Beyonce Pregnant With Twins

beyonce pregnant twins

Beyonce just announced on her Instagram that she’s pregnant, and she and Jay-Z are expecting twins!

The singer’s caption reads, “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed 2 times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by 2, and we thank you for your well wishes. — The Carters.”

The couple has one child together, 5-year-old Blue Ivy.



  1. I love it and second that! MARRIED and bringing a child into the world and not UNMARRIED and on welfare!


      • Yep…. how in the world could a CLONE HAVE A BABY???

        The same thing with Ciara… I heard that she was CLONED as well.?

    • folks are eating this up as usual . most of them are her stans . calling her queens and kings as usual.

      • Exactly ! She is going extra hard to prove she is really pregnant, who really cares if you carry or paid someone to carry for you , it’s still your child. These alleged adults kill me going crazy over another person that could care less about them, in fact don’t even know them!

    • I have never seen so many bitter, low expectation having ass crabs in my life!

      WHAT is this girls crime? Why is she so hated? SOME people hate this girl for no other reason than she is BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, and WEALTHY.

      She WORKED to get what she has.

      Maybe if some of yall OPERATED IN the GIFT the Lord gave you, you would be just as BLESSED.

      We complain everyday about not seeing enough black on black love and when we see it we still complain!

      Some of yall need to ask yourself what you’re REALLY mad about. #blackloverocks!

      • If that’s why people hate her then why don’t we dislike ALL the other beautiful wealthy talented black women? Why?

        • So why do YOU hate, dislike her? What has she done that’s taken anything away from YOU?

        • Most women here do hate all attractive well to do women both black and white.

          Mama is 100% correct. Jay and Bey may not be perfect, but they are a successful couple who have a solid partnership. They married for the right reasons: commonality of goals and compatibility.
          Marrying because one is madly “in love” rarely ends well.

          • Solid my ass. Forgiving someone who dogged you does not mean they are solid. Now that she is saddled with three of his kids she IS stuck with his ass. At least for now.

            • Saddled with 3 kids? Um, no. She won’t have the same life Keelolo, who is messing with broke ass Ray Ray, has.

              When you have options…and make no mistake…Bey has worked hard to have PLENTY OF OPTIONS…you tend not to be saddled.

              • Where is she going with three kids? NO WHERE…like I said she is saddled for now.

          • If most women hate bey, who’s buying her music? Beyonce fans always scream “Everyone hates beyonce!!” but shes one of the bestselling artists of all time? So whats the truth? You have to stop contradicting yourselves

          • I agree with 05:49. They didn’t marry for the right reasons, unless by right you mean – balancing their karma. Beyonce still hasn’t learned her lesson of “Letting go”. She has issues of self worth, self love and insecurity. Not to mention co-dependancy which she details in just about all of her songs. HOT mess!

      • WORKED AT WHAT??You honestly have absolutely NO IDEA HOW THIS INDUSTRY/SOCIETY WORKS!

          • Well Mama, I usually agree with your comments, but I have to disagree here. Love you still, but Beyonce MAKES people know her alright. I haven’t owned a TV in almost 10 years and haven’t gone to the movies in that same amount of time, yet Beyonce continues to push herself and her image on others so much that it’s nauseating. Do we have to know every little detail about her. She’s managed to prove that the first time she was pregnant that bubble under her shirt was fake, cause now she feels the need to do the most. Just sickening. Just sayin.

            • Okay. Okay. I understand what you’re saying…she’s EVERYWHERE!!! LOL

              However, when you’re the It Girl of the Moment, it’s like that! She has a high profile career that keeps her in the spotlight, which she uses to her advantage to sell her music, clothing line, perfume and the like…smart!

              I just hate to see us tear each other down so much. We get enough of that from the other side. Why can’t we build one another up sometime?

              If you go into any store or look at magazines on any newstand…it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS who and what is put upon a pedestal…white, blonde, blue-eyed women.

              This woman is young, black, beautiful and at the top of her game. Can’t we celebrate that? It just seems some folks hate her cause they can’t be her.

              That’s just my take. I usually ride for underdogs…and while she is the current top dog…I just hate seeing folks get picked on.

      • Totally agree, Mama. Folks should wish her well or just STFU. Preparing for new life is always a special time.

      • Tami YOU are so right. Clones? Jayzus

        People here must live on You Tube. “The Industry!!” As if.
        Yall don’t know squat. You just know what some lunatics who write for clicks are telling you. Sixty percent of the stuff they push is pure BS. And the real story is actually pretty boring and pedestrian. But then nobody would subscribe to Black Child if he or she told the boring truth.

  3. A clear picture of her baby bump this time. Why didn’t she have a clear pic the last time?

    • She did. Did you miss the video(S)? Geesh. Some folks love tearing other people down.

  4. Lawwwwwwddddd have mercy!!!!! My phone was on vibrate and the sob was vibrating so damn hard I thought the phone was going to malfunction!!! Alll of that cause this fool is pregnant! Whoodoodeedoo!!

