Game’s Crew Kicks Black Girl Out of Party: “No Dark Meat Allowed!”

the game black woman party

The Game and his crew are being put on blast for disrespecting a black woman during their Super Bowl party.

The woman, who goes by the name of mjthatmediagurl on Instagram, says she attended the party at Game’s house with a friend.

MJ says Game was cool with her, and they even talked for a bit, but it was his cousin, who’s also dark skinned, who had a problem with her.

According to the woman, Game’s cousin approached her friend and told her she should’ve never brought “dark meat” to the party, and then proceeded to kick MJ out of the house!

Peep the video:


Are you surprised that Game’s crew is colorstruck?


    • What difference does that make? He ain’t trying to breed mama!

      Black men hate us because we aren’t accepted by society. They want us to do more than we are but how can we be more than we are with racism holding us down? They blame us for the racism they suffer and they hold it against us because we are powerless to do anything about it.

      These black guys are the scum of the earth and hopefully Becky or Rosa will deplete their funds and jog on to the next colourstruck black buck. Ladies, when the whole world hates you, you know you are doing something right!

    • GURL…Those are some ignorant BLACK men who don’t like what they look like or their mothers…And his cousin gets all of the GAMES left overs…That’s why he hangs around!

  1. See ladies. Let this be a lesson (and a lot of you need to learn it quickly). You can sew as much Brazilian hair into your heads as your child support money can buy, but it don’t change a thing if you don’t look like the Brazilian video/IG/SC hoez. Half a yall just walking around looking an insecure mess for no reason.

    • What you said makes no sense! By using this rationale, 99% of women are insecure. All women do something to enhance or conceal. Maybe she decided to rock a new style that day. Women can do that. A black woman wearing a weave does not equal change in ethnicity.

      • “A black woman wearing a weave does not equal change in ethnicity.”

        Exactly my point! Hair alone won’t turn hoodrats into the Brazilian IG models they wish to look like. Skin bleaching doesn’t seen to work either. The rappers they want to get knocked up by certainly seem to notice the difference, as seen here. And please, let’s not act like women of all ethnicities are doing the same thing here. To even attempt to argue such is beyond intellectual dishonesty.

        Imagine this: A black man that gets a hair system clearly made for a white or Asian man sewn to his head. He pays thousands (on a reg basis to stay this way no matter how ridiculous he looks). Sounds quite silly, doesn’t it? You can’t tell me sistas wouldn’t clown that brotha!

        • You mean like rick james and how labron james creates a nonexistent hairline…

          Devil Gagger we all know it is you so you ca go sit down somewhere and keep quiet. Typing the same shit on every post you can is dead. Like your mindset.

          • IDK Devil Gagger, so don’t quit your day job, Sherlock! But yes, Rick James is an almost perfect example. Thank you. Didn’t he look absolutely ridiculous? Also worth mentioning that he was high out of his mind most of the time. And I say his wig was an almost perfect example because even though that was a wig, it was still an afrocentric style, so still not quite the same thing.

            For your Lebron example, balding men would only be doing the same thing if they were replacing their missing hair with hair from the heads of Asian and Brazilian men. All you Weavie Wonders struggling to defend your hair hiding methods seem to always want to generally argue that everyone styles their hair, but everyone isn’t concealing their natural hair and replacing it with a totally different hair type from someone of a different race.

            Black women wearing Angela Davis afro wigs would be the same as Britney Spears sewing in platinum blonde extensions. But yall black bitches trying to sew in platinum blonde weave and stay saying, “It’s the same, it’s the same!” LMFAO

            • IDK who you black bitches are except your mom…devil gagger, but you make it seem like every person with a hue does that and they DON”T…so you can keep your generalizations and shove them up your ASS…

              There are people of color who have different textures of hair regardless of what your ignorant mind may believe.

              • And stop making it seem like you are saying something new your bitch ass is on here all the time trying to down black women.

                Like the other poster said ALL other races do dumb shit too. Whether it is buying ass and tits that look more ridiculous than the hair they ALSO buy…or starving themselves to look like the walking dead to be something they are NOT naturally.

              • Devil Gagger is right and I know that you know he is right.

                How many times do black men, good black men, have to tell BW that they need to stop fucking with their hair before you listen? On the one hand BW say that white are ugly and they disgust you. Then you turn around and copy them. It don’t make sense.

                If you want to appeal to a marriage minded black man, LOOK BLACK.

