Tina Turner Officially Remarried, Ike Turner’s Sons Not Invited


Tina Tuner is officially Mrs. Erwin Bach, after saying her ‘I dos’ to the German record exec. It’s an occasion we’re told the 73-year-old mother of three didn’t invite her sons to.

Reports reveal the longtime couple — with a 16-year age difference between them — tied the knot, just days ago, “in a discreet civil ceremony on the banks of Lake Zurich.” Now, we’re told the newly weds are preparing for a wedding reception, happening Sunday. And, guess what? Sources say Ronnie, Craig and Ike Turner Jr. are again not invited to attend.

Here’s the drop:

“Tina and Erwin will celebrate the union in a Buddhist ceremony at their estate in Kusnacht on Sunday. 120 guests will attend the bash but Tina’s children are not invited.”


  1. Well Said…..thank you for supporting the negative comments. Haters Will Be Haters until they change their thinking.

  2. Amen….27 years and he is a very rich man without Tina. .that’s love.. to hell with all these racist!! Congrads Anna Mae!!

  3. Oh booooooooyyyyyyyyyyy. Did she just shut YOU down? I guess so . TINA TURNER CAN MARRY WHO SHE WANT.and as for the term sell out I think you just got sold babieeeee. Go head on wit yo bad self Tina and live your life and be very very happy. Thats my girl. You go tina. Enough said and I rest my case.

  4. Oh you are sooo right becsuse that is her son craige in that pic with her.and she is close with ronnie to.who no why the other two weren,t there. She surely took good care of the two. Thats their lose for what ever the reason was that they weren,t there . But tina still had a beautiful wedding still .by the way I loved that she had on .

  5. I dont no what I would I would do if Iwas divided from my own “children”! I am glad she is happy,iI was in an abusive marriage also!,but I dont like the fact that sshe would periodically come to America to do concerts,rake in big “money”,and later change her citizenship,seemd like she has no problem with turn n her back!good thing she.is retired so she wont come back to america ,whom she abandom,to pick up big box office sell outs!!

    • What difference does it make to you where she works? Most of her support comes her European following! her man is in Europe! I’m glad she’s happy!

    • As far as her coming to America to “rake in big cash”……what’s the difference in her doing that or her going to another country as an American citizen & raking in big cash? ALL ARTISTS DO THAT…WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE. She moved to Europe LOOOONG ago, before Private Dancer even, because she had more fans that stood by her during the time between Ike & Private Dancer. I don’t blame her. And now, more than 35 years later, she’s married & has a gorgeous home there where she’s been extremely happy. Who cares where she lives as long as she’s happy.

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  7. Ronnie turner and tina family grand kids
    was not invited
    At the wedding also afida turner is a huge star
    In France and tina is very jalous of Afida Turner.so a shame tina

    • A star? Afida Turner is a subject of joke in france. Every body is laughing when she comes on tv. She's so dumb… TV shows only invite her to make fun. She is not a singer, not a model, she's just an 'I don't know how to spend my time" people. A proove? See the vid of the red carpet of the festival of Cannes, when she was caught by security services because she wasn't invited to walk with actors. So shameful.

    • You sound like a fool, Tina’s daughter- inlaw is most likely jealous of Tina! I read an article where she wanted money from Tina! I doubt very seriously that Tina is jealous of anything! She has it all!

  8. NO marrigae will really work when the children are excluded–if there is trouble –take time to fix them–what do you think you are here for –?? if God gave you children–then take the time and spend it with them to have a balanced mind.= emotions—.. and don’t give me any of this B_S—you have to have a life of your own–crap!!! who is going to fix YOUR children–others–or are you just going to let them stumble and cause others grief??? children first–then another??

  9. sorry–she has made a big mistake–no sons–no contact???–big age difference–He ((husband)) gets it all $$$$$$$$ –brainwashed—smh…….

  10. @Peaches–right on–seen this many times–#1 sign that he is no good and a gold digger—-no kids in contact with her–doesn’t inspire her to reach out to them–and now leaving her country>??? big mistake–look at Diana Ross–she thought he really loved her LOL –The german just used her Arnie>>> and now Ross is or was an alcoholic…athese stupid women—

    • Are you kidding? Diana Ross is set for life because of her marriage to Arne? So much jealousy! These two ladies are living WONDERFUL lives!

  11. @Black Pearl— Raheim—that is exactly what i am talking about–and you said it best –your mother was right—ON—Tina –you have been brainwashed….

  12. Tina’ is pictured with her oldest son Craig at the wedding. Also saw recent pictures with her and her son Ronnie and his lady. Not sure about her step son Ike jr and Michael.

  13. Tina truner is happly married to a German man.more.power to her I am glad for her . Tina turner was married to atida turner a American black man who bet her must American black man are abuser with there woman . They kill them . No good .A women who as a white men that treat her right and as Respect and love for her that’s good thing. Not​ a black woman are gold digger and stupid

  14. terrible mother horrible grand mother nobody black was at tina weddings.ronnie his own son that bitch

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