Bishop Eddie Long Dies at 63

eddie long dead

Controversial leader of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Bishop Eddie Long, has died at the age of 63.

According to a statement released last year, he was battling an aggressive form of cancer.

His appearance drastically changed, and the preacher blamed his new frail frame on a vegan diet. He went into seclusion and was only photographed a few times during the past year. Each time his appearance became more and more alarming.

He’ll be remembered for the rise and fall of his church after sex abuse allegations were revealed.

In 2010, he reached a settlement with four young men who accused him of pressuring them to have sexual relations while they were members of his congregation.

His wife filed for divorce in 2011. They were able to reconcile, but his ministry never recovered and membership dropped throughout the years.

He was forced to take a break from the church when his health declined.


  1. I remember when AIDS was known as an aggressive form of cancer affecting the gay community…

    • It could be the truth. Technically, no one really dies from AIDS; they die from the health complications AIDS can cause. Various cancers are common in AIDS patients. He could’ve legitimately died of an ‘aggressive cancer’.

      • Eddie Long was a treacherous asshole just like I am he needs to repent like I need to repent sometimes us knuckleheads never learn our lesson.

          • Cause my dad didn’t teach me better, mane. Some of us black males are totally f*cked up with warped priorities and foul focus.

      • Interesting how people get upset when they announce the death was related to pneumonia or cancer. You can see AIDS did the person in but the announcement is not going to be AIDS. They announce it’s effects or the disease it caused, but never that the HIV virus was in the detail.

        • Frumpy

          I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t know the truth. Even on religious blog sites, no one is denying that he had full blown AIDS.

          It’s too bad though that his reps can’t be honest about it.

  2. good they only people that care are thses black christain floks believing he was healed karma came to collect just like jimmy sunka he died last noght oo he murdered a woman and vince mcmahon covered it up for years

  3. Since this was very briefly mentioned in the mainstream news, and he only catered to the lower caste ghetto class, I can proudly say, along with the rest of the upper class….who cares.

    • @ASAP You will STFU one day. Just like Eddie long has. That black woman who stood by Eddie Long’s side and did the right thing by divorcing his behind did not raise bastard kids, teach people do to drugs nor encourage black men to kill themselves. Last we learned, Eddie long was “mentoring” black males…. ENOUGH SAID!

      You give black males a bad name and imply that they are weak, mindless morons, incapable of higher conscious thought processes such as critical thinking and self accountability!

      • I apologize for being such an asshole every body is right I was raped as a boy by one of my mama’s boyfriend’s because my daddy Dropped the ball and was a deadbeat absentee bum so I apologize for being a lunatic please forgive me I need to learn to shut the f*ck up before I get popped by a cop.

        • Not to worry, when President Trump officially takes power on the 20th, you getting popped by a cop goes up 1000%.
          My suggestion…KNOW YOUR PLACE!!

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              I am me. Period.

            • Stop lying barbed wire…we know it is you…sasha jacked your posts so instead of being anon like you were you decided to stalk this fool…you ain’t foolin’ NO ONE, dummy!…smh.

  4. i don’t understand black people why do you still go to chruch i don’t get it? xhristainty is bullshit just like every other religion out there it was man made

    • Read your Bible Stehpen, then you will see the Devil built this man up to tear him down, so people such as your self will refuse to learn the truth. I don’t know about Christianity, but Jesus is 100% real. If you don’t believe me, do as God says in the Bible and see if it works.

  5. black peole will join a religion but don’t want to be religionus they believe in this jeseus christ jesus christ was a slave ship

  6. i am not atheset i know the lord is real and he’s a black man these black prechers don’t teacher you that they want you this jesus christ shit so they can get those government 501c3 checks

  7. I actually feel a bit bad for the guy. Let’s keep it real, his accusers were just shy of legal age, so he wasn’t exactly a pedophile. And the boys only felt taken advantage of when he cut them off the ‘payroll’, so they knew what they were doing. You don’t get molested at 17 years old; you had sex that you regret. Granted — someone in his position shouldn’t have been using his power to court congregation members, but the guy was obviously struggling with his sexuality. It seems like he dies with no real resolve and with people still throwing stones even after death. Eddie Long definitely did his dirt, but he was still a person.

