Lupita Nyong’o Embraces Mexican Heritage…


Her name alone pays homage to the patroness of Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe. There now seems to be no question why she was given the name ‘Lupita’ — an abbreviation of Guadalupe. The Academy Award-winning actress has revealed Mexico is the country where she was born. That’s why the African beauty has declared her heritage to be “Mexi-Kenyan.”

“I have a special place for Mexico in my heart. It’s my birthplace.”

Here’s what Lupita Nyong’o said during a recent press conference:

“Yes, I was born in Mexico, but I moved to Kenya where my family is from before I turned one. I grew up in Kenya, but my parents sent me back to Mexico to learn Spanish when I was 16. So, I did spend some time in Mexico in my adolescence. Then, I came to study in the U.S.”



  1. I love this girl as much as anyone but I’ll be glad when all the furor dies down a bit.
    It’s called overkill folks.

    • I agree. I love seeing her succeed, but I’m afraid the media will turn on her soon. The more you’re out there, there more people will be begin to hate you. Everyone loved Jennifer Lawrence last year and now their sick of her. There’s a very thin line.

      • MEXI-KENYAN??? Doll, your not of mixed race, you were simply born in Mexico and stayed for a few months, then back to Africa you went. I agree with Vicki’s post, in a minute people will turn on her.. especially with comments like that. These celebrities are always ready to claim the are (insert another race) and Black. Black always comes last, unless they need support from us.

        • How she identified herself as is technically correct. She is Nexus-Kenyam. And it has nothing to do with being mixed, lol. I’m Nigerian, however, I was born in America, so I consider myself Nigerian American. It’s the same thing as if an Asian was born in America. She was born in Mexico, not Kenya! Even though both of her parents are Kenyan. Wow

          • Greetings Naija Queen! Wetin dey happen?

            It appears some folks are unable to distinguish between nationality and GENETIC (DNA) PERMUTATIONS that establishes racial identity.

            It was QUITE obvious to any competent reader that Lupita was referring to her nationality (place of birth) and NOT her race or indigenous blood line.

            The irony is that many misguided and confused Blacks claim nationality over their genetic identity that connects them to their INDIGENOUS ORIGINS to this planet and NATURE.

            They deny their heritage as Nature’s representatives–Original Royalty.

            • THIS.
              She is not tryin’ to claim Mexican, she just puttin’ the casting directors on notice that she can speak Spanish.

              A lot of Spanish speaking folk need to be aware of that too — No one denies themselves more than Black Spanish speaking folk.

              She ain’t like our deluded brethren claimin’ they some part-Cherokee foolishness.

              And f*ck this no-typing, no-showing auto refresh BS and those damn advertisements.

              Dark Chocolate is the new blonde.!

            • What’s happening Ebony greatness! I just don’t get African-Americans. First they claim that they don’t have African heritage but yet try to claim Hebrews as their ancestors, but yet the ancient Hebrews were African. They are truly lost.

          • You still around?I guess you haven’t had enough of me mopping up the floor with you yesterday,pounding you with this Israelite truth.You Africans talk shit about us but still want to be around us.Don’t make me start Marginalizing you again.

            • Lol. Wtf did you prove? That Africans are Still your ancestors, dumb ass. Go ahead and do alittle more digging on this topic (without quoting from the European Bible) and you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Know your history, Not HIS STORY.

            • Stfu African queen, u probably u look like manute Bol on here dissing other people.

            • 18:51…you said “manure”,lol….I love it, old school dis! I’m crying over here, too funny!

          • Sweetheart,you are truly delusional.Who the FCK are you tell me or my people who we really are?What proof do you have to back up you’re bullshit claims?!,We know whom we are because I’ve taught them so go and drink blood heathen.

        • This too black bish is no doll. A white man will use her for a plaything, and no blk man will ever give her ugly self the time of day. There is not a woman on the planet who wants to look like her. Real mexicans r cringing right now!

          • Oh shit, my response to you and the response to my response got deleted. YT definitely runnin’ this site now. MTO done took ova

            • YT ain’t running shit. This site is a money making operation whether you like it or not. Do you think Jackie wants some crackpot hollering YT Bitch Alert!! Or whatever the f*ck you said? GFOH.