        • Women of other races are do this too. The late Big Ange & Joan rivers, Kardashians, real housewives of Beverly hills, janice Dickinson etc etc. You seem to have a problem with hoodrats specifically because affluent black women are more likely to afford brazilian hair than hoodrats.

          • That is a smoke screen, Sarrah. Until you can show Big Ang, Joan Rivers, Janice Dickinson (and whatever other white celebrities you can think of) having afros sewn into their heads to hide their straight hair your “But they do it too” argument is a red herring.

            • The fact they had to buy a whole new face and body is enough to show how fucked up in the head they are, outside of the hair they bought to cover up the fact their own was thin stringy and falling out.

              • And the red herring is you showing how butt hurt you are because your argument has more holes than that crater face of yours.

              • Haven’t seen it. She obviously doesn’t keep it in year round….

                That fact that you’re struggling to find even a few examples that still aren’t even the same thing just proves my point. Thank you.

        • Your way to fixated on hair. Must be that bitch virus going around. But do you, boo.

          • Of course other races do dumb things, but why match stupidity? If you fail a test, do you try to relate to other dummies that got F’s or do you work on making yourself better? And of course black hair comes in many diff textures. You aren’t telling me anything.

            Though I do find it interesting that it seems you’ve assumed I’m a man just because I dared to criticize the almighty hair hat. I swear some of y’all love weave more than you love Jesus! Your church is your local beauty supply.

            • The stupidity showing here is yours. And I don’t care what the fuck you are, you are not the authority on what any person should wear on their body or head.

              You do not know what anyone does except you, so the hate you spew must come from some inner turmoil. Work that shit out in a therapists office, because your fucked up mindset just makes you look like the hateful piece of shit you are.

              • You DO care, and that’s why you’re so mad right now. Give me all your emotions!

                Saying someone’s weave looks ridiculous is not telling them they can’t wear weave. And someone as angry and defensive as you should be the last one recommending therapy. Seems like more than a few cards are missing from your deck.

              • ^^LMAO…know YOU care for having to keep clapping back over a dead subject. Move along troll. And crazy is written all over your forehead, nice try tho…lol.

              • Dead…but you keep replying to clap backs? Think your tracks are cutting off the circulation to your already low-functioning brain. Do you do that crazy head pat like you got lice?

              • ^^LMAO…yeah it is fun to make the talking ape mad…since you are a foaming at the mouth hairy beast you would know all about lice huh?

            • Yeah I hate weave too. If worn correctly it can be a good tool to use temporarily whilst you grow your own but too many rely on it for life.

    • Look tell all the non black women that getting a butt lift and injecting shit into your lips will never make you into a real life black woman.

    • This Bytch IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT anywhere near the vicinity of beautiful. She is caught between the vicinity of the animal control office and the local dog kennel.

          • Actually I am not. But that doesn’t matter. There are hundreds of lovely black women in every city, but she isn’t one of them.

            I am not insulting you personally, so why are you offended.
            Do you think that all BW are externally beautiful? Is Leslie Jones in the same category as Tika Sumpter?

            My opinion has nothing to do with her skin tone. She just isn’t attractive and she is stumpy.

  2. This is disgusting. You know what, black men like this make me sick. These type of men need To walk around with a sign of that says “no black women allowed” this way, when they are discriminated against, we know not to give a fuck!

    • But don’t black women pedastal light skin men? Or is that acceptable. Nobody discriminates against dark skin more than black women

    • Mystique, Kyrie Irving threw a championship yacht party and put up just such a sign and he was harshly criticized for being discriminatory. The thing is, you can’t force a man to think you are attractive if you are not his type. You can’t shame him into it.
      Darker women need to accept that many BM don’t like them, and move on to people who do find them attractive like white men.

      • HE should be ashamed and any of you other fuckers should be too. Whatever the fuck you do and say will come back to bite your dummies in the ass, so if you don’t want the truth out there act right or suffer the consequences…stupid ass nigs.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be partying around game or any of these nothing ass niggas turned rappers. Too much shit happens around them, and their crews/entourages are generally highly ignorant. All these rappers are color-struck, and are helping to promote more idiotic bullshit, and other forms of degeneracy for the black race. In fact most of the colorism in the community these days comes from media; but especially rap/hip hop. Ladies keep your heads held high, and don’t waste your breath getting insecure over these waste of life. All rappers are trash.

  4. She is average at best … The party probably had all dime pieces and she did not make the cut…Damn every female can’t be pretty.. Now using the color word and thinking she is ugly because of her skin type is disgusting and ignorant

    • Thank you. She’s rather chunky too. When I read she was an IG girl, I instantly started thinking she’s probably exaggerating this whole thing a great deal. Seems like 95 percent of IG hoez got Azealia Banks personalities.

