Chris Brown Sends Threat to Karrueche?

chris brown love rant

Chris Brown filmed a live video and went on a rant about love, relationships, and stalking…and it sounds like his message was toward his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran!

In the video, Chris says girls complain about guys being in love with them and stalking them, and he has no shame in his game. He says if he loves someone, “ain’t nobody gonna have you.”

I guess this is why he still monitors Karrueche’s Instagram account and pops off on any man who tries to get with her.

Sounds like someone needs a restraining order.

Peep the video…


  1. If I were her I would start packing. Does CA have gun conceal laws. She needs to protect herself.

  2. He had a baby with her friend, then hid the baby from her. Why would she go back to him?

  3. Chris is cracking up. His career is circling the drain and eventually the money will run out. He lost the girl he really loves and it looks as if he has finally realised that life sucks. Downhill from here.

  4. He does not love her, because if he were still with her he would keep doing the same thing. He is just one of those bastards who wants what they can no longer have.

  5. SMDH…..Chris is looking like a light-skin “Pooky” from New Jack City!! The boy looks like a Crack/Meth Gremlin! Whatever the case, the guy is gone. His looks, his talent, and his character is destroyed. She just needs to watch her circles and stay clear of his foolishness. Had it not been for his affiliations with gangs, she’d be ok. But this nigga has completely lost his damn mind! I am sure each rant, she’s so much more happier she left that degrading relationship.

  6. These are the types of dangerous simps that fatherless households create. Chris Brown is a completely lost cause, and it boggles my mind when I see women still run and cape for him. He’s completely fallen off, and gone down a road he likely never imagined he would, and he largely has himself to blame for all of it. I would suggest getting out of hollyweird, but he’s too caught up, and his mind is already gone. Oh well… As for Karrueche, girl start packing. This nigga is crazy.

  7. Wish this crack head queen would get her azz whipped by a real brother sick of this tired azz young bitch get a life mf take that grave yard luv shidd on bitch azz punk

  8. No, it wasn’t the limelight. It was the baby’s mamma. Kneegrows don’t seem to understand how god awful a turnoff that is. And no sense in trying to lie about not having any “unattended” children and “baby’s mommas” there are ways of finding out and since a baby daddy was too ignant to wear a condom – he’s much too simple to pass a conversational inquisition.

  9. Karaoke needs to hire Kirk BibleThuggin Franklin for protection. His bullets are anointed for all you sinners, heathens, hypocrites, Trump supporters, alt righters, Bruno Mars fans, Justin Timberlake fans, and Kal Penn fans.

  10. Surprised he didn’t take this down. You know how you drunk text and be embarrassed the next day.

  11. Shut up barbed wire…we already know what happened to him.

    No need to keep rehashing shit.

  12. Key words here, “if I love you, ain’t nobody gone have you.” What more does he have to say?

    “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time”

    Maya Angelou

    Like many have said….RUN!

  13. He won’t be satisfied until he’s locked up for good. Somebody needs to intervene immediately.

  14. He is a perfect example of “bros over hoes” lol Niggas that hang around each other 95% of the time making it obvious that they fuck each other in the butt for a living to the point where they start bashing females as well as the LGBT community. #mentallychallenged

  15. Dang Karuue is strong for not laying low. I went through this. I had to change my number, address and cut off mutual friends. No facebook, instagram.

    Last year I got smart, when I ran into his cousin. told him I was only in town visiting and that I had moved to Charlotte. Now guess where my ex just moved to? And I gotta stay low key so he don’t find out Where im really at.

    The worst part about all this is my ex ain’t like Chris, he won’t ever admit what he is doing. He just tell everyone I’m crazy and it’s pure coincidence we keep ending up in the same places. He even moved into my apartments one time, uninvitedly came to my graduation and some how got into my grad night. Then purposely slept with my friends and then got mad at me for not caring. All the girls he slept with were just my random party girl friends that I hung out with only to go out and I never once mentioned him to any of them, so they had no idea I even knew him. He told on his self when he realized they did not know and my friend got mad at me for not telling her. I still denied him!

    He’s not like Chris Brown, he was always telling me how much he “did not like me”. But one day he seen my ring and I told him I was engaged, then all hell broke loose and his true colors came out.

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