Tiffany Haddish Spills Beyonce & Jay-Z Tea

tiffany haddish beyonce jay z

Tiffany Haddish just added some more tea to all the rumors surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage. The actress tells a story about meeting the couple for the first time and Bey checking another “actress” for putting her hands on Jay.


  1. What am I Bey got pissed because another female touched JZ. What’s the tea?

  2. That is piping hot news. This is the reason that I faithfully make the pilgrimage to HSK every damn day!

  3. Tiffany Haddish is a beautiful sista, but she’s really not that funny. I would still hit it tho.

  4. I like Tiffany don’t get me wrong but Everytime I hear something out of her mouth it’s about some other couple lifestyle first will and Jada not them and Beyonce if you feel that insecure about someone trying to take your husband away from you and you have to go out of character then he isn’t yours to begin with.

  5. Seems like she is finally getting her break and running with it. I didn’t like Girl’s Trip although parts were funny but having Kofi say those BS lines in the movie cancelled my crush on him. I blame his love interest on screen for creating this situation (didn’t she have executive power?). Also, peeing into the street from up in the air is juvenile bathroom humor. Do adults go for this? Grapefruit topics…smh

  6. Why do ppl act like meetn a regular person wit money is a big deal .I have a cousin who won the lottery for 450mill an we still treat her regular

  7. Yea well she left the part out where jay f*ed the bitch neway nd beyonce said nothing like she always do

  8. Don’t you ever in your life disrespect queen Beyonce y’all lucky she letting y’all breathe the fresh clean air she created I hope she turn y’all into cows so I can sacrifice you all to her Sasha fierce the queen of heaven and earth

  9. Speaking of crappy movies here is a chance to see some pretty good ones,the pan african film festival has started here n la feb 8-19 i know every one is hyped about the panther movie,some o these at the festival are prob jst as good,get out and support movies about us,i took my daughter to see Liyana we both enjoyed it peace fam

    • Well someone is coming on here under his handle every now and then…more then than now…but at least a couple times last year.

  10. Beyounce is Human like Everyone else. She’s No GOD! She didn’t create Air Heaven or Earth! She will be Judged like Everyone else. Please Stop the Beyounce Worship. What has she done besides make Music. God is our God. Beyounce is a Women Wife and Mother.

  11. To the people who keep bringing up b…there is prob one person talking about her on here, so why are ya’ll so pressed to mention her?

    Maybe you should live your life instead of worrying about bringing up someone no one else is really talking about.

  12. @ where’s jacky yea jackys been dead the quality of this site had been in the toilet since then I think bots or Russians write for this site now like really who is Sasha r the comments are better than the stories

  13. The white devils in hollywood promoted Tiffany Haddish for the same reason they promoted Omarosa; both black women play the loud, obnoxious, sapphire stereotype.

    • Tiffany Haddish is the female version of Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is the new age version of Steppin Fetchit. In other words, Kevin and Tiffany are not talented, they just play the negative black stereotype.

  14. This chick tiffany…is not funny..I hate when I see her doing that black women attitude buffoonery..and u see a room full of white folks (at award shows) just chuckling like aww she so cute and funny….are u kidding me!!! If any body of color thinks what she does is talented and funny. Some thing is seriously wrong with u…I see a black coon making money hand over our culture (especially bw) expense…smh I’ll say the same for Dave Chapelle too..I see a sell out fr..

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