Madonna Shows Off New Butt Implants During Twerk Off


Madonna showed off some brand new assets at a Miami Art Basel event.

The 58-year-old “Material Girl” took the stage with Ariana Grande for an off-beat twerk off, and you can clearly see that her butt has been enhanced!

She should’ve went to a better doctor though, because that thang is looking a little saggy.

Peep the video:

#PressPlay #ArianaGrande and #Madonna let the buns out #ArtBasel

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What do you think of Madonna’s new cheeks?


  1. She may have had a fat transfer, but there’s no way she had actual implants.

    In fairness to Vadge, she isn’t going for the KKK white girl booty, she’s just fighting saggy old lady ass. She does yoga and exercises like a maniac, but at 60 even that won’t do it.

  2. lol that’s her real ass its just saggy and granny like
    she always had butcheeks on her, you can see in her concert videos too

  3. i’m surprise that old bitch decided to get butt implants and she has no fat the transfer so those are implants.

  4. All-out disgusting. She is too old to keep acting like a fool. I guess she HAS TO do it…

  5. Madonna may be the next domino to fall, and hopefully so. This disgusting, old satanic hag is only trying to cling to whatever bit of relevancy she has by doing more outrageous shit. She’s a witch who knows that her car is likely to be for the next big sacrifice. If she fails to be useful to “them”, they’ll just off her.

  6. swear these whitegirls are happy they finally getting ass and learning how to twerk.

    I remember back in the day when the majority of whitegirls was flat and they couldn’t dance worth a flip.

  7. That shit is sad. She is slowly morphing into the female creature from the eighties movie Explores lmao!

  8. She is embarrassing herself. They need to stop letting her sign out at the nursing home.

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