Meek Mill Kicks Wale Out Of MMG – Says He’s A “Jealous H*e”

meek mill wale beef

Beef between Meek Mill and Wale has picked up again.  The Philly rapper took exception when his DMV counterpart put him on blast on the Breakfast Club.

Meek took a serious L when he went up against Drake, and this is widely accepted as common knowledge, but Milly doesn’t want people in his crew to talk about it.

While on the Breakfast Club, Wale addressed the Drake-Mill beef and didn’t mince words about his fellow MMG rapper getting murdered by Drizzy, ““I honest think he brought a pencil to a gunfight.  He didn’t bring a knife or nuthin – a pencil…a piece of paper tryna paper cut him to death.”

Then speaking to Rap Radar, Wale continued to praise Drake while hinting that Meek should know his place.

“That was the most respectful dis record.  He didn’t say ‘F you.’ He didn’t say, ‘You a b word.’ He was using his [Drake’s] success vs. his [Meek’s] success and being real kinda funny. Let alone blood shed. There was no fights over this. When that happened, I was like Meek ain’t gonna be trippin’ like that.”

“You can’t f— with Drake on certain levels, no matter what.”

After hearing this Meek took to Instagram to fire back at Wale.

“U not MMG NOMORE! This why u can’t get my number you a h*e!  And u dead cracked right now @Wale foh nuttttt!

“I wasn’t even mad at you Fam u got some real issues with yaself and you jealous! Broke rapper!”

Quite hilariously, Mill mentions that he’s done taking to the internet to clap at rappers, all while posting on the internet, “I’m off this internet!”  You’d think he learned his lesson the last time around.

meek mill wale beef 2

meek mill wale beef 3


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    Wale gotta know how to play the game. You don't go against your team or members of your team in public , or to anybody outside your team. It means you can't be "Trusted" you address that person!!!
    Put the ego to the side and come in human form as normal as possible . If that person doesn't receive you in thatmoment of humble presence , the you proceed to act ah fool. I think wale need to go toanother label that best suits the music he makes.

  2. Wale was telln the truth meek should kno place better why is meek still sign to Ross I hope not as tax write off Ross wont get much cause meek suck

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