Teen Turns To Twitter, Accuses Dwight Howard Of Robbing The Cradle…

Dwight Howard Criminal Sex

Shocking claims against Dwight Howard — reportedly made by a 16-year-old female — could could be nothing more than a case of one teen crying wolf. But in this case, the ‘cry’ would be a Tweet eluding to an alleged smash affair with the 28-year-old NBA star… and the Twitter profile [@Live_doWork_] has since been deleted.

​”W​hile much of the information released by the girl is inconclusive​… t​he photos of Howard with the young girls does appear, however, to be potentially damning.​”​

Word from the blogesphere pointed to a text message leaked yesterday [June 5, 2014], by @dkb, who now goes by @Live_dowork_, but it doesn’t look like she was communicating with Dwight directly, although his name is mentioned. The teen also claimed that Howard flew her and some friends out to Florida, which is where the photos were allegedly taken.

​”Debbie​ was upset with something Howard did and decided to leak news of their alleged affair .”​


dwight-howard-pervert dwight-howard-underage-girlsdwight-howard-jail-bait

Check the word that’s spreading:

​”Earlier tweets from the girl also suggest that she might be underage, with a message mentioning “graduation” being sent out some time ago. Along with pictures of what appears to be Dwight Howard in a hotel room, the girl also released a screenshot of a cryptic text message exchange. No word has been heard from Dwight Howard or any of his representative​.”

dwight-howard-underage-victim dwight-howard-molestation


  1. she wasn’t crying underage before so why now? where are her parents? who let her fly out? where is the department of human services? her parents need to be looked at. this little girl doesn’t know what she has started. anyway. check my blog. http://temptingtroublestales.blogspot.com/

  2. I was 16 once and I knew that I could get dudes in trouble, sorry but true. That’s why a lot of women don’t want to have daughters. That’s why I believe in our society we really need to start looking at these girls at 16 and how they act. I’m not saying that at 16 you can’t be raped ,but at 16 you definitely could run some game, because all you have to say to the guy who is over 18,” do something like call the police stupid and you go to jail and I walked away scott free!”

    You hear that guys that are over the age of 18! Don’t ever be around a girl who is younger than 18 because she knows that you will get in trouble and she won’t! plain and simple!

    • I did not think that way as a 16 yo & I don’t know many 16 yo with proper parents who think that way. WTH!

      • And that is great! Rember when you are older and someone dont quite seem 18, they are not. V. Stivianio got fake boobs at 17 who do you think paid for them? Some older sucker!

      • Thank you, at that age I was trying to mess with boys my own age! I would never maliciously get someone whom I’m involved with in trouble like that because I couldn’t handle the game! Wow!

        • Let me be clear! I was not trying to mess around with older men!! I was trying to free beer and pot! These girls now a days leave me speak less. At the same time I’ve heard stories by kids who live on the west side of l.a, they party crazy! And with celebs! Remeber that actor who ramdonly picked up kids, got into an accident and killed one? Why would a grown man pick up teens? To go party! Hence, the warning. Why would a grown man fly a girl who isn’t his family anywhere? If she has tickets as proof, he’s screwed.

          • Damn when i was 16 i was working and buying my own pot lol nah I didn’t think that way at 16, I dealt with the boys my age and I liked them, didn’t want to get them in trouble.

            • When i was16 years old even when a older man molested me, i didnt snitch on him. Not everyone who is 16 snitches

  3. @ ha ha ha it doesn’t matter he knew she was underage, he’s a pedophile. At the end of the day it all falls on him he’s the adult. Dwight bogus as hell. On the other hand I agree where are the parents. How was she able to fly out of state without her parents knowing. But Dwight doesn’t get a pass he’s a grown ass man. Parents watch your kids. That’s why I don’t have kids it’s to much and this world is EVIL.

    • And she knew he was older than her so it was her fault for not stopping him. That girl is bogus as bullshit. And she flew on a plane with him so its really her fault.

  4. Well I’m one of 6 girls and my mama would have beat my fast little ass if it was me. How you weekending with a grown ass man and your parents don’t even know the extent. Damn.Social Media is the devil. When I was coming up we didn’t want anything getting back to our parents, much less putting stuff out there ourselves. Crazy the way the world has changed in the past 10 years. Smdh.

