T.I. Is Tired of Young Rappers Who Don’t Respect Hip-Hop Legends

ti young rappers

After rapper Lil Xan called 2Pac’s music “boring,” T.I. has some words for rap’s younger generation.

In an interview with MTV, T.I. had this to say:

“The younger generation wants to be respected, and they feel that that respect comes from the disrespect of the former generation. For us, we actually had to go out there. The things that you hear me rapping me about, these are things that I actually had to live through. I had to go out here and do these things and I earned the right to speak about them…Right now, you have people discussing other people who haven’t gone through these necessary steps that they’ve gone through and you are critiquing their work when you haven’t really walked their path,” – TI

Do you agree?


  1. TI y’all created these weirdos. These lost kids are the result of men like you who impregnate hoes.

    Now with that being said, these rappers are not on the same page as y’all. They are Gay rappers, not thug rappers, so why would you want them to give you thanks???

  2. ti legacy gangster rapper who sold drugs, been in jail numerous times, bodyguard ened up shot, married a hoodrat with mileage getting mad at other men for phukking her.

    pac love his music but pac wasn’t no thug until he got famous he had thugged out affilates and wasn’t no banger til he got with deathrow which got him killed.

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