Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to Launch Kid’s Clothing Line

kim kardashian kanye kids clothing line

As if Kanye’s hobo fashions weren’t enough, the West family is now working on a kid’s clothing line.

Kim Kardashian announced on her Snapchat that she and Yeezy are launching a kid’s collection, and she debuted two of the pieces modeled by their daughter North.

Kim says North picked out the fabric for the sequined dress and a shearling coat for their new line.

Peep the video:

I guess a KimYe divorce is on the backburner for now while they launch their new business venture launched.

Will you be dressing your kid like a mini-North?


  1. What a beautiful child. I don’t believe I have ever seen such a lovely little girl.

    Kim and Kanye, regardless of their “issues” they do make gorgeous babies.

  2. They are desperate for cash so they will make kiddy negligees. The market can’t wait.

  3. The fact that Kanye has people spending hundreds not just to buy his tacky shoes, but also to rent them, is impressive. However, none of that means anything because the money won’t go to black folk, and that includes this new project.

    Support black artists with black partners and black children, who hire black people.

    • This. Even most of his runway models are white. Black people spent so much time complaining about how white the fashion industry is only to enter it and hire mostly white people themselves.

      • His models are irrelevant.

        His money will go to sick people; and be used to do all kinds of things to black people.

  4. That child looks NOTHING like a Mexican mixed with a Caucasian. NOTHING.

    She looked very much like Yeezy when she was a newborn too. Chipmunk cheeks and all.

    • It looks like a Mexican.

      Support black artists with black partners and adorable afro babies.

      • So if a black baby doesn’t look a certain way we should reject it?

        North West is a black child. Not a white child. She will never be confused with being a white child.

        Grow up. And stop hating.

        • “Support black artists with black partners and adorable afro babies”- I have to agree w/this statement.

          Hollywood has helped to teach the world to hate blackness by images, etc. On a show, commercials, etc. you used to see brown to dark brown skin ppl,especially kids, now it’s all this biracial/multiracial stuff. Some of us still want to see pure blackness. Right, North West can’t be mistaken for white, but I wouldn’t necessarily call her black either. She’s of color. I just think it’s odd that when a couple like Kim & Kanye “have kids”, & they look “exotical” or whatever, they are paraded around. When actually, it’s more likely a couple like them would have brown skinned-various skin tone kids w/kinky hair. Why aren’t these kids paraded around like the lighter ones? No, it may not be right to reject kids if they come out looking a certain way, but I have to reject the white supremacy it represents in some cases. Would a light skinned Hollywood couple be so quick to parade around & have multiple pics of their kids taken if they were dark(er) skinned? It can happen ya know. Here’s a thought: If a full black person has kids with a half black person, wouldn’t their kids be considered black regardless of how they look? Or are they biracial or multiracial? Long story short, I guess I’ll have to stick with my afro babies, especially if I’m dealing w/an environment where blackness has a history of being disrespected & not accepted. I don’t want to be in on glorifying that kind of stuff. That’s why it’s important that before you take interest in or date someone, you should know how they feel about stuff like this.

          • And remember how they hid the darker baby saint? They dont parade him around like north.

        • Shes biracial. She will never be treated as badly as a kinky headed darkskin baby from the hood. You know that.

        • What black baby? I don’t see one in the photo.

          North is not black, and we are under no obligation to adopt anyone not categorized as white.

          If a member of the black community chooses to have children with someone outside of it, their offspring should generally be rejected. You can be nice to family members, but no one should pretend as if the truth isn’t the truth.

          The reality is that those who reproduce with “others” are making more enemies for black folk. That’s where their wealth is going.

          • Yall are sick. I suppose that’s a result of a long period of being rejected, but you need help.

            Oh and by the way, Blue Ivy Carter is an adorable Afro baby, and she has been lambasted by black folk for not being pretty enough. And her parents left her hair in its natural glory, and they took massive shit for that.

            Black people need to do better.

            • Blue isn’t black either.

              LOL. Neither Beyonce nor her mother considers themselves black women. They pretend for the cameras and marketing. They’ve even said suggestive things in old interviews. Their marketing people made them stop.

              • This! Reminds me of how Paula Patton isn’t even a little bit black but she said she was partly black to appeal to the market as “exotic”. And how Beys documentary about her baby life etc featured her extended “family” and they weren’t even black. Not one of mathews black fam was there. Just tinas creole & white fam. It was weird.

  5. The reason North looks like a mexican is because shes biracial & they probably lather her with tanning cosmetics all day long.

    • Sarah, while I do not agree with everything you say, you seem pretty bright and reasonable. Do you see any Hispanic/Latin characteristics in that little girl at all?
      Of course I am not referring to her skin color.

      She LOOKS like Kanye for heaven’s sake.

      • I know she looks like him. I’m not saying she is mexican, I’m saying she LOOKS mexican because they often oil her up with tanning lotion. My comment said shes biracial. How does biracial mean Mexican?

        • Sarah, I didn’t mean that you said she looked Mexican. I was merely asking for your opinion because others were suggesting she could be Mexican. And I know you to be fair and reasonable.

          Other than her skin tone, I see nothing Hispanic looking about her.

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