    • Thank you! Who the hell behaves that way at 16. These girls need that old school switch you had to go in the backyard and get yourself for the ass whipping. I am appalled. Dwight Howard & her parents med to be strung up by their genitals.

      • Lol @ choosing your own switch. I laughed til I cried. Who would ever thought that would be a fond memory but I kiss the good old days!

  5. the pic with her smirking she still looks about 16-17and the top pic she looks even younger so DH knew she was under age. he doesn’t care he already has about 5 baby mamas who are after him for child support. He is very immature money cant replace maturity. Shame these hoes today aint got no shame. back in the day a hoe would hold her head down now they act like they are, or should be highly respected.

    • I know right. What is happening to our youth. Be with your child or at least know where they are 24/7. My parents did.

  6. Busted! That does look like hotel room service. Dwight is a damn fool. Nasty pedophile ass. young and skinny as that chick is he knew she wasn’t 18. Fast little tramp looks like she barely owns 18 pounds, never mind 18 years. So he knew she’s a baby with her budget Mowrey twin lookin ass. Man these chicks are creative. He as good as bought her parents a new house and paid for her college cuz you know this is a “settlement” situation. Damn , I had a paper route, bwahhahhaa

  7. I had to be on the step when the street light came on, how the hell did she manage to get flown to Florida?

    • I got my ass beat once for riding my bike over to the next neighborhood….LOL….ain’t no way in hell I could have made it out of state.

        • Exactly. What are these new rules for black folks. Most black folks I knew back I the day parented the same way & turned out college graduates doctors & lawyers…at least decent citizens. These thots know better they had grandmothers if not mothers. Smdh

  8. shes a child.at 16 years old she should know better with all the things going on in this world and n top of that she stated herself he didnt know her age so she can take just as much blame

  9. Thats why you have to keep a close eye on your kids. Yall knew them type of kids in school Mommy don’t care and/or no Daddy around so the kids be raising themselves. Girls out their prostituting trying to get paid. Dwight is disgusting but it is truly sad with this wanna be grown girl out their tricking for material things. We got to raise our kids better than this!!!

    • Let me tell you something. I used to work in the “system.” You have MOMMIES who put their young girls up to this kind of shit right here and you ALWAYS got some bum ass nicca like Howard ready to take the hook.

    • Agreed. And no offense to my mixed chicks, but the b/w hybrids seem to have white mommas that they tell off, disrespect, etc. Most of my mixed girl friends that didn’t have Pops in the home behaved this way.

      To all my swirlers: Stay CLOSE to the black community. You need them to help raise your kid.

      Peace & Love

      • This is the most ignorant bull ive ever heard this aint got nothing to do with skin color you racist peice of crap, my dark skin girl friends in high school were just as quick to sneak to parties as the mixed and white girls, one of them lost thier virginity at 11! it just depends on the individual person and the fact that you would generalize an entire group of people tells me your a racist uneducated devil, black people can be just as racist as whites, racism is a demon that infects entire populations of people, and blacks are now turning on other blacks with a lighter complextion or saying Africans are inferior because they are not a true isrealite or whatever, iv seen some stupid ass comments on this site

      • The same black.community that had thier 2 yr old son cussing and using gang slang on you tube, please stfu and have aseat

      • a overweight white women wanted to tan her biracial daughter for a pageant show
        and the father told her that the daughter doesn’t need tanning


        common sense white women please!!!

      • I just moved out of a neighborhood of dark skin blacks and thete was nothing but arguing, gun shots, police, prostitution ( lived right under me and got her ads whooped in the parking lot by another dark skin bitch who was mad she f*cked her boyfriend,.oh yea and she was 16) there was a dark skinned roach that was running downstairs on the daily to threaten people with a gun, kids were vandalizing all the cars and property, a 16 year old kid got shot by an adult black couple over a dog, roaches and.bed bugs everywhere, so you can miss me with that blacks are superior.shit

        • Anonymous you must be the self hating coon for other thread
          stop bashing black women the reason why black women are the always that they are
          is being on other races sticking their racist necks in black business

          it seem you do’t back white women are perfect???? no white women fight shout all the time

        • Yawn…..trolls are boring. Whole post reads like a budget telenova. Totally fake.

