Tamar’s Turnt Over Publicist Jonell Whitt Taking On Towanda!

Tamar Braxton's PR Trouble

“I hate when people try to act GRAND now that they feel like they ‘made it’…” ~Tamar

HSK Exclusive – Jonell Whitt is the Atlanta-based publicist believed to be at the center of Tamar Braxton’s recent slew of social media stabs, over the past two-weeks. You’ll recall… Tamar set it of on Feb. 20th, professing “When everyone tells you to watch out for someone, you better.” According to our tipster… Jonell recently signing Towanda on to ‘Jonell PR Brand Management’ could be what sent Tamar off.

“Towanda drew some criticism recently after recently pointing out Vince’s rumored financial problems… She’s also been under the microscope for keeping company with Kordell Stewart.”


From what we’ve learned ‘Jonell PR Brand Management, LLC’ is a company that was launched just last year. After taking a quick trip to its website, we discovered… not only does the company appear to no longer have ties to Tamar, there’s also a direct message to the “Love & War” singer listed under a post titled, “Towanda Braxton Will Be An Actress!!!!”

“Tamar is rotten! Love her, but she’s rotten.” ~Towanda

Here are Jonell Whitt’s choice words for Tamar:

“So Mrs Tamar.com please remember that your big sis may keep silent but she is 5 steps ahead of most! Secret Squirrel Jr. Like Momma like secret squirrel daughter! How bout that? You better follow your dreams Towanda Braxton. With the assistance of Jonell PR Brand there is nowhere to go BUT Straight to the TOP! Welcome to the family.

In the words of Porshe Fox “Let your hatters be your motivators.”

Check out Tamar’s latest IG blast, posted last night:

“I HAD to repost because I will NEVER be in THIS position again!! My mama says u FIND a FOOL you USE a fool! Know peoples intentions FIRST! Watch who they are friends with…if that’s not your type of crew then..”






    • Jacky this chck is a fraud! She does NOT represent Tamar or Towanda. She used to work for Trina Braxton (for free) until Trina got smart and got a real PR on her team. The only “client” she has is CHRIS STOKES and we all know how he pays. She was responsible for sending c&d letters to bloggers to remove all that B2K molestation stuff (I saw the list and HSK was on it too). Check the email you got about removing your Chris Stokes content and ask this trick about it.

    • A PR pro using the word “hating,” period…

      Towanda’s wigs are hatting (sic), though. Lol

  1. Towanda has shown her jealousy of Tamar–and the other sisters. All of the sisters are experiencing success in their various ventures. I think that Towanda believed Tracy would be the one the bottom, but she took control of her life and career and is experiencing success. Towanda has been throwing her body at the camera scandalously. I won’t be surprised if she released a sex tape.

    Tamar, watch out for your sister!

  2. Towanda is the type of woman that will sleep with anybody or anything to make money. Tamar stay away from towanda, she is wicked and evil. Towanda will not be an actress. Towanda give it up you are too UGLY for the camera…

    • Precisely. Towanda is so jealous of Tamar’s success, marriage and baby. Who tells a woman who just had a baby, “You’re fat. I’m skinny.” Like bitch, she just gave birth. You had 7 years to get your body back. Towanda’s Noxzema Jackson looking ass is wack!

      • + 1,000,000,000

        As a card carrying member of the Tamar Braxton Fan Club(lol) I LOVE hearing someone say THAT.

  3. This is overthetopshade.com towanda wants to share more than just the spotlight with her sisters. She acted so childish as if she was the youngest sister this past season. On the show She looked as if she desperately wanted a change of scenery slash career slash new man. Don’t be a hater all your life towanda.

  4. this is getting so messy when ever your own family is involved ! the family braxton values were a blessing and curse for one it gave them all a platform there all talented but also drew sum type of wedge between them.

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