          • it’s always one.. tell this ding bat crack is wack.. and I ain’t even black..
            DUMB RACIST BISH

            • But it is okay to say shit like “a too black bitch” GTFOH. And of course you ain’t black, you one sided racist cave bitch

          • I rather be too black, than too pale. I bet you rather be too pale too. Black men are confused. Their choice of mates in this time of age is either with white women or gay men. Their opinions are irrelevant. And if you are white, wow, you should not be commenting because I can create a list with all the things that are wrong with you

            • What about too fake, you fake ass multiple persona having troll. Now you would rather be too dark, bit before you were high yellow. Phoney assssssss troll

        • Why, cant she claim, Mexican hetitage? She was born there.
          Right? What your really saying is she s too damn black to be accepted by Mexicans. Question for you is, Why do you even care about what ethnicity she embraces?

    • I think everybody is sick of her. This is beyond overkill and much ado about nothing. She’s not ugly but there are so many dark skinned sisters who look a million times better than her.

  2. I’m not doing this today. Before this thread disintegrates into a black on black hate fest between Americans and Africans, like yesterdays Lupita post, I’m out..To those who choose to stay and participate, I just think threads like these are some kind of social experiment to see how fast people of color will turn on each other like rabid dogs fighting over scraps. Jews and Latinos do not do this and i will be damned if I will too. So on the off chance that this comment doesn’t get deleted, I said my piece. Peace out.

  3. I wonder if the Mexicans will claims her. Baby you are still black. You may have been born there but you’re parents are African.

    • Africans hate each other. why do u think they war constantly over what tribe u r n? Africans should have everything they want in riches, right in africa, but they’d rather come to america and fights with us over scraps off the white man’s table.

      • And Black Americans don’t hate each other? Like there isn’t blood runnin’ in the streets in our ‘hoods?

        Y’all better learn to compete instead of hatin’ and the way to do that is to hit those books and get in school and LEARN it, you got some fierce competition for who is black.

        Y’all betta hear it!

        • Thats your opinion. I disagree. And we don’t have to compete with anyone to be black. We are easily identifiable to the only entity that matters

    • Why would they not claim her? Isn’t she an Ivy League graduate that just won a coveted Oscar? It is because of her dark skin and wiry, nappy unprocessed hair? Or is that the reasons why you wouldn’t claim her? Please don’t deflect your vapid, self-hating attitude of other cultures and races? It is not attractive.

      • who is deflecting? you must not know any mexicans. Generally they are extremely racist and dislike black people. And the ones that do hate us are quite open about it. And yes, I have spent time in Mexico. they have about a billion words to. describe skin color on their drivers license applications because they simply cannot stand to be called anything close to black. but go head Lupi. Do you, chile

        • I lived in the Southwest for many years (more than a decade) and traveled to Mexico often. My experience with Mexicans in the US and their homeland was always positive. Most of the Mexican I knew were intrigued with Black people and Black culture. Most of the ones I knew acted like they wanted to be Black. Many I know, men and women are married to Black people and are very proud of their children. I will say that my experience was good because I treated them with dignity and kindness and did not look down upon them.

  4. Love this beautiful sista. But I can’t roll with her on this one. She’s black all day everyday. You were born there, not having mixed parents. They are not going to claim you at all. I wish her success and happiness in her career.

    • This broad ain’t no damn sister.You can clearly see the difference between her and Sanaa Lathan.The Hebrew woman wins by a landslide over the ugly Hamite.

        • Cool,but the most high exalted the Israelites above all nations duet 7:6 and we don’t need hamites coming here attempting to create division while we’re trying to rebuild our nation.

          • Lol…Black you are my HSK crush, seriously! You WILL defend your own, won’t you. Love it!

        • Go and finish with your female circumcision and hop off our Nutz.Once again,stop claiming us as Africans because we want nothing to do with you heathens.A African and a Hebrew are two seperate entities your burnt Hamite.FCK You!

  5. Most of you need to check yourselves.
    Mexico is a nation, not a ethnicity or lineage.
    She is a Mexi-Kenyan (two nations) whether you like it or not, nothing wrong with her liking the nation.

    As for oh she is black, well there are a lot of black mexicans and the ligther skinned or tanned mexicans that you see most likely have african ancestry, which accounts for their tanned skin.

    Educate yourself

    • I tell Black folks ALL the time that helix-haired Blacks are the AUTOCHTHONS on this planet.

        • Thank you, AfRAkan Queen!

          I prefer to be enDARKened. There is nothing but lies, illusions and deceptions in the light.

