Karrueche Kills The Noise: “Stop W/ The BS”


Recent word pointing to Karrueche Tran and Brandon Jennings as “dating” is being squashed. Shortly after the rumor began to spread through the grapevine, Karrueche took to Twitter to address the matter, calling it bullsh*t.

Check it:



  1. Why chris was keeping company with this lil boy shaped bitch is crazy! Find you a real woman chris! An who cares wzt this lil ugly thang is dating! She needs to gain sum weight! She is kinda cute but she aint even hotter than chris! Helk naw!

    • Stop lying. You know that girl is not ugly. You can call her many things but ugly is not one of them. Apparently he liked her little boy shaped ass, so what is your beef? His crazy ass needs to find some lithium and calm the f*ck down. And the way he break up and make up with women she’ll be right back with him next month. Get a grip

      • He doesn’t need any drugs!! Just perpepretrates the shit! He need to get his millions and walk! Just like Chappelle. They can call him what they want but real knows real!

      • You can kiss my ass! I wasnt talkin to u! You gotdamn idiot! An she is cute but not pretty an she shape like a chinese boy! Fuck u an next time ask my permission bitch b4 u speak! She aint shit an u aint either. I didnt ask for your attention! But thanks!

        • Kiss your own funky ass and wash it while you’re at it you uncouth baboon. You called her UGLY jealous bitch. Whatever she is shaped like Chris been lovin’ on it for a long while. Go f*ck yourself and the cow you rode in here on. Bitch.

    • She is not “kinda cute”, she is extremely pretty but you are entitled to your opinion. And contrary to the “thick” black women’s belief, every black man in America is not hell bent on their girls being “thick” and every woman that dates black men don’t aspire to be “thick”. Which most women that try and be “thick” do it the unhealthy way and fail miserably…but I digress. She is a fashion model and is the ideal weight for her industry. Not to mention, Rhianna is built about the same so Chris obviously has a type. Not to mention, Chris is not a big guy and these types of cute, dainty girls look good on his arm. Look at Wiz and Amber…they look kinda ridiculous.

      • Lashantae hackerd is Beautiful!! Amerie b4 she hacked her nose was cute! She looks like a lil boy an RIHANNA got her ass Hella faded on ALL levels! She aint it an he took a major L for f*cking with this hoe! Do better chris!

  2. Chris please leave the hoodrat alone. She is a known hoe in the hood.. everyone in the industry has run up her.

    • then everyone in the industry is a hoe too. Why is the woman a Hoe when you know d**n well the men jump on every groupie “Hoe”.

  3. Coochie Coo is cute to me and she will be an amazingly beautiful grown woman she has sex appeal of her own and I like her type of beauty it is natural and young and she seems like a fun girl …I’m a beautiful woman and I see beauty in her too. Why hate on her when it is clear she is a true beauty..Karachi/Sarrachi/Kerioke wtf ever her name is; is not ugly by far..and I won’t lie or hate on some one to follow a crowd.

    • I don’t hate K. She makes her decisions for her reasons.
      Besides, she did go to court w/CB & his mom to support him,

  4. Why are ppl still comparing it to KT to RiRi. He’s been dating KT longer than he dated RiRi and they are both attractive women.

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