      • You sure know alot about hoes. Must take one to know one.

        And I am sure neither one of you fuckers has the lock on beauty, neither of you damn sure have no inner beauty.

        • And I am sure you would’ve gotten booted from this party too, that’s why you mad right now. lolz

          • LMAO…yeah I would have gotten in, but you would have not even made it through the door…run tell that, bitch….lol.

            • I wouldn’t have even gone at all. But glad to see you finally admitting you’re another weaved out common hoodrat pressed to hang around has-been rappers. 😉

              • Your troll under the bridge looking ass would have never been invited, so how could you go…lol.

              • Since the hoodrat in the story got booted, we can assume this wasn’t an invitation only event, dumbass. Try again?

              • ^^Is that supposed to be a comeback…LMAO you are so fucking pathetic STFU already.

              • Wasn’t a comeback. Just pointing out your total lack of comprehension. Your invite line would only work for an invite only event, which this obviously wasn’t. It was just a SB party. How long did it take you to think up such an epic fail?

              • ^^How stupid are you really?

                Damn you have nerve to talk about anyone when your brain is complete mush…must be from that brown and white liquid diet of yours…smh.

              • ^^Anything is better than what you type…you know you agree, so stop fighting it…loser and take that weak ass head to bed, lol.

              • You LOVE what I type and you know it. That’s why you keep repeating it back.

              • LMAO…you have said nothing to repeat. If anyone is biting off of anyone it is you nob~slobber.

              • Lies, and a quick scroll up shows it. Except you’re overusing everything. Dick sucking jokes were done over an hour ago, yet you’re still on the same one-liner….

              • ^^^And you are keep replying to it, which means you are the dick sucker…so keep it pushing white boy sperm slurping bitch.

              • THIS is exactly why no man wants a BW.

                Y’all just don’t know when to shut the fuck up.
                Always have to clap back with some shit/

              • ^^This is also why BW are getting million & billionaires so we don’t have to deal with low class ignorant POS like you.

              • I am a millionaire. And I would love a beautiful well mannered black woman.

                But no one wants a loud mouthed, “must have the last word” woman. No one.

    • That’s some real truth there. Plus like the anon above me said, she’s a little thick. Based on that alone, she just may not have been his type, so he showed her the door. I don’t deny the fact that the game, and these other rappers are color struck, and regularly shit on darkskin women. But your right, she is pretty average looking.

      And ladies, if you’re going to go to these events, step your fucking looks up.

      • At least she does not have live on blogs talking shit about people day in and out like you.

        • Which of course explains why your here, right? So you came to that same said gossip blog to defend people? LOL

  5. i would’ve kicked you out just because of the way you talk! like, like, smack…NO! GET OUT!

  6. the way she speaks, trying to speak proper when its obvious Ghettoese is her 1st language. She should know it was a private party in a private house and if you are not wanted, its just that. Instead of trying to be the next IG ho, she should concentrate in school…and speak better English

    • LMAO Ghettoese. I bet she moreso got kicked out due to looking average, and being chunkier than the rest.

  7. Yes, you don’t go where not invited but to kick her out based on skin tone is just despicable. It’s more affirmation of self hate. His daughter with Milian is dark skinned too, and probably all his other kids are also dark skinned. Unfortunately, the sins of the father are visited on their children. He’s evil.

    • Though these rappers are complete scumbags when it comes to subjects of ignorance, it’s likely she could have made this shit up. If his daughter and other kids are dark skin, why would he discriminate based on that alone? There’s a lie being told here.

  8. Let’s be honest dark skin women are very aggressive, under educated, combative and have very bizarre choice of fashion and cosmetics and most are overweight. Dark skin women have potential to be beautiful but they chose the degenerate route instead

    • STFU, devil gagger.

      All you do is try to start shit by talking about black women…move along asshole.

      • How I am starting shit when the thread is about dark skin women. If dark skin women are such saints why is that everywhere they go VERY FEW people want them

        • Because that is what you do, even though sasha wiped out most of your BS you still have to keep coming back to start shit.


          Why are million and billionaires are wifing them then?

          • They aren’t wifing dark skin ghetto bitches.

            Eve and the others do not fit the description and you know it.

            • LMAO…who is in their feelings now?

              George Lucas, The founder of Oracle, Serena’s fiance…I could go on dumb bum bitch.