  5. Why cant she just be normal and take a normal picture like everyone else? I mean…what the hayell?!?!

    (deep sigh)

  6. Gotta pay attention to the hints Beyonce drops. She has on a pink bra and blue panties. Girls love when their stuff match. Am I the only one who thinks Beyoncé told us the gender of her twins! She has a pink bow on her bra and a blue ruffle panties!

    • yes, I caught the hint/clue… it’s a girl & a boy… and, it took a LOT of money to make them…(see green cover)

  7. Some more baby competition for the social media warriors. IF her sister is really her daughter AND she is going for a 40 something pregnancy, this COULD get interesting.

  8. What will the generation after this child-bearing age population do to ‘top’ this media circus. I bet the K Klan is losing their minds right about now.

  9. Didn’t Bey just put out an album about Jay cheating on her? Fake ass.

    Anyway, this should be an interesting and a wonderful distraction for the public. We’ll find out if this one is real in a couple of months because Beyonce will be bigger than Janet if she really is preggo w/twins.

    • He always cheats on her. She did that album to gain control of the media narrative because of the solange elevator drama.

    • Hey Cheese. At least Janet actually carried her baby. According to Islam, that woman can not get pregnant unless it is from her husband and if a surrogate carried Janet’s child, that child will become harem or be disowned. So therefore, Janet was pregnant. Now is this picture right here, is Beyoncé going to pull another stunt like she did with Blue? Better yet, are her and Jay-Z are going to do the same thing when they had Blue when they locked down the entire floor and had some of the parents who had babies on the same floor couldn’t have visitors to see their kids or the proud parents kids? They was dead ass wrong for that and as well as the hospital.

      • I think this time the hospital be warned. Any attempt to block parents from entry will result in heavy lawsuit against both the hospital and these two. People need cash and are short on patience and shenanigans. People will lawyer up stat. It won’t fly this time around. Guaranteed.

      • I’m still on the fence about Janet having really been pregnant. She is a Jackson after all and we know how fake they are and how much they all like to lie. I’m just happy they have a son and I hope he’s being raised well by his crew of nannies.

        Back to Beyonce:
        The Carters will probably be doing this thing mostly in L.A. That town is better suited to dealing with media wh0ring parents. I hear Kim is trying to get pregnant again too. This should be an interesting Spring/Summer.

          • I got a picture right now when Janet was pregnant with her first daughter. Oh yeah!!!

            • I heard this one was from her real daughter ( who she never acknowledges). She decided to adopt the child as her own?

  10. Shes like tAYLOR swift. Picks the hot topic of the time and pretends to believe in to sell records eg feminism

    • Lets not forget how she cornrowed her hair for her “problack” tour only to wear a silky light blonde weave & pale makeup (just a few days later) when performing for the white country music crowd. There’s no problackness there. Just moneymaking off the silly emotions of her black women stans.

  11. Does anyone really think this woman or her fam are down with the black folks? Please. Black folks are their cash cow. That is it.

    • Thank you. They use black women especially like crazy. That’s why white people love her so much. It amazes me how BW don’t see this.

  12. CONGRATS CARTERS! So Happy for your family. Hope Blue is ready to be a big sis. Love Black Love.

    • I don’t wish to see anyone marriage fail but Jay should have been gone a long time ago.
      Beyonce should have kicked his cheating, fraudulent behind to the curb and moved on to an educated successful man who actually respects his wife and the sanctity of marriage.
      Some women have low expectations when it comes to men. Demand more from your partners and you just may get it. Demand nothing and you will be treated like dog shit.

      Oh and quit that stupid BLACK LOVE shit when referring to this couple because this is not that. This is called BLACK BUSINESS.

      • I get why Bey is still with him. Where would she find another richer guy to marry? A woman that successful has limited options when it comes to finding more successful men unfortunately.

        • She’s beautiful, talented and successful. There are plenty of wealthy men out there who would happily marry her and treat her like a Queen.
          I don’t understand that way of thinking but you are correct. I guess I’m in the minority because outside babies, other women and STD’s don’t work for me.

  13. Janet probably had a surrogate as well like many other celebs stop being so brainwash . You really beleivethis 50 something year old really pushed out a baby yea righ . She and many others are known for lying to you right in front of your face . Guys don’t be brainwashed.


  14. This came up as a story on my local news this morning. The newscaster made the comment that JC Penny thanked her for using their photography background. Now Bey is a multi-millionaire, why would she even remotely use JC Penny? Would this pic be from her private photographer?

  15. more imporntant news did you just hear that iran and other countries are dropping the us dollar we are on the way to an stock crash

      • Scorp

        Please don’t take the word of a lovable paranoid as to the condition of the dollar and the economy. For the time being the market is great. Yes, there is sabre rattling with Iran, but it has nothing to do with US currency.

  16. trup is adding new executive orders day by day and go into affect by midnight who cares if she is preganant another distraction beyonce is under mk ultra and jay z is her handler that’s all

  17. God is Good! now Her and Mya can take plenty pictures together at the grammys to shut the delusional press and media the fuck down to the ground

  18. Fellas i saw another hot video with her, search in google for; amateur nude Litemia

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