Meek Mill’s Mom Blames ‘Lady Justice’ for His Legal Woes

meek mill mom letter lady justice

Meek Mill remains incarcerated for violating his probation, and his mom, Kathy Williams, is pointing fingers at who she thinks is responsible for all of his jail stints.

In an open letter addressed to “Lady Justice,” Kathy asks for the rapper to be freed and talks about how cruel the justice system is.

“You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation,” she writes. “You are supposed to balance fairness and blindly always do what’s right, yet injustice has taken 11 years of our lives. My son had to choose between seeing his child and his mother in a hospital or going to prison. My son – who was 19 when he was introduced to the justice system – has been scarred physically and emotionally by your betrayal, and now you threaten his own son’s sense of security.”

You can read the full letter here.


  1. All week had to do was report to his officer and pay up

    He was too.busy worrying about what Nicki was doing

  2. I really don’t like when bad parents blame others for they bad kids

    Yea he got a hash punishment, but the real questions is why do your son keep getting him self in trouble and the finger would now be pointed back toward Mom.

  3. How about blame him he’s a grown man and should be accountable for his own actions.

  4. “Introduced to the justice system” wonderful euphemism to cover the fact he failed as a man, and you failed as a Mother.

  5. She’s right about justice system in this country,that’s why MM/all of us should know& follow the law,cause justice is a joke n this country unless you white and/or can afford Johnnie Cochran

  6. Meek did some nonsense as a teenager, but he shouldn’t be paying for it over a decade later.

    There’s no reason for him to still be on probation, and his so-called violations are like parking tickets.

    He’s a recording artist and business that employs a lot of dudes who would be into “stuff” if Meek wasn’t employing them. The system wants to take people like Meek, and they’re angry when he’s successful.

    Even the prosecuters side with Meek.

  7. White devils engineered the poverty Meek was born into as well as the gun and drug filled community, and lack of opportunity. They want to funnel people like him into the prison industrial complex.

    Hold the psychopaths accountable for targeting our youth. And remember criminal organizations are proxies of white devils. Organizations that often force people in.

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