T.I. Steps Out With New Girlfriend?

ti new girlfriend

During Super Bowl weekend, T.I. showed up to a Houston party with a new girl on his arm.

While his estranged wife Tiny keeps begging him to come back, it looks like T.I. has officially moved on with his new mystery girl.

Do you think T.I.’s new boo is an upgrade?


  1. they both look a hot mess , like they’re in costume and WTF is on his feet . proof money can’t buy style or good taste in women

  2. Apart from the outfit she looks nice. TI seems to prefer lighter skinned women. What happened to the other women he supposedly knocked up?

  3. Really to you could’ve done better love I see why tiny slept around with may weather opos… I’m still a fan of your but brao……

  4. I know this girl. Her name is Kristin Ingram from Portland,or. She is the director of Affiliate Marketing for the NFL. Nice girl- prob just work for her. Doubt it’s a relationship.

  5. Bernice burgos… wasn’t she Drake’s gf at some point??? She’s hot AF!!! definitely an upgrade

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