        • White women who you worship have been getting black men hanged from trees all their lives and you’re here implying that they’re “saints”. LOL

          • I never said they are saints neither race of women black or white respect black men. But how often do you hear black men get set up by black women to get killedor robbed. Black women love saying white women causesd lynchings but modern day black women is responsible for black men dying then any other race of women COMBINED

            • LMAO and where are your stats on that bogus ass BS?

              You really need to shut up, your stupidity is showing more than the white meat on your head from you banging on that wall.

    • Amen Devil Gagger.

      Every word you said is true. They don’t look as ugly as they act. That’s what is the real turn off.

      • You are one to talk, everything you just said applies to your bitch as as well.

  9. LOLZ @ all the ugly weaved-up hoodrats in their feelings over this. It was just a fucking party.

    • You are the one trying to cause unnecessary havoc devil gagging trailer trash.

      The only the funny here is your face. So LOL about that.

          • Lead by example! And LOLZ @ u calling someone else a receptacle. How many babies you done swallowed for some new weave money? FOH stank puzzi hoe.

            • LMAO…that smell is your top lip, keep your mouth closed sperm hole…oh wait keeping it open is your job…carry on…lol.

              • Dumb bitch recycling my shyt. I bet you burp fetuses, slut. And why you didn’t answer the question? That many huh?

              • ^^You recycle shit every time you open your mouth…since we now know what your diet consists of explain what it feels like being a human toilet…lol.

              • You recycle shyt every time I type. Dumb and lazy, just like a typical ghetto bish. How does it feel sucking dicks for new Remy while your kids starve and ponder on who and where their daddies are?

              • ^^Why do you keep telling us what you eat? Sperm and shit must be filling since you are alive to tell the tale…so tell porta~ potty…lol.

              • Correction I meant to say spill…but that would make you stank worse than you already doo ~doo, lol.

              • LMAO…you mad because your breath is stank and people use you as their personal receptacle?

                You should be… give it up loser.

                The only comeback you have is that white stuff you keep regurgitating in your throat….ha!

              • Yeah, keep recycling shyt I already said 20 min ago. I gladly accept your concession.

              • ^^And you keep bringing up your dinner, why?

                Oh because you have nothing better to say, lame ass loser…lol.

              • Well at least you find ur old recycled jokes funny. Take out ur dentures, hang up your wig and call it a night, old lady. You;re just plain incoherent at this point.

              • ^^They are as funny, just not as funny as your pathetic life. That is why you are not laughing…sad sack.

                Since you are tapped out from slobbing you should take your own advice.

                No one would miss you.

    • The game is just saying what’s most blacks have been thinking….look at the welfare and single mother communities in the 70s like Cabrini green, other parts of Chicago, Atlanta, New York it was full of dark skin black women. It’s sad but true

      • Shut Up Fool…your ignorant ass has already been debunked.

        And worry about those filled to the brim trailer parks, your kind infects.

        • Sasha needs to delete trolls like you… even if I am stiring shit I says facts to back it up

          • She already deleted most of yours so you would know all about that.

            And all you have been doing is talking out of your ass…as usual.

  10. …And still the entire world continues to pathetically look down upon us black Americans and laugh. Laugh at a people who still don’t know their true identity in this world.

  11. I’ve officially written The Game and butt hurt trolls on here as Uncle Ruckuses. *plays Uncle Ruckus jingle*

    Seems like the ones who accuse the Black women here of getting in their feelings over some bullshit are the same ones in their feelings because most Black women don’t even give a fuck. No food off my plate.

    • Most black women do give fuck why do think they call ever black men who dates outside their race or finds black women unattractive coons. These whole “self hatred” “your momma black” is played out. Most of our mothers are overweight weave wearing vulgar single mothers. I guess that’s why black men are attracted to black wine like that 🙁

      • You are not a black man and have no idea what black men think…you are an ignorant shit stirring white devil gagger, so STFU typing the same shit every damn day.

        Come get your boy sasha.

        • Like I said stats show that VERY FEW men are marrying black women. You see, women shouldn’t have such a hard time getting married with all these simps around but black women it’s VERY DIFFiCULT.

          • Shove your stats that you have not produced up your ass devil gagger.

            Keep blowing smoke, because that is all you know how to produce hot air.

            • If you really believe that he is a white dude, you need to o visit Tommy Sotomayor’s site and watch one of his shows.

              You can actually SEE some of his listeners and fans, and they all express opinions like the poster you call Devil Gagger; and I assure you that they are BLACK.

