Tina Davis Suspect In Fag-Framing Chris Brown …


HSK Exclusive – Is Tina Davis the culprit behind a recent report placing Breezy in the hot seat for “calling someone a fag”? The singer’s ex-manager — and teen sex abuser — is far from being ironed out of the social media sabotage on Breezy. Know why? Not only did Chris recently put Tina Davis on blast for “leaking” his new album — he also revealed he “just got back” his IG account, less than three-weeks ago.

Here’s Perez Hilton’s false report:

“A Perezlicious reader has sent us a picture of the R&B singer calling someone out on Twitter. When will this guy ever stop? Apparently having Lance Bass reprimand you for the use of the f-word wasn’t enough!

Chris has since deleted the unpleasant tweet (big shock), but this screenshot of the post was brought to our attention… That is just terrible. Get your shiz together, Chris! The f-word is just not cool, dude.”

We’ll leave you to decide if Tina Davis is the “Perezlicious reader” responsible for pulling a fast one on Perez …

Check it:



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  1. Perez has to be like the most annoying human being ever. Like… EVER. Why is he popular?

    • rihanna uses this dude, just like she uses melissa and drake to do her dirty work.

      now that chris brown been declared officially crazy after all the mental abuse he suffered, she is trying to redirect his anger away from her, and this fool is helping

  2. This whole gay thing….ugh. Omar Epps was on The View, wearing diamonds in both ears and a leather skirt. Like, Wtf? And that witch Whoopi made a point to call attention to it. Smdh

    • I can totally see that!!! Just like everyone that doesn’t comply, there try to crumble the world around you and try to make you seem like you are crazy!!

    • And because he ain’t going for that gay b.s. They trying to tear my dude down.

    • Didn’t the judge in Cali order him back in rehab? So how is he tweeting?

      Anyone know the date he went back or is going back?

  3. I hope he will be alright this time…He seems to be cleaning house and gaining some balance. First Tina,then Karueche,hopefully he keeps going down this road and fill his life with nothing but good people.

    • And where us his mother? I know he a grown man but I ride for mine. You will get your back twisted messing with mine. #realmamatalk #alwaysmy3babies #idontwanttobeatnoass,butiwill

  4. Perez will destroy anyone for attention. I cannot understand how after what he did he was able to reopen his site and get on tv. He is a bi**h.

  5. well Chris makes great music and that is the real-main love thing I want him to do….

  6. Who cares about Perez. I think the whole point is that Chris brown is a piece of shit. Anyone who defends the violent woman beater clearly has a few screws loose.

    • I would have beat her ass too trying to get him in on some f*ck Shawn Carter shit! She been trying to turn dude out! #heaintgoing

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