Mathew Knowles Left In the Dark About Beyonce’s Pregnancy

mathew knowles beyonce pregnancy

Poor Mathew Knowles is out of the loop when it comes to anything having to do with his daughter Beyonce. The former Destiny’s Child manager says he found out he was going to be a grandpa again at the same time the rest of the world found out Bey was pregnant with twins.

In an interview with The Insider, Mathew Said he was shocked when he started receiving “congratulations” text messages.

“I was shocked. Let me tell you what happened. I got a first text, and I was like, ‘Why is this person saying congratulations? Then I get a second text from one of my students at Texas Southern, and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He was like, ‘Go to the web.’ I didn’t know myself.”

Damn, Bey.

Mathew then recorded a video on Instagram to thank the well-wishers and to congratulate the Carters.

Is Bey foul for not telling her dad ahead of time?


  1. Most black fathers are clueless about their children’s lives, so no surprise here.

  2. That’s sad. Mathew did Tina dirty but he was a good father. One of the reasons why bey & solange didn’t end up being Hollywood prey like Corey haim & the rest. If I were bey I woulda told him just so he couldn’t make a big deal out of it like he is now lol.

        • First of all he stole Beyonce’s money, booked her for dates she never knew about, and stole fees for said dates. I live in Las Vegas and believe me when he was still managing her, he was a real piece of work. He would walk around saying don’t you know who I am? Not to mention the underage white girls he would take all over town. He found out the hard way that Las Vegas does not play with underage people, you are not getting in a club and get out of the casino.

        • both of them girls been passed arund jay z doesn’t love her she just under monid contrl and he’s her handler that’s all

  3. They’re probably not close anyways. I remember seeing an interview not too long ago with Matthew Knowles, and the entire time he never once referred to beyonce as his daughter. He talked about her strictly as a separate entity; which says a lot about their relationship.

  4. This will come back to bite Beyonce and Tina (yes Tina). Someone needs to write a book without their interference.

  5. Maybe the reason she didn’t telll him is because he has a BIG MOUTH, he did spill the tea on her upcoming Grammy performance. Some people can’t hold water or secrets and he may be one of those people.

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