              It’s 2017. Wake up. Black men have had it with a certain type of BW, and they’re talking about it.

              • Fuck off bitch…I have been on here and know this douche is NOT BLACK…so shove a dick in your piehole as you keep your dumb ass opinion to yourself.

              • Is it even possible for you to express your thoughts in a civil fashion? It’s always, “bitch this, bitch that.”

                If you think that is attractive to ANY man you are sadly mistaken. And you certainly do not know that he is not black.

                And I have been here a lot longer than you sweetie.

              • I am calling you what you are BITCH…so get used to it…and you have NOT been here longer than me…

                I do know he is NOT black you dumb ass BITCH…so FUCK OFF…

  12. The Game sexually assaulted Priscilla Rainey in front of a group of people. This woman should feel lucky she walked out of that situation. A lot of this parties women are going to be drugged and assaulted. Look what happened to Keke Palmer.

    • A lot of these parties also women end up stealing from these men or the party gets shot up. Thats why you stay away from these negro parties regardless of gender

        • Oh so the Troy ave shooting, the superbowl shooting just this weekend, the countless number of Chicago shootings during events is nothing to speak about hmmm

          • Speak on the heinous shit kakkra’s like yourself do on the reg…

            We already know no one cares about you, but comparatively speaking you and your ilk are the absolute worse.

            • But Crackers were the ones who we called massa and were fucking the shit outta black women to a point they were called bed wenches. We still beg crackers for shit and cry when we don’t get it #Amerikkka

              • You would admire Raping, Genocide and Pillaging…that is why I know you are a fucked up in the head white devil gagging fag.

                Keep sucking that white boy dick, you white bitch.

      • LOL yup! I agree! If there’s more than three, that AIN’T where I’ll be!

  13. Pssst. Imma gonna tell y’all a BIG secret:

    Men who promote the “let’s hate dark women” BS ARE GAY.

    They have a desire to be with white women

    • They want to be with white WOMEN, and that makes them gay? Y’all getting so mad you’re not even making any damn sense. lls

      • And you are mad, because your head game is the only play you get.

        Sucks being you…literally…lol.

          • I would not expect someone who bobs all day on a nob to understand plain English.

            Sad how that white stuff clouds your mind.

            • I just see a jumble of words. No meaning. Try to impress me with the next one. I want you to think really, really, really hard.

              • Like I said you have been bobbing too hard, so you not comprehending is not a surprise.

                Put the dick down and try to wipe the white stuff out of your eyes…maybe that will help.

              • Nah, that wasn’t impressive. You’ve been using the same exact dick sucking reference I used hours ago. Have you heard of beating a dead horse? You’ve beaten it, cut off it’s tail and sewn into your buckshots.

              • And neither are you, Devil Gagger.

                Yeah because I am beating your dumb ass in every way shape and form…you ain’t shit…you just eat it and stop talking about your mom’s raggedy ass that shit is what is old besides your cum stained breath…lol.

              • Anon 22:32

                If you would take a break and learn to speak and write properly, you might be able to get a man to find even you attractive.

                Your over the top ghetto-ness is a real turn off.

              • ^^Ummm who the fuck was talking to you, you fat nasty ugly ass BITCH…like I tell you every time I see you …Fuck off you stupid ass BITCH…

                You are worthless and every thing you say is useless, keep your mouth full like you usually do, maybe that will keep you quiet.

      • @ 20:32 makes perfect sense to me! Neanderthal females fuck anything. A dog, A horse… Hell they specialize in turnin a nucca out! They all must have a pack-n-go tote they get as soon as they smell their funk, which contains a strap on and some berry flavored lube for tossin a black male’s salad. Dude is never the same and has instantly been graduated to homo-ville.

    • You are fucking insane. Black men who don’t want to be with dark women are all gay?

      Ni88a please. If you have to lie to yourself then go ahead, but that’s ludicrous. As the more attractive BW get lighter and lighter over the years, this is going to become even more prevalent.

  14. It’s strange that black women will call black men coons for dating white women and then turn around and accept the light skin aesthetically pleasing biracial kids 😉 #Obama, Jesse Williams, Alicia Keys, Maya, Dak Prescott, Klay Thompson

      • Yes and black ghetto trash has no place at The Game’s party 🙂 Remember even white trash have better hair than most of black women 🙂

        • LMAO…uh no you have lice living in that grimy rat’s nest…

          There is no such thing as ghetto trash unless you are talking about your trailer park, butt sniffing, toothless fam. 🙂

            • You are right I stand corrected, when it comes to you and your crew I would have to say you absolutely fit the bill.