          • look who’s talking bed fodder for white men

            comb your busted weave cos your white man wants to run his fingers through your hair
            remember to use dark and lovely it doe wonders for itchy dry scalp

            • Wtf r u talking about all that hate is a bad look, you must know something about busted weave to be giving advice on the subject

            • anonymous are you dumb or just stupid

              1, black people can’t be racist but we judgemental
              you should know that!!!!

              2, i was just making a point and your dumbass didn’t read it probably to understand

              3, take your cooney behind somewhere you another Anonymous can start a self hate club

  10. Where is this unfortunate looking individual’s parents? She just undercut her whole case by saying “you didn’t even know my age.” These hoes are starting earlier and earlier. Another black male fool about to lose it all over a piece of ass. No sympathy for him or this muppety faced girl

    • Dwight wrote that. Her response is in blue. She responds and said, I did not play you Dwight!

    • @CB. dont worry i believe you because i doubt you can even afford a weave.You be in here everyday all day spreading hate and racism so i know you aint got no job.

      • anonymous what do you want???? if you want my attention i can give it to you
        didn’t know grewn folks act like toddlers. want you need is farley’s rusk

        it helps toddlers with their teething problems and that is what
        you need because your so bitter

        as for the weave the last time i had a weave my man yank it out
        damn he get’s wild and rough during sexually activities

        shouldn’t of dated a former sex addicted

        • Your fine girl. just ignore the haters and do your thing…but remember to once and a while say something nice about the men. lololol

  11. Dwight wanted some of that low mileage , wet hot tight , cookie
    Where Chris Hansen when you need Him.

    • How you know it’s low mileage? This child could’ve been tricking since she was 12..

      This is child abuse point.blank.period

  12. Is this kid trying to get into D12’s pockets by putting him on blast? V. Stiviano wrote the blueprint for chicks to manipulate a man and air dirty laundry when the games are over.

    • No. Donald Sterling was a piece of trash just like V. They deserve everything that came to them beat downs shaming & all.

  13. who is she fooling???
    shame how ugly women are getting all the d’cks

    black men need close their zipper this is what they want
    they want black men to fail they want black men too look bad

    • Who r u fooling. Hasn’t been a bigger idiot on here for a while. U talk utter shit.

        • this is what the media wants they want black men to look sex addicts
          to have children all over the place

          if you do’t like it then do’t read it

          • Killa callan you be yt???

            because a black man wouldn’t carried on like you have
            you do’t know what’s it like for black men alot of these white boys try and act black
            but they can’t handle it

            • Killa Calllan never tries to “act black.” Like him or not, he’s up front and honest.

            • like i said i was talking about black men

              why do other race feel the need to comment on black people’s issue??
              that’s the reason why black people are messed up because other
              race are sticking their necks there is not wanted

            • Posting 3 concise sentences ≠ carrying on. Killa is white and he revealed that on more than one occasion. I think he wishes he looked like Kid Rock. Call it a hunch. 🙂

            • like i said before

              why are other race commenting on black issue???
              is got nothing to do with them if anything is partly their fault

              black people aren’t allowed to comment on white issue
              why should this be different???

            • like i said before black men need to be careful
              the media likes seeing black men fail
              they want black men to look bad

              and a white man got upset??? WTF!!!!

            • It’s all your posts. I know you wanna help people see they are better than what the media tries and make em out to be. But uplift people with your words. Being snide and hateful turns people off. Switch it up a little. I won’t annoy you any more.

            • hateful?????

              i was just point out the obvious

              and you took it the wrong???

              i’m uplifting black people

            • CB I’m not the person who you were responding to above, but I’m going to address you anyway. I believe that you THINK you are uplifting with your comments but the truth is you are not. You seem like a nice person and I see glimmers of your true personality come through from time to time. But you keep regurgitating the same negativity particularly about men and gold diggers and it has the opposite effect of what your intent is. You sound angry and bitter, and maybe you are. But like someone else said, if you would switch up your message sometime you would find people responding and listening to yo more than they do now. OK. I will shut up and leave it alone. But think about it.

  14. Wait… everybody is blaming the 16 year old girl instead of the 28 year old grown man??? Fame is blinding to black folks I swear.

