THOT Stripper Exposes James Harden’s Cheating On Khloe Kardashian

james harden khloe cheating

A Philly stripper has exposed James Harden for cheating on his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian.

She goes by “Nelly Wit Da Jelly,” @Nellywitdaj3lly on Instagram, and the THOT dancer recently put up a creepshot of Khloe’s boyfriend hanging out.

james harden cheating stripper


After Nelly put the pic online people started to notice right away that it was The Beard and she took it down.

james harden cheating stripper 3

The IG post was screenshot and people are taking notice.  Instead of denying her relationship with Harden, the stripper who works out of Philly’s Vanity Grand has started to repost outlets reporting that she’s been sleeping with the All Star two-guard.

james harden cheating stripper 2

One thing is for sure, this THOT is not afraid to expose clients or to get involved in some mess.

james harden khloe cheating 2


  1. I don’t feel sorry for his dumb ass. Next we will see him in a wedding dress, somebody got to take Dennis Rodman’s place.

  2. Kong is probably krying into her krappy Kardashian Kouture kamel toe jumpsuit.

  3. Why yáll talking shit about her and the way she look?

    Fake ass…literally…Kl-ho-e is no prize and neither is that nigga sticking them both…so put that shit out there too.

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