here.

  9. I thought that three some stuff with Porscha was old- just like they asked Carmon as well

  10. Kandi put Phaedra on BLAST….NOW…..Block’s ex-wife is putting her on BLAST……”GIRL YOU KNEW”

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