Professor Griff to Trump: Stop Meeting With the Wrong Blacks, Like ‘Kanye Mess’

professor griff donald trump kanye mess

Professor Griff of Public Enemy just took shots at Donald Trump and the “wrong black people” he has been meeting with.

According to Griff, Trump needs to sit down with “real black people” like himself to discuss black issues, instead of wasting time with the “wrong black ones,” like Steve Harvey and “Kanye Mess.”

He even shouts out his telephone number and tells Trump to call him.

Peep the video here.

Do you agree with him?


  1. I’ve always seen Prof. Griff as a loudmouth lil nicca who be talkin loud but sayin nothing. He might be an agent.What about the whole Zsa Zsa Ali mess? He ain’t looking so hot in this photo either. Btw, has he ever dated or been married to a dark skinned female? Just asking.

      • Right, & to him I say negro please-aren’t we all? Most of us AA’s have Native American heritage. Nothing unique about that.

            • I’m glad Jacky & nem have started to delete certain comments, particularly by all these “Anonymous(es)”, just like the ignorant fuck above. Talking nonsense & providing nothing to topic. Just want to argue.

  2. Of course he’s agent and he looks sick to me. all of them are bullshitting puppeteers.

  3. professpr girff been an agent when he first started he was telling truth when told too much the boule sen tthe dogs on him and stoppped telling so mcuh truth

    • after that he changed alot for the worst when i see with alex jones and such he already took the bait and thier is a msuic vdieo of girff with the checked board that tells me he took the masonic oath and so KRS ONE he’s an agent too

  4. No disrespect but Prof. Griff needs to sat back down forever with trying to compromise with Cheeto Mussolini! No person in their right mind, black, brown, purple or orange should EVER meet with a psychotic social pathological liar, racist, and xenophobe!

  5. And why shouldn’t Black people meet with Trump? Why not see what he can actually do for us, since he’s our president. Why not see if we can work out and negotiate deals with him to help out our communities, and enrich black entrepreneurship? What the hell have democrats done for black people, and why should we stay on that plantation? Professor Griff is nothing but an informant/agent shill anyways, so this would be expected of him. All these “illuminati” backed black entertainers can kick rocks.

    • This is the first time I ever agreed with you Truman Show.

      While I would not bet my good money on it, he just might manage to accomplish something that 45 years of “LBJ’s The Great Society” never could. The Dems want the black folks to forever be their base of guaranteed votes, so what incentive do they have to move them out of poverty?

  6. I can agree with you on that one. This nicca looks like he just got back from the Biggums family reunion with Tyrone, an ‘nem!

  7. Professor Griff > every white person and coon on earth !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27

  8. I don’t in any way like Trump, but I think one of the greatest things to happen in the United States in the last 100 years is to purge all the illegals and other immigrants that do nothing to improve America.

    I hope he flushes all the H1B, illegals, and excess immigrants out of the US. I hope that wall goes up. Every black person needs to help. Report illegals. Get them out.

    • I agree & I’m doing this. I live in a majority black neighborhood, we do have a few whites & Mexicans/whatever. 5 yrs. ago these Mexicans moved in on our street. They leave a lot to be desired. It’s a whole bunch of them staying in 1 house. At times, I don’t feel they have shown us, as a majority black community the proper respect. Our neighborhood is on the decline due in part to a large number of foreclosures. That is how they were able to get the house. I will be reporting them due to various activities. I encourage anyone else, if you’re in a similar situation, don’t make these ppl feel welcome in your community. They will try to take over. Report any & all infractions to the city, county, etc. I’m glad Trump & other whites are showing how they really feel about them so they can see who the real enemy is. That’s what a lot of them deserve for disrespecting black ppl.

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