Tina Turner Suffers a Stroke

Tina Turner Suffers Stroke

HSK Exclusive – We’ve got some sad news to report. A source exclusively tells HSK that Tina Turner, whose real name is, Anna Mae Bullock, — recently suffered a stroke at her home in Zurich, Switzerland. We’re told the songstress remains in her Swiss home, under nurses’ care.

This, about seven-months after the 74-year-old legend tied the knot in July 2013 — with longtime beau, Erwin Bach. According to our source.. since the medical emergency Tina’s been “reminiscing” — “telling the people close to her she’s the ‘last one left’ since Zelma [her late-mother], Eileen [her late-sister] and Ike all died.”

Here’s the drop:

“Tina’s also been reaching out to Ronnie [son] on a regular. She’s trying to make sure he’s staying clean. She’s worried about him.”

Tina Turner Dead


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  2. Sheila White you are the epitome of what is stupid in the world today. She has been with that man for 30 years. How about you worry about your own pathetic little life and stop citing her marriage as the reason why she has this stroke. Go play with your blow up doll and crawl back under your rock. You are and will forever be a barren bitch.

  3. That is heartless and disrespectful. I would hope that if this was to befall a loved one in your family….people would have more respect for you than you do Tina.

  4. Be prayerful. Keep GOD first because after all GOD is in control. It does not manner what faith you practice. GOD is GOD all by Himself. Be Blessed my dear, Tina.

  5. You are a sad person, you think Ike would have worked with Tina if she couldn't sing.
    We all should be wishing Tina a speedy recovery.

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