T.I. Pens an Open Letter to Donald Trump

ti open letter donald trump

T.I. has penned an open letter to Donald Trump, and recited the words which have been published through Rolling Stone magazine.

The rapper expresses his frustration with the injustice against blacks, and asks Trump how he plans to address and hold accountable those who have prolonged the “darkness” in America.

“Should it ever at times seem as though WE are against YOU, I assure you it’s a result of YOU defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against US. The deck has always been stacked against US in this country,” – T.I.

T.I. then calls out Trump for inciting racism during his rallies in the five-minute recording.

You can read the entire letter here or listen to the audio:

What do you think of TIP’s letter? Will he be the next black celeb invited for a sit-down with the President-elect at Trump Tower?


  1. Parts of it sounded apologetic and other parts sounded like he wanted to get some shine for ‘educating’ the man. Either way, he has a big Federal tax bill that’s due and I wonder if that has anything to do with all of his ‘letters’ lately.

  2. You had 8 years of Obama and he did nothing for blacks. In fact, race relations worsened under him. I’m no fan of Trump but he points out how democrat controlled cities like Chicago and Detroit and many others have been pure hell to further the destruction of black communities. This is a fact. Lots of hope in 08 and no changes as of today. If you are white and you say it, you are a racist. If you are black and you say it, you are a coon. But the truth does not change. Hopefully Trump will have a positive effect as jobs are broth back to the US. Does anybody really think Hillary would have made a difference.

    • Race relation did not get worse…kakkra’s just decided to take the mask completely off.

      Trump is on the same team as the rest, if he steps out of line…they will be sure to do to him what they did to JFK.

      And it is not just Chicago and Detroit. People want to act like we have had it good since the ’60’s…bullshit!

      There will never be equality and they will continue their plan to wipe us out as long as one of us is still breathing in this country.

      • I agree that there won’t be equality in the US in your, your grandkids, or your great grandkids lifetime. However, they’re not planning to do that. They’re bums, and always have been. They exploit everyone and everything.

          • It’s not “sad,” it’s fucking irrelevant. The US is a wasteland just like Europe.

            If lames want to control a place that depends on everyone else, good for them. lol

  3. all of the boule fools have no pride all of this palnned these black rich people are sad abusse their own people but uplift this racist

  4. 1. He has a movie coming out, and a tv show to promote.
    2. Iggy Azalea. Yeah, he needs to STFU.

    • I see a lot of entertainers with upcoming projects are posturing for the masses. These are the same people who excused Beeber singing about hanging N-words and supported Iggy’s racist tweeting ass.

      Trump really has the Hollywood hypocrites shook.

  5. I apologize for all my trolls and for the fact that many black males are just totally insane period. We claim to hate WM but diss BW on social media and creep with white chicks to troll as straight … this is why black males need therapy #confused

  6. CACs really tell on themselves so damn much. CACs want black people to give a fuck so damn bad, and this Trump stuff is just one more example. I almost pity them. Imagine being that lame that your whole life is wrapped up in that recognition. The fact is, no one cares. No one gives a fuck about “alt-right” or any of that lame shit. Black people have culture, lives, and etc. CACs have nothing. That’s why the bologna faces stalk black people like the tonsil-looking ghouls they are.

    • Speak for yourself CAC hater. Plenty of people are freaked out that the de facto alt right leader is Trump’s #1 advisor in the West Wing.

      And all your CAC shit is tiresome. What does a tonsil ass even look like?


  7. wutever. when ppl realize obama & michelle supposedly from chicago, but its the highest black murder rate in the country. michelle sits on the board of chicago cfr. rahm emanuel mayor of chicago is obama former chief of staff. they didnt do shit for blacks & obama says protect his legacy and vote for hillary & now they mad they lost. time for change and these negroes are out of control, if anyone trying to start the race war its ppl like john lewis and obama. remember obama is not an american negro! only michelle is obama is a african raised by a white woman, he has no aleegiance to u black folk, never has. thats why michelle didnt want to do it, she knew what would go down. Trump aint gonna deport no freakin immigrants he hires them at mar a lago and so do his billionaire friends lol trump grew up in queens nyc, he aint no klansman, i think his father was a racist bastard, but u try to be different from ur dad in that respect. only reason why no blacks support him openly of hollywood is b/c that would be going against obama and the boule….wutever bye obama, change has come to america!!

  8. fuck john lewis, he is working for the same cointelpro that shot mlk & malcom x, sellout nigghas why u think they still alive? lol

    • John Lewis’s district is the poorest in the nation, and the poverty rate has gotten worse since he took office. The Dems need black folks to stay poor for them to control them.

      I’m not saying that Trump is the answer, but things have gotten worse under Democratic rule.

      • You listen to those Alternative Facts all you want to and keep on being wrong idiot.
        Louisville, Kentucky. Luke Sharrett/Getty Images. …
        Boston, Massachusetts. Handout/Getty Images. …
        Indianapolis, Indiana. Matt Sullivan/Getty Images. …
        El Paso, Texas. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. …
        Fresno, California. iStockphoto. …
        Baltimore, Maryland. …
        Tucson, Arizona. …
        Memphis, Tennessee. These are among the poorest cities in the nation , look it up …most of these are cities that HAVE HIGH WHITE POPULATIONS .

  9. i respect ti for he said somewhat but come on man ti you still work for the BOUEL you, DL HUGHLEY , STEVE HAVERY , KANYE WEST

  10. all of these black entertainers, politicans, congress , etc don’t do shit for people evr they give a little charity

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