              • Since you seem to know all about the subject…dumb ass MF, jumping into convos like you know something…smh.

    • Or they will they will call black men coons while they bleach their skin and keep Indian, Brazilian and blonde weave in their heads and chase after clearly uninterested white men. Sistas can be funny like that.

      • The only funny thing here is you agreeing with the very white trash you love blowing…sad indeed.

        Keep devil gagging…gagger.

      • Lol true like I said black women are very delusional..they try to shame men into finding them attractive. Because black men are raised by single BLACK mothers their shaming tactics works on us but white men outright refuse to acknowledge them regardless of how much black women beg and scream 🙂

          • So your calling my African ancestors apes like how crackers call us black monkeys hmm #coons #blackwomenarebadmoms

              • Anon 21:25 You are dead wrong on that. As I said above, nearly every word he is sayin is straight from the Tommy Sotomayor Show.

                Trust and believe that he IS black.

              • ^^And like I already said fuck off bitch…you do know black people are NOT the only ones who listen to that trash or come here or are you just that stupid…

              • I have eyes anonymous 23:17. I know a black man when I am looking at one. You can see most of the men in Tommy’s audience during one of his Skype or Periscope shows. I am not talking about the comments on You Tube.

                I bet my 401K that “Devil Gagger” IS a Tommy fan, and that he is as black as anyone here.

              • ^^The only thing you know is how to eat a dick, so go gobble one down dumb ass.

                And no one wants your 2 dollar bill, you can keep that shit.

        • Yes, and those same ghetto birds hate the white woman but love and want her hair. Hate the black man but don’t want to see him with a white woman or any other woman. Hate fighting for child support but keep popping out babies from different men they barely know. Delusional is an understatement.

            • Sarah did you actually say that.Thats a disgraceful comment. And Why are black women allowed to wear other race of womens hair but we get called coons for dating other races of women. Fuck black women… us black men will date who ever we desire

        • Funny enough, those same single mothers are also the main promoters of colorism. 🙂

          • Truman Show you are so correct do you see how black women get so mesmerized when they see mix races kids it’s disturbing. The become tap dancing coons “he got some nice eyes” “can I touch his hair”

        • You have never read the online papers. White men regularly comment on black women’s beauty lol. I don’t know what cave you crawled out of but times have changed now. Just go on Insta and look at what white and Latino men say about chocolate and caramel beauties on there. Yeah.

          • Don’t black men comment on how beautiful black women are just to fucked them and leave and say “no love for no hoe” Black women, sadly to say, have become just pleasure dolls for ANYBODY

            • If you blind fuckers do not see this is a white piece of shit kakkra after this comment you are the dumbest of the dumb.

              • Cont’d… Stop letting divisive garbage like this pretend to black and say the same dumb shit over and over w/o calling it (and I mean it not him) out.

  15. She should attend parties with more enlightened black people. Instead of spending time with rappers, she should consider chatting with Nigerian doctors and financial professionals.

  16. They prob kicked her out because she was ghetto!

    Sometimes I wear weaves to protect my real hair and sometimes my real hair is longer than the weave in my head.

    Example Draya, Mya, Tia, Christina Milan and Kim Kardashian are all exotic but they stay with a weave. Beyonce, LaLa, Black Chyna, Angela Simmons and Nicki Minaj are all black, but with real hair longer than the weaves they are wearing sometimes.

    So my point is women of all colors wear weaves simply to protect there real hair from damage or to make there hair longer and fuller, but not to change there race.

    I have seen many LA men treat dark woman bad, but I do not think they kicked her out of the house because she was dark, but more because she was ghetto. If she would have been Bria Miles, that Tiki girl or Tatiyana Ali type, no way would they have kicked her out. She is too ghetto to be hanging around rich men that don’t personally know her.

      • Ive been to a few house functions with celebs there, whether they house, rented or someone else’s. Ive been around the Game, Jaime Fox, Ray J, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Shawn Marion, Reggie Bush and many more. I am not light, I am not exotic, I am not mixed, and I don’t think they even considered me cute. But Ive never been asked to leave or disrespected by any of them. She was kicked out because she was ghetto, not dark

        • Someone could confer from how you write you ARE ghetto…that is why you sound as ignorant as the rest on here, talking that shit.

