They’re Engaged: French Montana Locks Down Khloe & Dat Kash

Khloe Bounces Back with French Montana

HSK Exclusive – This just in… French Montana has landed first dibs on the alimony Khloe collects from Lamar Odom, each month! That’s according to our insider, who exclusively tells HSK… “Khloe and French Monatana got engaged last week.”

​”​Khole gets 50K a month ​till her divorce from ​Lamar Odom ​is final.”

But we’re not talking about a traditional ‘on bended-knee, presenting a ring’ proposal. From what we’ve learned… matching watches were used to seal the pair’s engagement.

Wait… There’s more!!!

The his and hers $200K timepiece set is revealed to have been bought by Khloe!

​Dig the Drop:​

“Khloe is so d​*​ck whipped by French Montana​…​ she spends most of Odom’s money on ​him.​​ Ask Khadijah Haqq​!​

French will be shacking up with Khloe at her Calabasas ​crib​, when she ​returns from filming Khloe and Kourtney take the Hamptons.​”​



    • u took all the words out of my mouth, and they weren’t married for 10 years, which is usually how it hollywood alimony works and where is Montana’s wife.

      • Thank you Aries! And let me add that the judge is going to see her income and as well as hers! Dumbass Khloë! Shoulda stayed with.Lamar.

      • @Arias, in California if you’re married for 10 years or more, you’re entitled to alimony for life or until you remarry. I believe if you’re married under 10 years, you would receive alimony for half the time you were married. Perhaps there’s a California Attorney on here who could enlighten us.

    • Hey girl, hey!!! @ DaR1

      California is a no-fault state re: divorces so that isn’t taken into consideration with infidelity. What I’m trying to figure out is how French feels comfortable getting engaged when he is legally married (unless he has a divorce pending or it was just finalized). Messy boots, messy sneakers and messy sandals!

      • Thank you B! Thank you! In other words, Khloë won’t be getting no money with a marriage that last less than 10 years and know kids? Kris can’t make nor less have that judgement change.

        • If Lamar had an “iron clad” prenup, good much challenging it. Alimony is awarded based on need. If Lamar was Khloe’s sole means of support and survival, she may be laughing straight to the bank. What I see her doing is playing the “crack head” card and seeking proceeds, if Lamar’s bff Jamie didn’t siphon them all, from Lamar’s Rich Soil clothing line that she so desperately wanted to take off. She may be entitled to a piece of that, since she was depicted as helping him design for the line on their reality show. Not sure if they had any other ventures that can be considered “joint.”

  2. khloe must got some good head and tails.

    everybody just wanna marry her as soon as they hit.

    • Seriously. Her punanny must shoot fireworks or something cuz she stay gettin wifed.

      • Oh please they just want the fame. Once she is wifed up she will be cheated on! She is not all that.

      • Chris:

        Lamar was proposing to women like kids trick-or-treat until he found Khloe. IMO, he just wanted to get married and have a baby, which Khloe was only able to achieve marriage. I recall being told that he was dating and propose to Taraji Henson, who turned LO down, before he met and abruptly proposed to Khloe. When a man is marriage minded and family oriented, he won’t hesitate to at least attempt to wife a woman in pursuit of his goals. Women aren’t the only ones chasing that dream.

  3. Engaged my behind. Isn’t his racially confused ass still Married??? Broke fool is gonna take that Rolex and ruuuuuuunnnnn!

  4. Lamar signed a ironclad prenup prior to marriage. I don’t remember all the details,but if you Google the information is there.

    French still married?

  5. This is a test run for a new phase of plans. As you know, Blacks are being phased out of entertainment (with the exceptipion of a few) and French Montana and Khloe are being used to test the waters for the new phase. What is the new phase?

    Mackelmore, Iggy Azalea, French Montana etc. are *visbily* non-Black. The whole purpose of Blacks being pushed in entertainment was to eventually get to the point of using “gangster rap” to eventually program people to a permanent ratchet state. First it was “niggerish” because only Blacks were said to act that way, but now it’s desireable because non-Blacks do it too. Blacks were used to push this in and they are being used as a scapegoat, I’ll elaborate in another comment.

    Kim is on the way out, so now they are pushing Klohe and Montana to see if the “White Girl + Rapper/Athlete” still has any effect on anyone. If this hits like they want it too with the public, they will have Kris’s younger children doing the same thing.