    • GTFOH dumbass…

      Fuck long turd…he groomed these boys at a young age to gain their trust and turned that trust against them so when they reached “consenting” age he could abuse them further…

      He intentionally waited until they were legal to take sexual advantage of them…the true definition of a predator!…so he would not go to prison…I am so glad he is finally paying for what he did…

      • @10:39 THANK YOU… this kev character is a real HEAD CASE… These preachers pride themselves on the power that others give them. The people in these congregations fawn over and willingly giving their power (Money, time, adoration and self esteem) over to the head leader. This eventually goes to the leader’s head. I have been in churches and one in particular was like a cult. The people usually kiss the asses of the leaders beyond all dignity. So an unwilling child has no chance of escaping the mass consciousness of church folk. A child is even more vulnerable! Kev is sick along with his constituents, R. Kelly, Afrikka Baambata, Eddie Long and countless others who think like them.

        • But by your own words, people fawn over and willingly give them power. 17 years old isn’t a “child”. I clearly stated Eddie Long was wrong for some things, but I also think he’s been demonized beyond what he actually did, and mostly because he was a gay guy in a black church. R. Kelly pissed on girls way younger, and black folks looked past it and put him back on the top of the R&B charts. His congregation as well as the YOUNG MEN that tricked off him for years are pretty much just as guilty.

          • He preyed on those boys when they were children asswipe…can you not read?

            He was wrong for it ALL not some things and anyone who preys on children should be demonized!!! You f*cking psychopath!!!

            It has nothing to do with his sexuality because he was married to a WOMAN, you f*cking idiot!!!

            I hope to GOD you do not have children or never will since you do not know how pedophiles work…he used his position in their lives to make them feel safe and he used their trust in him AGAINST them…you blind ignorant ass fool.

            • You’re simply using words like “boys” and “prey” to suit your narrative. 17 to 20 year males olds are not “boys”. You clearly don’t even know basic info about the story; who’s the “f*cking idiot” now? For like the third time, Eddie Long was wrong, but this story has been purposely sensationalized for years. The man is dead now. The witch hunt is over.

              I hope to GOD you don’t have any kids because you seem crazy and can’t form a sentence without using expletives. We have enough hoodrats here already.

            • Also, the age of consent in GA is 16. Don’t have to take my word, Google and see for yourself, Einstein.

              • Let me cut and paste my original response so you can refute that you ignorant BITCH…

                GTFOH dumbass ignorant ass MF…

                Fuck long turd…he groomed these boys at a young age to gain their trust and turned that trust against them so when they reached “consenting” age he could abuse them further…

                He intentionally waited until they were legal to take sexual advantage of them…the true definition of a predator!…so he would not go to prison.

                My hope is people like you follow long turd right to the place he is now…death is to good for ignorant bastards like you and him.

          • And I see how you responded to the one you felt you could refute and not mine right above it, because you know your bitch ass is off base with your BS comments.

            Fucking loser.

            • Kev Just so ya know, I see the point you are making and you are right. But anonymous is also right.

              This was just a very f*cked up situation.

    • People like you should really STFU, unless you know the story…ignorance at its best when people defend the actions of a child predator/ molester…smfh.

      • If you got a defense from my comment, you’re the ignorant one. Eddie Long was wrong…so were the young men that tricked off him and weren’t feeling traumatized while they were receiving gifts or accepting trips around the world. And where were their parents of these “children” while they were flying around the world with a grown man that wasn’t a relative??? I’m simply stating Eddie Long wasn’t doing wrong all by himself.

        • My defense is above, reading comp does not seem to be your thing.

          And no YOU are the ignorant bastard…to keep blaming the victims you sack of shit.

          • That wasn’t you in the previous comment being dramatic with the child predator/molester melodrama? Again, age of consent to engage in sex is 16. Look it up, since you’re so great at reading and all.

              • Keep saying it bitch…it does not justify what he did…and let me post this shit for the third time you ignorant f*ck rag.

                GTFOH ignorant bitch ass MF…

                Fuck long turd…he groomed these boys at a young age to gain their trust and turned that trust against them so when they reached “consenting” age he could abuse them further…

                He intentionally waited until they were legal to take sexual advantage of them…the true definition of a predator!…so he would not go to prison.

  8. the man f*cked teenage boys and he deserved to die a horrible death .wasn’t a damn thing holy about him . you all come down harder on Kanye than you do child molesters WTF

  9. Like many black males he was a predator asshole he deserves everything that happened to him and everything he would get in the afterlife.

    Black males do better you need to do better the whole world is watching and laughing at you!

