Idris Elba Gets Engaged

idris elba engaged

Idris Elba proposed to his girlfriend, Sabrina Dhowre, on Friday at a screening of his upcoming film, “Yardie.”

The movie theater tweeted about the proposal:

“Another @riocinema first! Still 5 days to Valentines Day but @idriselba went down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend live on stage this morning before a preview of his film #Yardie”

And Sabrina shared her excitement on her Instagram page:

idris elba sabrina engaged

This will be the 45-year-old actor’s third marriage.



  1. Congrats. I’ll give em two years– no, 18 months of wedded bliss before he bails for a Latina.

    • That’s pretty negative…. smh
      Try to have a little faith. If they are a couple brought together by Divine True Love (not the false love people usually refer to) no man/woman will be able to put it asunder.

    • C’mon man, GTFOH with that BS. Give the man props. At least he’s married to a black woman. When was the last time you saw an A list black actor marrying a black woman? And he’s British, chances are he’d be married to an ugly white British woman already, but he isn’t so more props. I think the time he’d go outside the race has passed, thankfully coz he’s been hot for a while, he’d get any race if he wanted

      • Yeah is he a Brit so I am surprised he married a black woman. Must be why Sky TV dropped him from their ads.

    • Why would he want a Latina when he has the Mother of All and Queen of the Earth…..(A BLACK WOMAN) at his side…..She is STUNNING!!!! Let’s just hope he is not one of those brainwashed Bruthas…and I mean Willie Lynch Brainwashed..Like Charles Barkley and Company!

      • Not unless u mean Black Latina…because There are BLACK Latina’s….they just don’t show them!

  2. Typical of most “black people”. Disrespect a woman because she’s light skinned. Smdh…

    • You mean AA. And they don’t focus on any one group of black folk. AA are generally all-around race traitors. It’s the black American way.

      • No it’s the WHITE AMERICAN WAY….Just go ask WILLIE LYNCH and the rest of the Greedy Racist and Thieving Four Fathers who stole this Country. They did everything in their power to rip tear blacks apart socially, mentally, economically, spiritually, financially and emotionally, etc. “Let’s cut them off from being a Nation.” Unfortunately, they did a great job in some cases but NOT all.

    • You are so wrong, it’s not TYPICAL of MOST BLACKS, it may be typical of the few you know or few you encounter on social media. It’s STUPID to make such a Blanket Statement when you don’t KNOW all the BLACKS in this world! That’s how stereotypes are born!

      I’m Black and LOVE ALL the SHADES of BEAUTIFUL MELANIN we possess….There ain’t Nothing like it in the WORLD!!! So pick and choose your statements carefully. There are over 37 MILLION Blacks in this Country, how many do you know that will back up your ignorant statement?

  3. CONGRATS!!! Idris, hope this is Finally your Queen.
    Wish you the Best!!!!!!!!
    Happy For You

  4. I thought she was part-African. I notice with African men, they will marry, eventually, an African woman.

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