T.I. Weighs In On Gun Control Debate

ti gun control debate

T.I. throws his two cents into the gun control debate, claiming our system is broken. The convicted felon who did time on weapons charges says it’s not even felons who are causing all the problems, it’s licensed gun owners.


Do you agree?


  1. TI is a disgrace this dude like most of these niggas raised by single mothers refuse to take responsibility about the level of violence in the community. Dude has music that glorifies and gives instructions on how to kill other black men smdh

    #fakeblackunity #buckslovesmassa

  2. This topic is about gun control in regards to the latest school shooting in Parkland Florida. Breaking news, there was a armed Sheriffs deputy at Stoneman Douglas High School. When Nikolas Cruz shot at his classmates, the Sheriff Deputy named Scot Peterson ran for cover. These fucking cops can shoot and kill us at will but when a real killer is shooting and killing people with a semiautomatic gun, cops run and hide! #CopsAreCowards.

  3. This coming from a man who was gonna shoot a club up with unlawful.guns and who best friend was shot and killed in the car with him and let’s not forget doe b who was shot I. The eye then killed

    Yeah ti stfu

  4. WS is white supremacy. Tips glasses annoy me like who does he think he is … Malcolm?

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