  10. I’m praying for the victims and Eddie’s family because they too are embarrassed and shamed. I can’t believe he never admitted to the abuse and ask for forgiveness. I hope the victims seek counseling if they haven’t already.

  11. Satan built this man up in front of the world just so he could tear him down in front of the world. And the reason Satan does that is because he knows it will discourage others from learning the truth about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    Please pick up your bibles and read it, so you can see all this is in there and you would never be surprised when something like this happens agains.

  12. @Anonyp*ssy 19:55 & 19:58: As long as they were of legal age to consent to sex in the state of Georgia, these young men were having sex, not being molested or preyed upon. Doesn’t matter how long he knew them. There are plenty of older guys that date/marry women they knew when they were just girls. As long as they are of legal age to consent to sexual encounters, THEY ARE NOT BEING MOLESTED.

    For those of you continuing to refer to 17 to 20 year old young men as victims, why is it they only felt like victims once the man stopped showering them with gifts? That’s a VERY adult game!

    • Keep saying that bitch…you are a flaming pile of dog shit who will be toasting like this dead MF…for defending a pedophile who groomed children and waited till they were teenagers still UNDERAGE to abuse them sexually.

      Like I said before death is too good for scum like you and him.

      • I’d rather be a flaming pile of dog shit than an illiterate hoodrat like yourself. And as far as me burning in Hell…as long as you’re not there, it’ll just be a warmer version of Heaven! BTW, cursing makes God unhappy…

        • LMAO…the truth hurts huh bitch?

          That hoodrat is your mother for having trash like you in the first place.

          Enjoy the fire bitch!!! And you would not begin to know what God loves since you are so far up a pedo’s ass you can not see straight…lol.

          • Ephesians 4:29
            Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

            Ephesians 5:4
            Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.

            James 1:26
            If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.

            Guess I will be seeing you in Hell, muhfuuuccaaaaaaa! lol

            • LOL…fake ass quoting bible verses you do not even really know or live by.

              Nawww…you will never see me MF, you will never be on my level bitch!!!!

              I see you dropped your argument for a pedo…glad you see you could never win on that front.

              Stupid ass MF…lol.

              • You are a hoodrat.

                You cannot make an argument without using the word bitch. Instant hoodrat detector.

              • ^^Fuck you bitch…I will keep saying what I choose who the fuck are you to say who should use what?

                Keep sucking this bitches dick, fucking loser.

            • @20:33 Using scriptures, yet sympathizing with a pedophile???? Hmm… Have you joined Great Mill Stone yet? I know you know who they are! Let me guess, you’re into rape too?

    • Oh wait I got it you are a pedophile who f*cks underage youth. That is why you are so staunch on defending this fags actions…

      Takes one to know what one thinks…thank you for showing us all who and what you are.

  13. Luke 6:28
    Bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.

    Psalm 109:17
    He loved to curse; let curses come upon him! He did not delight in blessing; may it be far from him!

    Matthew 15: 11
    It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person. (Gotta love the sexual innuendo on this one!)

    • I don’t accept prayers from heathens… nice try…lol.

      And make sure you practice what you quote lest ye be a blasphemer, lol.

        • No I said YOU should step, you are dumb on top of everything else, huh?

          LMAO…what a dumb MF…smfh.

          • Ohhh, so I should step, but you will continue to stalk my every comment? There’s that hypocrisy that your ilk seems to feel is proof of true faith.

            But what does God say about it?:

            Matthew 6:1
            Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

            Matthew 7:5
            You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

            Romans 2:3
            Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?

            • You really need to stop…unless all those quotes are a reminder for you, which they should be since YOU are the one defending a pedo.

              • Titus 1:16
                They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work.

                Detestable. Very interesting…

              • As much as I love chatting with pseudo-Christians about their selective morality, time to call it a night. I know you don’t have to worry about a job in the AM, but I do. It’s been fun, “Christian”!

            • Night pedo supporter…and my $$ is long bitch.

              You keep being a slave to get them coins…lol.

              • FYI the only pseudo Christian here is you for quoting verses you could care less about…blasphemer! LOL.

  14. please stopi quoting the bible 90% of the bible is made up only 10% is true most black christains have no idea aobout the lord if you did you wouldn’t be in a chruch

  15. they put that christainty stuff on us when we was on the slave ships and changed only identy white people laugh at you

  16. Kev sounds like a pedophile himself. Birds of a feather flock together
    Sick punk condoning a preacher raping boys

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