Mo’Nique Owes $560K In Unpaid Taxes

monique irs taxes

No wonder Mo’Nique has been going on and on about money. The comedienne has a MAJOR outstanding bill that needs to be paid ASAP.

According to the AJC, Mo’Nique already had previous tax liens filed against her for the years 2013 and 2014 for $389,904.98. Last fall, it was discovered she was past due on paying her 2015 tax bill of $170,720.74 too. That brings her new outstanding total to well over $560K.


  1. Seems Like (Most Of All) Celebrities Have Large Delinquent Tax Liens Against Them.

    This Is Not…… Shocking…….Startling……..OR……Unforeseen News!!!

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this how they always come after them when they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and when they can’t shut the hell up I believe a lot of them have to pay up but we will not be hearing from that because they are very well trained to not try to break an special kind of agreement they have.

    • You got that right. They come after you with taxes when you don’t do the Donkey.

      • Well then maybe more black folks than not don’t do the donkey or they stop at some point, because those are the main ones they seem to go after and imprison.

      • The same people that pushes the black males are criminals are the same people you’re rooting for against Monique. You are jealous of black Women trying to compete for a pat on the head from the white man.

  3. Yikes no wonder why she wouldnt accepts 500k…she still would be in 60k debt. On a positive note she does look really better health wise. She should open a fitness program and help all the overweight sistas.

    • @Black Blockhead Ignoramus

      If She Opens A Fitness Program For All Of The “Overweight Sistas”……….Who Will Help All Of The…… “Corpulent….Morbidly Obese…..Flabby…..Abominable…Despicable…..Diabolical…..Grimy….Slimy…..Filthy….Unsanitary…….Evil”……”OVERWEIGHT CRACKAS?”

      • Don’t feed into his shit.

        He has mommy issues and is mad no black women want him, because he is a psychopath.

        • Oh and he was also molested as a child…why he does not display more rage against men sadly shows he is confused about his sexuality as well.

          • Wait a minute diabetes amd high blood pressure are no joke. Sistas are dying because we enbrace this fat and morbidly obese image of black women. Even Monique lost weight because she didnt want the same fate as alot of black women. Black women have become the FATEST race of women FACTS

            • Stiil didn’t answer the question.
              Who will help all of the morbidly obese, snow cracka, rhesus monkey, snow pig white women?

              • Crakka men will help with the snowbunnies. Its up to us black men to uplift our women into losing weight…We have black women looking like linebackers in their prime years.

                Brothas remember thick sometimes means sick

              • they dont need nigga help, they ( Amy Schummer) are earning the money Monique can only dream of!!

  4. she better go out and do whatever gig she can lol

    bet that Netflix offer sound ghood right about now i

    • So true but folks won’t admit it they rather listen to the same media that feeds the entire world the narrative that black people are stupid and bad. How do you ( Black folk) side with the same media that perpetuates negative stereotypes about black pepper allike over the world against Monique a sister that’s speaking out about racism?

      • Why do we say the media perpetuates negative sterotypes of us when in the hood we call dudes who speak good english and have a sense of education whitewash…lets be honest we loving being represented as degenerates we just DONT like be clowned for being degenerates

  5. Perhaps if she had shut her ass up & took that ‘Netflix’ deal since no one else is trying to give her work, she would be able to paid off any debts she may have…… Girl bye!

  6. Monique needs to dump her funny looking husband who she calls daddy. Can your daddy go get a job. He sure isn’t managing you well. Netflix is a business and you might get black folks to watch your special but white folks ain’t feeling you. Dave and Chris draw in everybody and that’s why Netflix is paying them big money. Your career is over and now it’s back to the comedy circuit where you won’t be paid nothing compare to 500K.

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