          • If Im ignorant than okay, if Im ghetto than okay. Im not sure if you think thats supposed to upset me or not. But my point is Ive been around enough of them to know why she was kicked out, she is ghetto. No man made it out the hood to end up around the same hood chicks from around the block. She need to step her Game up if she want to hang around ballers

            • From what you said about yourself it seems like you do too.

              So like I said you really are not one to talk on who is what.

              • Cont’d…speaking on who is what based off a clip is the dumbest argument you could make.

              • She need to loose the wig, hat and some weight. They gone continue to kick her out, until she do so. Those men are in desperate searches of certified Dimes, has nothing to do with skin color.

                You must be her because anybody who watched that video can see why they kicked her out. Heck im not even a man and I can tell you for sure, she cant run with my squad. Never, she too ghetto, too big and her wig terrible. Her outfit cute though and face cute but she carry her self in a manner That is not my taste.

              • difference between me and her is I aint pressed to be up in these celebs faces and would never waste my time trying to ruin they rep because Im not there type. She wasnt they type, whether if it was because she dark, ugly, fat or ghetto. What she trying to make them like her by posting this. Not gone work

              • This is how I know you are bogus…you just said you are garbage in your own words, but you want to down her?

                Bitch please…whatever your personal issues are about yourself you are projecting on this chick and no one cares what your tastes are…are you screwing her?…GTFOHWTBS.

      • No, Lovely Lady speaks the truth. You may not want to hear it, but it’s the absolute truth. No beautiful classy dark skin woman would have been turned away.

      • So you did see that I was right. The Game kicked her out, not his cousin. He just told his cousins to do it. Lol

  17. 17 at 23:21
    and based off what Ive seen. Im pretty sure the Game was the one who had her kicked out, he just not dumb enough to ruin his rep by doing it him self. After he was done talking to her, prob trying to figure out how she got there, he prob instructed his cousin to be the bad guy. Trust and believe he prob was the reason she was kickec out, why she trying to make him a saint. The game definetly has a thing for mixed and light girls. Everybody from Cali know that

  18. She need to loose the wig, hat and some weight. They gone continue to kick her out, until she do so. Those men are in desperate searches of certified Dimes, has nothing to do with skin color.

    You must be her because anybody who watched that video can see why they kicked her out. Heck im not even a man and I can tell you for sure, she cant run with my squad. Never, she too ghetto, too big and her wig terrible. Her outfit cute though and face cute but she carry her self in a manner That is not my taste.

    • Unless you have a dick and are in the market for a woman…I am sure she could give a fuck what your taste is.

    • @00:10 – You seem to contradict yourself. All those females you named above have some combination of 1) a wig (weave), I’m sure they’ve worn hats and are ATLEAST a similar build to the chick in this picture. Bria myles aint exactly a stick figure.

  19. She’s attractive and lots of dudes would want to kick it with her. Game and his crew have no class.

    • You maybe right, but if that was really the case she would not be fazzed by one fat boy telling her she’s not attractive. So clearly she ain’t getting too much action if she had to make a whole video and post around the internet because 1 fat boy said she too dark. But again I don’t believe that’s why she was kicked out. He actually gave her the nice excuse.

      • How is saying you are too dark nice?

        You are a certifiable fruit loop.

        And she made a video because that is what this generation does, put all their biz on blast.

    • Look at the video again and if she is the type of chick you would hang with, than I know you’re either her, her friend or the opposite of a 10. She look cute in the picture. It she act to ghetto mom that video for most men’s taste, woman too. I would not hire her, hang with her or go shopping with her

      • So because you say…no one should be interested?

        You aren’t the brightest bulb in the toolshed, so that alone would not make me or most people want to hang with you…does any of that really matter, no.

        So your point is moot.

    • The Game and his crew have a type and she ain’t it. You can’t make someone like you, its his house, she obviously don’t know him and he obviously did not invite her. We all know the Game has no class, he is a gangster rapper, duh!

      They kick out girls that are not their type, don’t forget all the white girls that’s been kicked out of Chris Browns house. They were not dark.

      Stop trying to make this about color all dark girls don’t have this issue. I got plenty dark friend but they all cute, never had a dude tell me they can’t come cause they dark and that would include the Game.

      • You already said this dead horse so keep it pushing, because no one cares about your assessment of this situation.

        Just because you are a hangers-on. You were not at this particular function, which means you do not know what actually happened, that night.

        • Well the Game just confirmed my assessment on TMZ, so maybe you should listen to my assessment next time. Lol He did not know her, everyone there confirmed they don’t know her and he the one had her kicked out, not his cousin. Just like I said!! So go back re-read my posts and take my advice from now on. ?