    I. Pearl

    • white rappers don’t last long besides a few.

      doubt frenchie be around 10 years.

      countdown for khloe and French relationship starts now.

      don’t believe in Hollywood marriages.

  6. Well well well another spider in the fame thirsty kardahsian web only he’s just as thirsty stay tuned for the resta this saga that’s already on its way to crash and burn

  7. To marry her would be stupid as Spousal support stops when a spouse gets remarried!

  8. What money does Khloe have? French just wants relevancy but Khloe’s not even the star lol

    • Oh come on. Even if she had never even met Lamar Odom she is worth 50 times more than he is at the least and probably more like 100 times. She ain’t Kim, but she makes decent money at club appearances and the like. She gets paid for her Twitter mentions too. As much as we love to hate them, the KKK family has serious bank now. They are like the Walton family(Walmart) of TV rachetness. All their money is combined into one big lump fortune and it’s getting bigger every year. By the time they fall off the map, every damn one of them will be worth 100 million as Kim is now. Don’t laugh. Who’d a thought Kim would ever be where she is today 10 years ago?

      • @Anon

        Their brand is NOT getting bigger every year, in fact before Kanye they were SINKING. If Kim and Kanye were to divorce that would be IT for this family.

      • shut up. She does not have 75 million bucks. Don’t believe the hype. Besides, her family is an “enterprise” not a sole income. Ignorant fools.

        • She has 40 million bucks personal fortune now. Without Lamar’s money. According to People Mag, Khloe is the one KKK daughter whose popularity with the general public continues to grow. It said that her earning opportunities are off the chart.

          And no, this isn’t Khloe or anyone who knows her!
          I just think y’all underestimate this family’s worldwide popularity. Just because they are hated here doesn’t mean that we represent the general public. Remember how MJ lost nearly all his white fans in the US after the boy mess, but he was still huge in Europe? It’s like that with the KKK’s. They are very popular with the lower class Europeans.

  9. khloe gets money, shes in keeping up with kardashians,all the spin offs, she is partner in dash, the clothing line, the make up, plus appearance fees, magazines, xfactor, plus more.

    Kim was also engaged while still married remember? Khloe loves to be married it seems, she would be if it weren’t for divorcing lamar im sure.

  10. khole is ugly she ruined lamar and the game’s relationship
    lamar left his 1st wife (who looks like khole)
    why would you leave someone who looks just like khole????
    then tiffany the game ex fiance dumped him because of khole

    khole is gonna get karma he will bleed you dry and make you a laughing stock
    these men only sex her because she’s got money

    • That’s a flat face lie. If Khloe was a ride or die, she would still be with Lamar. Have you ever heard the lines in marriage “through sickness and in health” or “In good times and in bad”, what happened to that?

      Being a drug addict is a disease. I’m sure Khloe was aware of his disease and probably even participated. Now, don’t start running when the pipe heat up.

      • Not true. She stayed with him long after his drug habit got bad. She really loved him and she had to be pulled away from him by her mama in the end.
        Khloe is the closest thing to a real down chick in the family for real.

        • She was only with him for that Lakers/Clippers attention. The Kardashian stardom is based solely on attention that is the only reason they constantly date people with some type of spot light. Khloe is no different from Kim

            • And why get married so fast? She don’t know that man. If it meant something, give it sometime. He already had a failed marriage.

            • khole is the type of women she like the idea of marriage
              we all know she’s not the best looker but because she has money and fame
              these rapper/basketball players wanna date/marry

      • She should know all about that since she was a meth user when she was a teen and still powders up.

  11. He was never married. He was with his children mother since they were teenagers, and he changed when their (child passed away per her words) then the next thing she knew she read he married khloe.

    • He married her 6 weeks after knowing her because the season was going to wrap and the mom wanted the weeding to be taped. Classic!

      His kids never knew her prior to the meeting on the side of the road.

      Also, Karma is a mother. He abandoned Liza when she needed him the most. She lost their child. Yet, he bounced and got married to a stranger. The same stranger that now left him at his darkest. Good for him. He got what he deserved for being a bad father.

