Did Eminem Get Caught With a Thot in a Seedy Roach Motel?!

eminem motel video

Eminem was caught slippin’ when his booty call filmed them together in a busted and dusty motel.

Once the rapper realizes he’s being filmed, the camera shuts off abruptly.


Is Em just trying to get some attention since Donald Trump refused to acknowledge his BET freestyle?


  1. Thirsty for album sales (like Beyonce and Jay w/Lemonade) now that Kendrick has taken the crown and the golden mic…although I think Marshall is a better rapper. He knew what that hooker was doing with her phone and he could have told her to delete it. Thirsty Em, just thirsty and it isn’t a good look for you! Yuck…I can’t…

  2. I would rather get caught with a thotty who is a woman than a tranny/faggot…..Good for Em

  3. IF this is him – so what – he’s single and mingling. WHY it should hold our interest is another topic!
    Another former star who is irrelevant except for the time his star was lit up. This video certainly won’t do it if that’s what he wanted!

  4. Well at least he’s not with a Gay Tranny Fag!!!! Shiit aint nothing wrong with fucking a thotty bitch, It aint tricking if you got it…. BETTER THAN FUCKING A FAG BITCH!!!!

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