            • WORD.They fulla shit. Yt trolls on here plugging scientology and DNA tests. I ignore them hitches. They swear they slick. Fake asses

  6. Hall need tostopbeing so damn quick to embrace these coons. Fuck celebrities!

  7. Lupita is a stunningly beautiful and talented Chocolate sister. Rumors are that she is already being passed around Hollywood. But, she knows the deal. She knows exactly how Hollywood works. I do wish her the very best.

    I am reminded of when Ben Affect and Matt Damon won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for “Good Will Hunting.” I think it was Matt Damon who said that winning that award was the best thing that had ever happened to them and that they were on cloud nine that night/getting 5 star treatment. He went on to say that they were getting so much attention from everybody. They were being put on pedestal by A list Hollywood that night and the following months after their win.

    But, he said that when they attended the Oscars the next year. Nobody knew that they were alive. People would just walk by them like they didn’t even exist. They never thought that something like that would never happen to them.

    • I believe it. That’s why I always try to stress to people not to put celebrities on a pedestal. I don’t care what their public image is, we have no idea what they had to do to get to the top.
      I think Lupita is beautiful and I’m happy she won but the media frenzy is going to turn on her, it’s sad because she can’t do anything to control it.

    • LOL @ being passed around Hollywood. Where the receipts? Anybody can say that about anyone including you, but does that make it true? She straight out of Ivy League and she is also a film maker, Google It. She’s not of the pole so if she never acted again she’s still going to great career options.

      • It’s a hard thing to consider when it comes to people who present themselves a certain way in the public.
        If you were around in the 80’s you would have never guessed Whitney was addicted to drugs, Jennifer Freeman from My Wife and Kids was one of the biggest drug whores around.
        Lupita’s Ivy league education means absolutely nothing to evil Hollywood people who live, work with and revere child molesters and junkies.
        Lupita is a smart woman and she knows that if she decides not to play their game, there are thousands of other beautiful brown women who will gladly take her spot.
        I’m not saying I know for sure this has happened but it’s not exactly outside of the realm of possibility that it hasn’t.

    • Matt Damon also said that the best part about their win for Best Original Screenplay was that both he & Ben “knew that we didn’t f*ck anybody over to get this”. (I’m almost sure it was in an interview in Movieline, but don’t quote me on that.)

      Maybe they weren’t the flavor of the month by the time next year’s Oscars came around, but they got over it. And in the 17 yrs. since their Oscar win, Affleck has gone on to make quite a name for himself as a writer & director — even moreso than Matt IMO. But Matt has become the a standout actor of the two & even had his own action franchise for a minute. (And now, I’m sure at least 5 people here will claim they’re both gay, but I ain’t buying that bullshit.)

      Seems like Blackfolks can’ wait to start tearing Lupita down now that she’s got that Oscar, which is f*cking pathetic! So many here swore she was f*cking Jared Leto, based on nothing more than a photo of them at an awards show. WTF? But it turns out that Lupita’s been dating K’naan, the Somalian musician, for a while now. So put THAT in your blunts & smoke it!

      Lupita Nyong’o is beautiful, talented & SMART — & you can tell from how she carries herself that girlfriend was raised right. So WHY must people here bad mouth her? WHY are y’all so quick to assume she’s gonna let White men run through her WHEN SHE ALREADY HAS AN OSCAR & nothing you’ve seen or heard about her to date suggests that she slept with anybody White to get that award?

      It seems like all the hoodrats from MTO have relocated & started nesting here. Folks @ HSK have become so gutter & ghetto, talking about people’s mothers (really, WTF izzat about?), hating on Africans — an entire continent of folks — like they’ve done some shit to you personally? Calling people nasty names based on nothing! The crowd here used to be better & smarter & more mature than that.

      Now, it’s impossible to sustain an intelligent conversation about ANYTHING, even a Sister winning an Oscar, without the thread deteriorating into a ghetto bar fight between a bunch of chickehheads.

      Folks have taken Jacky’s palace & turned it into a sewer, which is so damn sad. But I don’t hang out in sewers, so y’all have fun. Bye!

      • Africans have done us something .They enslaved us in Ancient Egypt for 400 years and they also acts later time sold us to the Whiteman.So,those heathens deserve all the backlash they’re getting and worst.

      • RC

        The point of my comment in case you missed it was that Lupita is getting all of the sunshine right now, which is well deserving. But, it won’t always be that way. I have never said one disparaging word about Lupita. Nor have I mentioned anything negatively about Ben or Matt.