  12. Lamar Odom is a SCORPIO! Klhoe better quit playing before we are reading about her ass foreal foreal!

    • Amen! I am a Taurus with a Pisces moon with Ascending and first house Scorpio. Yeah Khloë might wanna rethink about her situation.

  13. If French is married can’t she sue Khloe for breaking up their marriage or something like that?

    • She would have to sue Trina first. Lol. French left his wife and kid when he tasted fame. That arab ain’t loyal

  14. let’s face it the kartrashian are poisn everything they touch turns to shyt
    when these basket ball/football player date them the kartrashain are bad luck

    lamar odom’s career is over no one is going to look at him in the same night
    before when he met khole he had the whole world at his feets now he’s yesterdays rubbish

    bruce jenner look at him he looks like a drag queen that’s what he gets for abandoned his children for kris

    kanye west???? since he date kim he’s not the same he has changed he’s music is sloppy

    he shouldn’t of gotten a married women pregnant

  15. I dont understand how Khloe is getting this money from Lamar. Lamar has two children with his ex Liza Morales and one that passed away. Porsha from RHOA isnt getting all of that and she was married to Kordell and the poor thing suffered abuse and a miscarriage.

  16. Listen the whole family is corrupt. Kris was married to a lawyer who ended up defending OJ Simpson which some say he got rid of the murder weapon. The apple doesnt fall from the tree.

    • rob k took oj’s money as payback for him sleeping with kris rob was like okay you slept wioth my wife I’m charging you some of youyr millions you gonna p;aY FOR ALL THE WHITE GIRLS YOU PHUKKED OJ.

  17. Lamar has children and should have made them his top priority but now he’s paying the price. The $10 million life insurance should have went to his kids and not Khloe. Kris is definetly a pimp!

  18. This is a slap in the face to Black men and yall can’t even see it.

    Pimp Mama has all her whores get their hooks into BM with cause they think BM are easily manipulated.

    Except the one who doesn’t like BM and wants her kids to be white not mixed!

    PMK got her youngest whore smashing the heir to the Smith family fortune, Jaden. IF she becomes a Smith babymama, more slaps in the face.

    And you fools buying the reality show sham? They are now shitcoms, I mean, sitcoms.

    BP stay swallowing the koolaide.

    • i’m supriase will let jaden date outside his race
      i thought will was pro black jada is messed up in the head
      kyile is a skanky looking white girl who think’s she blaque

    • These “black men” are not victims. They know what that family is all about yet they participate willingly. Smh

      • Jaden is smashing that girl he is str8 enough to get a boner with that whore in training.

        @Anon, agreed these BM are not victims but they fall into the same damn trap of getting played by white and nonblack whores. They need to look in the mirror and ask ‘would this ww be with me if I was just a regular Tyrone’ 90% of the time the answer is no.

  19. she is starting to look crackish. i hope her legs are photoshopped they are gross

  20. we all know french is gonna cheat on khole with blaque women!!
    khole is the type of white women who envy’s blaque women
    that’s why she competes with them

    she’s just a knock off version of a blaque women

  21. lets see french left trina played out female black rapper for a white slut khloe well french is living the american dream get famous and hook up with a white woman.

  22. lamar cheated on khloe with nothing but white girls.

    mostly once black men get a tastye of white p*ssy thats all they crave.

    french isn’t all the way black he’s arab with black ancerstry since he was born in morocco an african country.

    not just black men crave white girls which is the ultimate american prize.

    remember the movie scarface where tony mopntana got rich and who did he end up with a coked out white girl but to tony she as the ultimare prize the american dream.

    • “french” is not “black” at all since y’all want to say that Rihanna is not “black” either.

  23. French always looks right into the camera lenses, he wants fame. Broke Arab, talking about tachina Arnold. Martin Lawrence should have slapped that nigga. Lol

  24. French and Khole are a SHOWMANCE come on mane why yall talking about this bull as though it authentic G T F O. Kneegrows believe anything coming from the family of whores.

  25. There is nothing the courts can do. This was the terms in their prenup agreement. Nobody told Lamar to be so ignorant and think with his smaller head and give a stranger woman more than he will give his kids. Typical.

    This is all the aftermath to his bad decisions. Karma.

    Khloe will have her karma too. believe that. That’s why her insides are dried up like prunes.

  26. Such talk! Such talk1 Why cant we just except people the way they are and love them for who they are!I love you all! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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