Time for Rehab? Cuba Gooding Jr. Goes on Drunken Rant in Front of Rihanna


HSK already gave the low down on Cuba Gooding Jr. having a complete meltdown during last year’s Super Bowl, and then those videos of him looking a tweeked out mess at a Miami nightclub were leaked. After his latest drunk stunt, we think it’s about time someone steps in and gets Cuba in rehab!

The actor was speaking at the Footwear News Achievement Awards in NYC, and his speech was nothing but a drunken hot mess!

“Because nothing says I love you like f*****g sugar. F*****g boxed lunch. I’m drunk now, m****rf***ers, so deal with it.”

And this picture of him and Rihanna says it all. Homeboy needs help! Somebody call security!


Peep the video:



  1. He hasn’t gotten over being the only cast member not to win an Emmy for the OJ Simpson miniseries.

    Seriously, he is one of the biggest coke heads in LA.

    • Lol, so Ive heard. Fuck him though. Ive heard he was a real asshole behind the scenes, as well as hates being black.

  2. Another black male going off the rails who’s married to a white woman. I’m sure his fugly Becky has a big insurance policy on him.

  3. Wow. I am surprised he even noticed Riri. Doesn’t he only ever rest his eyeballs on Beckies?

  4. That’s that neanderthal “clam” juice gone to his head. Once you go kkkrakkka you become even wacker!

    • He already had issues before that. I mean, the only reason a black person would date a CAC is because they have no options or something is wrong with them. And then to stay with them when he’s famous and has money…wtf

      But he’s the same POS that made all those sellout movies. Not shocking.

      • That is the funniest comment I have ever read.

        The only reason a black person would date a CAC is that that’s their only option??

        BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Once they GET that option, as you put it, that’s all they date.

        • I’m sure it is funny, to a moron.

          Only dumb or desperate black people date whites.

          • lol @only dumb and desperate black ppl date whites
            what an ignorant, racist and retarded comment

              • Well then 25% of the black males that are married in America are worthless pieces of shit. I’m not a fan of most black males but date who you want follow your heart

              • My point is 25% of the black males in America who are married are married to a white Asian or Hispanic women so I guess you’re dissing them.

              • Don’t bother responding to chickenhead wire…she is one of the blacks you described, who dates trailer trash.

          • Only desperate black people date CACs?

            So I guess Kyrie Irving had his white women only party cause he’s desperate?

            Next you’ll say he’s gay.

            • If you ONLY date outside of your race you have some issues.

              And who cares if some idiot has wet dog only parties?

              Enjoy the low-life while you can, because as soon as the $$ dries up them bitches will be no where in sight.

            • I said desperate -OR- dumb af. He’s clearly dumb af.

              Being a baller doesn’t mean anything. Look at Russell Wilson or Kobe. One got with a Chelsea Handler chick, and the other married a Mexican. O_o They got issues. Stockholm syndrome, too much lean, tainted weed, bad parenting, overexposure to the disease known as CACs, no game, or whatever.

              When you can get a whole village of the baddest African chicks, but you choose a sweaty square-shaped chick that looks like a piece of bologna with pubic hairs on it…uh…wow

  5. A lot of these celebrities, especially black ones are having mental and emotional breakdowns as of late. It makes me wonder just what the hell is going on behind the scenes of the industry. Is the cabal of the entertainment industry finally beginning to fall? Or are these people loosing their minds because their about to be exposed for the sick, sociopathic individuals that they really are. I would say MK ULTRA breakdowns as well.

    • i notice that too kayne west, cuba, orlando brown did you see orlando interivew he as spitin real shot he asked vald are you a mason? vald said no real quick hopefully for his sake noting happens to him

      • YES! All these black celebrities, especially the men are having these weird “episodes”, and MK ULTRA type breakdowns. Perhaps this is a sign that the Cabal is finally beginning to fall. At least I hope that it is…

        Of course, there will be more to come.

    • I have to say I’m surprised Cuba is going off the rails because he was raised with a strong black man in his life his father Cuba Gooding senior. Most of the black males in Hollywood acting wacky are fatherless their fathers abandoned them and they are weak links and targeted. Cuba’s dad was righteous so I’m really surprised about him.

  6. This dude is constantly off the chain and turnt up. He’s going to hurt somebody or get hurt very badly one night with his wreckless antics.

  7. I can’t stand Cuba, but he ain’t gay.

    And he most definitely didn’t mess with that weirdo Clam Tom Cruise.

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