        Everybody who follows the movie industry knows that Matt and Ben have become major Hollywood players, that is a no brainer.

        Sorry if I offended you with my comment about Lupita in the industry. But, it is the truth.

      • Was all that really necessary?
        I’m far from being a hood rat which is probably why I’m not as enamored by Lupita’s Ivy league education like the rest of you. Neither myself or Black Pearl have said anything bad about the girl, we just refuse to wear those rose colored lenses the rest of you have so firmly on your heads.
        I like Lupita but I refuse to put ANYONE in the entertainment industry on a pedestal.
        No one is saying she’s an evil person, we’re not doubting her talent or her intellect but Jacky has dropped plenty of knowledge here on how the entertainment world operates. Some people will sacrifice any and everything to get into that world. It just is what it is.
        You have some nerve questioning our intelligence while at the same time you refuse to open your mind to what we are suggesting just because she is your favorite actress at the moment.

        It really is depressing to see how crazed people get when it comes to defending an entertainer when there are so many more important real life issues plaguing our people.

  8. If she isn’t Mexi-Kenyan, then Gisele isn’t Brazilian she’s German or just plain white. Salma Hayek is Lebanese not Latina. Also Shakira.

    Lots of people claim the country in which they were raised not the country or ethnicity of their forebears. All those blond Argentines aren’t any more “Hispanic” than I am. They were born of Germans living in Argentina.

    So what?

      • The man carries the seed the woman just delivers the child.who told you that lie!?

        • The only people I am aware of who follow the “mother determines the ethnicity of the child” rule are the Joos.(or the fake Joos 🙂 BA)

          Other than them, I have never read that the mother is the ethnicity or race deciding factor.

  9. all the black celebs who dsifferent languages who came to America like wyclef who speaks different languages.

  10. Lupita N is very beautiful, attractive, and appears humble, I hope Hollywood really embrace her like they did Halle Berry, but in films where she doesn’t have to get nude, no offense to Halle and the other actresses long before who got nude on screen

  11. Tom Joyner said she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, knowing damn well he wouldn’t give her a second look if he saw her in a club or any celeb event.

    • This is the same Tom Joyner who cheated on his wife with the slut Claudia Jordan! That guy is full of shit just like the rest of the Boules!

    • and the Beasts of the Southern Wild is Annie. Sam Jackson is Daddy Warbucks and Oprah is the mean old woman who runs the orphanage.

      It’s a hard knock life…

  12. African Coon says she’s a high fashion model.She must be out of work because she spends entirely too much time here following us around to really be a model.A Model Citizen is what you really are not a real Model.

    • This thread is ridiculous. I feel like I’m watching the movie Domino. These racial and ethnic classifications are ridiculous. “Chinegro, Japegro…JAPANIC!” GTFOH. Don’t engage them. Please don’t!

  13. What is Mexi-Kenyan? I know my fair share of Mexican-Americans. They are of Mexican origin, born in America. Lupita isn’t a Mexican born in Kenya. She is a Kenyan born in Mexico. All of these people who call themselves teaching people the difference between nationality and race need to stop.

  14. every body wants to be black then they make it to what they feel is “big” and now they are of mixed heritage. who is not all of one race, none of us. That word is used to describe what you most resemble and if she is changing the face of Mexicans than more power to her…Some Mexicans hate niggas and I bet she about to piss off some garden hoppers. Other wise..shout out to my Cuban grandpa and all the black mexican in America-the Dominicans and puerto ricans and Central American Brazilian/Caribbean Spanish speaking black folks all over the world that are just flat out BLACK AND PROUD!

  15. Lupita Is Black…Okaaaaay! Again, some black folk attach themselves to other groups when insecurity creeps in. Black Africans are some of the most insecure black folk around. We fuss about negros in America, travel to London UK…Self-Explanatory! All of us are sick…American, Spanish, Caribbean, African, European, etc.

  16. I have never heard a light skin person claim they mixed. Only dark ones. Why is that?

  17. Mexicans hate dark skinned people more than the U.S.A. If you think I’m lying, watch Telenovelas or Mexican nightly news. Lupita Nyong’o can can Mexican if she wants, I guarantee you they are not claiming her!

    • That’s what I said but one poster above had very positive experiences with them. That wasn’t my experience with them at all when I as in Mexico. I think they are pretty racist

  18. She’s not mixed! She’s an African who lived in Mexico. Thats all! Thats nice of her though to show love to both cultures.

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