    If that was Dwight the bus driver… Yall would be dragging him up and down the comments. But since it’s a famous ball player, you blame the girl and/or her parents. Yall ain’t sh*t!

    • Sit your hysterical ass down. Did you not see how people dragged his ass in earlier comments? People are disgusted with both of them but especially her because her little ass can run just as fast with her skirt up as he can with his pants down. When you are grown enough to board a train and meet men in hotel rooms playing innocent no longer works.

      • HA! Thank you anon 15:13. That hot ass girl went looking for trouble and found a piece of dirt to give it to her. They are BOTH wrong and this girl knew just what she was doing.

  15. I know DH very well and he is perhaps the sweetest funniest guy I’ve ever met. Now having said that, he is also the most immature man for his age I have ever met. I don’t want to over judge, but I probably am: he has a very overbearing set of parents- and not especially in a good way. He was treated as a meal ticket in training from age 6, and he was never allowed to engage in typical teen activity and exploration at the appropriate age for it. I believe in my heart of hearts that ALL the troubles he’s had since being drafted in 2004 stem from his ridiculously over protective upbringing. He acted out once he got away from the family home just like the white teen girl who is schooled in a Catholic convent does. She turns into the biggest slut in town and engages in all kinds of bad behavior once freed from her bondage.

    But it’s time for Dwight to get it together and be the man he can be. He has all the brains and spirit to be an incredible black man and a wonderful husband and father. I love him like a brother, but his lack of personal responsibility combined with his “Peter Pan” complex needs to go.

    • Well said. I believe you. Since you know him hanging on hotels with.little girls is not a good look. No one will ever believe that nothing sexual happened. If it was just about being immature, he could buy her a happy meal and spend the day at six flags.

    • I have to cosign 15:50’s post based on praise someone at a hospital where DH treated for a basketball injury just paid a few hours ago. He said DH is the kindest, most humble, down-to-earth guy who was generous with the hospital staff. That’s great to hear, but it does not dismiss the fact that his multiple children by multiple women and alleged affair with a 16-year-old girl are unjustifiable acts.

      • I’m glad to hear that someone else got a good report on DH’s kind nature. I judge men partly on how they treat the elderly and young kids. Dwight is the type who will sit down with an elderly lady and make her day when there are young pretty women all around him. He’s very very thoughtful and loving, but I agree that he has handled his baby making situation very badly.

  16. Thats what he gets for f*ckin with them ugly bitches! If a nigga gonna get f*cked around pick from the top not the bottom that way if some shit goes down maybe people could understand if the broad is a bomb! But a nigga real f*cked up in the game when ugly bitches start snitchin!

  17. PEOPLE please stop blaming this young girl, Dwight is 28 years old. When it comes down to it, it’s his fault period. I wouldn’t care if she pranced around him butt naked he’s a grown man there’s no excuse. He’s a pedophile, a perve, period he likes them young in the face. We all can see that that’s a little girl

    • So are you saying tat a 16 year old bears no responsibility for her own actions? You’re right. He is a pervert and she’s a young hoe. Little girls don’t try to lay up with grown men. That girl has been around the block a couple of times. They need to lock him up if he was sleeping with her/dating her and they need to put her into some sort of diversion program and her parents need to be dealt with as well. I don’t see anybody right in this situation.

  18. Wow why isn’t this cat locked up? These basketball cats are just straight whores anything goes now he’s staring down the barrow of legal problems and pay outs what have we learned today?

  19. If she was 16 at the time of her affair her mom was probably 32 and her dad nonexistent. Not excusing Dwight Howards behavior.

    I remember Karrine Steffans mentioned that entertainers will bone anything including 15 year old runaways but thought she was just being crazy per usual.

  20. what dwight howard done was totally phucked up but he isn’t the 1st or the last

    what about elvis presley and jerry lewis didn’t they both marry underage girls???
    didn’t slave masters have sex with underage black girls????

    this is what the (white) media likes they love it stop feeding them negative image of blaque people

    blaque men ain’t perfect but i’m pointing out the obvious

    yes the truth hurts but we all have to heal at some point!!!

  21. I Dont understand why people are calling this girl a little Hoe and likewise…shouldnt we be looking to the adults ie Dwight Howard if true has big issues to be laying down with this girl… And her parents peeps place the blame were it should go

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