Ludacris Pays Off His Alleged Raped Victim?!


    ludacris raped woman

    According to a gossip website Ratchet Queens, Ludacris allegedly raped a woman at a private house party in Atlanta, and he paid her big bucks to keep her quiet!

    The alleged incident happened a few years ago at a party the rapper hosted. Ludacris allegedly followed the intoxicated woman into the bathroom.

    Her friend got worried after the woman was gone for over 30 minutes. When she went to check on her, she allegedly saw Ludacris “standing on on top of her intoxicated friend, with his ‘d*ck’ in her mouth!”

    “I was shocked when I walked in there, he had her by the hair on the floor, standing over her and shoving his d*ck in her down her throat! I thought she wanted it too until she told me the next day her mouth was very sore and didn’t know what happened,”

    The alleged victim hired a lawyer who contacted the rapper’s legal team and threatened to go to the police. After some back and forth, the lawyers agreed to give the woman a financial settlement to keep her mouth shut.

    Do you believe these allegations?


    1. Those ‘parties’ are for the hosts and not for the people invited. If they want to take my phone and make me sign a form then that’s my clue to run! Even the hooker parties are not safe for a hooker. The celebs think they have it coming.

      • REAL TALK! That alone should be a clear sign that such requirements for an event mean it’s not “just” a party.

    2. Yeah black males arerapist 60% of black girls have been molested or raped under the age of 18 and 72% of black children are born bastard you know a lot of those are rape babies you males need to f*cking do better.

    3. Sad, but this honestly doesn’t surprise me at all; at least not anymore. Most of these celebrities are already so far gone, with all of the rituals they already have to partake in just to get put on. Hollywood is literally babylon, where immoral behavior is praised and rewarded. This sick and depraved celebrities never cease to amaze me. This is absolutely horrific if true. Rape is very abundant and happens so frequently as drinking a cup of water. All the more reason why I am not interested in meeting any celebrity, or being around them. And if I do get around them, Im not taking any drinks or food they offer, and I will certainly have either a knife or some heat on me. That’s okay though, like many other black male celebrities, Luda too will have his fall and will be sacrificed just like the others. Most of these black celebrities die like dogs anyways. I can’t wait until hollywood, and the entertainment industry collapses anyways.

    4. It’s what they like to do, rape men, women, and children even though full grown willing adults are readily available to them. It’s about sick power and this depraved behavior gets worse as their fame and riches increase. They think they are invincible. The minute you rape and you have to hire lawyers to keep it quiet, you are on the hook to the powers that be. They got you. These Hollywood people are the elite who could care less about the regular guy that pays their tickets and make them rich. You are nothing but a vessel for them, carrying them to the next level. They are disgusting and they will pay for their sins.

      • That is why I don’t give them my money, time, or energy. Shit like this is angering, but its alright, because this year, the entertainment Cabal will finally begin to fall, and all of their protection, and fear will go down with them. As with the 2016 election brought out, and revealed who all these entertainers are owned by, and that they are nothing more than slaves, of the highest level; held captive, and forced to get out and perform. This whole of celebrities, the rich and elite commiting heinous and horrifc crimes to innocent people can’t be allowed to just simply go on, while these people get off scott-free; with absolute impunity. These celebs are nothing more than the lowest of the depraved-psychopaths, sociopaths, narccissist; all masquerading as entertainers. Ludacris however, like many black male celebrities will pay for his wicked deeds in the end, as yet another sacrificial lamb. The really sad thing is, he has two daughters of his own.

        • Well stated my friend.. Rapeis All a about CONTROL, they had women there that would have slept with him, just to say she screwed Luda.. His arrogance, narcissistic attitude and power, gives them the right to treat women like shit.. He will have to answer to a higher power oneday soon.. They all paid price with their bodies to get to where they are….

          • Now that Im reminded about it, in terms of the casting couch, and the rituals required to get “put on”, many of these celebrities were raped themselves. Either during their childhoods, on when they joined the industry. Like you stated as well. This just backs up more further proof that rape is about power, not sex. These celebrity men are already so compromised, and have had their manhood stripped from them when they chose to be initiated in. As a way of getting it back, they choose to take back that power from some other unsuspecting victim, fucking up their lives. It’s a sad, and very sick cycle.


    5. You know you’re wrong and I know who you are you’re just posting under a different name I see you bitch punk.

    6. Those “parties” are orgies full of pros. I’m not questioning her, but that’s the reality. However, it’s strange she would accept hush money. Why do that unless you were extorting someone…

      People like Ludacris know how damaging an accusation alone can be, so that’s why they pay. Look what happened to Cosby before he even went to trial, and look at him now after he proved those chicks were full of it.


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