Amiya Scott’s Got The DL Industry Dudes On Lock


Trans Trickin’ BFF’s…

HSK Exclusive – Amiya Scott seems to have her BFF riding her coattails. Know why? Because transsexual Tiffany Monroe is being revealed as previously reaching out to Trey Songz, after Amiya Scott went on to the next. Don’t believe me…Just ask Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, who had transexual Amiya Scott on his arm at Essence Festival 2013.


Sources reveal Tiffany followed in native New Orlean Amiya’s footsteps, moving from Philly to Atlanta.That’s where we’re told like Amiya, Tiffany turned many tricks to make the money to complete her transformation. Sources say she started the plan in the City of Brotherly Love, through a sex for cash ad.


Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“When Amiya Scott became a transgender female her name was Myron, but when he moved to Atlanta he transformed into Amiya Scott. Trey Songz used to fly out Amiya to his shows, they were messing around for a minute. Tiffany wants to be just like Amiyah, and tries getting at all her tricks.”



  1. The Homophobic/Transphobic men on this post can say whatever they want but they know that if Amiyah Scott or Tiffany Monroe approached them, they’d be hype. The Bitter women on this post just seem so threatened. If you’re so secure in your womanhood, then why are the activities of these two transgender women bothering you. Seems like people have some admitting to do.

  2. Women born women have all the natural parts. If you dont want a woman born a woman inside and out, move on to the imitation. Fact is fact if you empty a cookie jar its still a cookie jar. If you alter a mans body to look like what society views as a woman, you are still a man. Own it dont try to alter reality. Real women dont need anyone’s approval they are born that way. Same goes for women trying to be men . Both confused genders claim a gender they feel inside and fabricate the outside to fix what society says, then turn around and say society views of them dont matter. Right!!!!!!!! A nut is a nut and thanks to technology you can remove the inside glue the shell back together and still have a nut. And empty nut but a nut NEVERtheless n So before anybody comes back with any hate this is for you how about I trade my monopoly money for your government printed money money since imitation makes it real and better. Now shut the “f” up , a man is a man and a woman is a woman you cant choose and pick based on desire to be otherwise, own it then i will believe it

  3. No im not a PR, Amiyah just look better and carry herself better then 80% natural born women

  4. Please read your Bible correctly. Paul was “GAY”and so was Peter and Jesus. Jesus said he loved Peter more than he loved any women!

  5. Yea this trans thing is outta hand, but here’s a little secret, it was boosted by feminism! when women decided being soft feminine homemakers was degrading, that opened the door for the transs. nowadays almost all women wanna put their careers before having children. I’m all for women having careers, but most men could care less about a woman’s career. Most real men aren’t attracted to “independent career woman”, unless maybe JUST for sex. They want a woman have their children and take care of home, and stay ready for sex while the men go out and work. If women are gonna put their careers before having children, they take away a main element that separates women from transs, CHILDBIRTH. Yes, sex is for recreation AND procreation. Most men and women nowadays have been trained to only want recreational sex, and wanting marriage has become a thing of the past, even for many women. If Women don’t wanna be the submissive little housewives that men naturally want, they’ll stay single and go f*ck jumpoffs, or secretly a trans. Of course all men don’t think this way, but if things keep going the way they’re goin you’ll see it more and more.

  6. No man will EVER look better than females. I NEVER understood why this is even said. “Some guys look better than some of these females”….no sir, you are a man.

  7. Again, men NEVER look better than natural born women. No matter how much makeup, weave, and implants they get, they will always be MEN. They can be attractive, but NEVER as good as a natural woman.

  8. Real men will never look at REAL women with disgust. Sorry it’s a man in a dress, wig, implants, and lipstick. If he looks at a tranny, he is GAY. PERIOD. And that’s okay.

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