Young Thug’s Baby Mama Is An Instagram Drug Dealer

young thug baby mama

Young Thug’s baby moms is not up for any Parent Of The Year awards.

Back in September she posted a video of her and Thug’s three year old daughter saying “I’m muthaf**kin tired,” on Instagram.  The post went viral and it was a bad look for the mom.

young thug baby

Now she’s gone even further on IG and again exposed herself.  Apparently the checks from Young Thug must be slow or something because she is out here trying to push pills.

She made a post on her Insta (which she has since locked down) with a handful of pills and the caption “10’s $8 dollars.”

young thug baby mama drugs

Thugger needs to get that house in order, or at the very least have that girl disable her social media accounts.


  1. Stupid bitch youre posting up drugs on the internet damn fool if she gets caught ima laugh andbwhat can young fag do her dick bigger than his

  2. Lol man this new generation is so stupid if she is stupid enough to post that crap on twitter and instagram that's on her maybe someone will show it to the cops her ass go to jail then maybe that would teach them.

    • You're a damn fool if you think that's what most Black women look and act like. But far too many of these niggas are out here screwing everything with a hole – man, woman, cat, dog, bird, fish, etc.

  3. L…M…F…A…O…!!!!!

    and DAMN why cant them sistas refine their look?? got DAMN!!!!

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