Tamar Braxton Wore Blonde Wigs to Satisfy Vince’s Fetish

tamar braxton blonde wigs vince herbert

Steve Harvey asked a panel, which included Tamar Braxton, if they ever changed themselves for their men. Tamar responded that Vince loves blonde hair and “light, fair women” so that’s why she rocked so many blonde wigs throughout the years.

She’s now bald, but she still believes it’s a woman’s responsibility to stay current and look good for her man.


Do you agree?


  1. I somewhat agree with her, but not for no man who is 900 pounds…

    What is he changing for her?

    I do agree that all people in a relationship should keep themselves up, especially if the person met you in good shape, you should stay in good shape. Changing your weight and teeth make sense but hair color, she should of told him go find someone with blonde hair, that’s why she bald now, all that dye probably messed up her hair.

  2. Wait so are they together getting a divorce separated which one is it I can’t keep up it’s something new with them every week are is this just for people to watch the show?

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