          • Sorry broke down hangers-on bitches are not worth listening to…especially when they havet o talk shit about another chick to make a point…lol.

      • Wow, you just had to reply 3 times.

        You must like her. Do you wanna riiiiiide?

        Did she turn you down? lol

        • You must want to ride for you to be on my sack.

          Sorry I don’t fuck with brokeback bitches.

  20. Black women need to have higher standards. Stop dating these boys because their not men who sag their pants and throw up gang signs.

    • Women in general need to realize that WE have the real power. If we stop acquiescing and giving our dollars to a lot of shit, a lot of shit would fall right off.

    • Having a higher standard is all good if you can find someone to exchange for that standard. Most black women are at the bottom of dating pool so having high standards isn’t sufficient #facts

  21. Pssst. Imma gonna tell y’all a BIG secret:

    Men who promote the “let’s hate dark women” BS ARE GAY.

    They have a desire to BE white women so they can be WITH WHITE MEN

    That is what I meant to type, but this damn site is so tricky and jumpy

    • I’m not a fan of the Game, but I can’t stand to see y’all try to make him look like a monster over this. It’s his house and I don’t know 1 man that would have done anything different, even my 86 year old Grandpa be tripping over his nurses. This chick is not even all that dark, I’m not sure why she just can’t accept the fact that he did not want her in “HIS” house, the reason doesn’t even matter, it’s his house.

      • Wooooow. You’re pressed.

        A chocolate Kween took your man, and made adorable princes of Zamunda with him.

  22. Oh for fuck’s sake. You was booted because she is short, fat and ghetto.

    And those of you who fit that description are making excuses for the truth just like she did. She was NOT asked to leave because of her skin. She is a homely fat chick and she didn’t fit in at that party.

      • Um no. I am a tall woman who weighs 130.

        If you cannot tell that I am a female, why do you think you can tell that “Devil Gagger” is a white man?

        You need to tune up your interpretive skills. They are sub-par.

        • LMAO…Bitch please whatever the fuck you are you do not look like what you typed…but keep telling yourself those lies…lol.

    • And I know your gremlin lookin’ ass is a dude which still means them dudes would sooner shit on you than want you in their presence.

  23. To all you dumb nggas who just had to feel the need to down this young woman, all you fuckers are what is wrong with our community today.

    Instead of being uplifting and encouraging all you know how to do is stab and attack your own.

    That is why we are failing as a people. You morons have fallen for the okie and do not know how to love and support each other, when you know a MF like the lame and his people are wrong.

    If you do not want people in your house do not invite them or don’t let them in to begin with.


  24. LOL. Someone is pressed about this chick.

    Someone that looks like that chick took her man.

    • Took her man???

      I wouldn’t give the time of day to any man who would be attracted to that beast.

      • No man worth a damn wants you now, so you would be lucky to pick up scraps…

        Correction no man wants a self-hating bitch with an attitude as fucked up as yours…that is why your lonely ass has to try and dog another chick.

        • That’s not a woman or an AA. No black person would be this obsessed with some random chick. When you see that abnormal behavior, it only comes from ONE source.

  25. Sad to say the majority of these idiots talking shit are low ~ grade self-hating bottom feeding nigs.

    Just busted crabs in the barrel who would sink so low as to dog someone who has no effect on their miserable scum bucket lives, whatsoever.

    But just have to be as ugly and negative as their charcoal souls.

  26. It’s hilarious how mad whites are at black women’s curves. Deal with it you gecko shaped albino.

    • I am proud of my iPhone shape.

      I am most definitely not jealous of uber curvy type bodies. I like a slim athletic build.

      Everyone is turned on by different shapes and sizes. What is wrong with that? Why is it necessary to denigrate one type in order to glorify another?

  27. These comments are more evidence that whites are fucking retarded and obsessed with us. This is why they need to be eliminated.

  28. When did this site turn into a reverse Stormfront KKK style rant blog?

    I remember a much different vibe here in the past. Now it seems like nothing but hate hate hate.

    My hope is that there are only a few misanthropic individuals doing most of the hate posting and not that the majority of people here are so ugly in their words and thoughts.

    • Nah it is just a bunch of black men angry about these sistas laughing at other people especially black men with impunity. They thinks it time to start laughing at black women and their problems 🙁

        • Why do you keep calling me white is that suppose to shut me up like I don’t understand. SMDH Black women and their shaking tactics

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