Kanye Sees the Light, Ends Friendship With Trump

kanye west anti-trump

It looks like Kanye West actually came to his senses and ended his “friendship” with President Donald Trump.

Before his meltdown, Kanye said he didn’t vote in the election, but if he did, he would’ve voted for Trump. After Trump won the election, Yeezy also made a visit to Trump Tower to speak with him about “multicultural issues.”

But now, Kanye is fed up with Trump and his BS. He has deleted any tweets pertaining to Trump from his Twitter account because he’s “super unhappy with the president’s performance over his first 2 weeks in office.”

Are you happy Kanye has finally seen the light?


  1. I am not a Trump supporter at all.

    However, black folk should be happy that certain things appear to be getting cleaned up, e.g., Mexican illegals, H1B abuse, the wall going up, and similar things.

    These are all things that will have a positive effect on black folks daily lives. That’s a bunch of skilled white collar and blue collar black folk that will be getting positions. That’s less Mexican gangs in black communities, less drugs flowing into black communities through the cartels, less guns from Mexicans, less Asian-owned businesses exploiting the black dollar and blocking black-owned shops, less racists all over our communities trying to exploit the black dollar, and more.

    Again, I don’t support Trump.

    The bad thing about it is that there’s less opportunities possibly for Nigerians and other black immigrants who only *contribute* to the US, and add some flavor to the US.

    • okay you don’t support trump you do relalzie there is no wal l being build it would crash the economy whic it already is

      • Not to mention, there is two oceans, a gulf, one San Andreas Fault and another fault up near Maryland and DC. So how in the hell Trump going to build a wall will those natural elements?

    • what about black people who sell drugs in their own communites is that better when tookie williams, larry hoover , working with the governemnt along with the mexican cartels to make millions tax free

  2. either you’re or dumb none of this will benefit black people or american people in general trump is going to start ww3 iran and russia already drop the us dollar and china will follow suite

  3. High Skill Labours international contribute to the skill set of this country, Mexican Illegals don’t!! they just leach of the government having many babies, and then they bring in drugs, violence and then discriminate against blacks in America!!!! Trump should build that wall and keep their asssses out!!!! we need our International Black Brothers with skill labour to come in… they help contribute to skills in this country versus these leaches that come through the border cheapening the labour force and then discriminate against blacks!!!!! BUILD THE WALL AND KEEP THEM OUT!!!

    • What’s funny is when people say, “They’re just strawberry pickers.” Nah. They’re used for every licensed, skilled blue collar trade in existence, and a lot of white collar jobs too. When people don’t want to pay union wages, follow safety regs, or pay more than $4/hour; they get illegals. The illegals have no training and are not qualified to be doing anything. They literally replace $40-$60/hr black workers with $10/hr mexican illegals.

    • Good point about Mexicans sponging off the government. Them and Filipinos literally go to the US just to sponge of welfare.

      But Africans could be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or financial professional with years of experience; and they’ll humble themselves and drive a cab just for access to the American market. They’ll work 3 jobs and figure out all kinds of hustles instead of asking for handouts. They have pride and they’re hard workers. They also get black people into companies and look out for AA.

      And people really need to stop with this lie about illegals only doing “the jobs no one wants.” That’s absolute BULL. They put them everywhere they can because they’re basically slaves.

  4. Frankly, Trump coming for non black people of colour who also happen to look down on black Americans makes me smile. Now they’re creating this overrated “panic” now trying to convince black people to protest & fight for them.

  5. Ohhh please ..take out the word MECICAN OR MUSLIM
    insert Black or African american

    He dont care about ANY PEOPLE OF COLOR

    • There’s no such thing as “people of color.” GTFOH with that. Black folk are black folk, and the others are the others.

      And humans are supposed to have melanin. “Whites” are albinos.

  6. Kanye got a Tour coming up.
    He needs you silly people to buy tickets.

    NOPE we already know WHERE YOU STAND

  7. F*ck Kanye and his stupid millenial boot black act.

    I feel you Anonymous 5:34, but I neither support nor condemn Trump. what happens to illegals is None of My Business.

    Fellow African-American Black people: stand down and sit down for the next 4 years. We ain’t in this!


    • When this all happens, there will be so many black communities that rise. There’ll be more money circulating in the black community. There’ll be less crime and gang activity.

      Gang activity especially will fade a lot in certain areas because most of it is fueled by people having to defend themselves against Mexican gangs.

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