Comedian Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition Following Auto Accident

Comedian Tracy Morgan is Dead

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A six-car accident left actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition in New Jersey early Saturday, according to authorities. The former “30 Rock” star was riding in a limo bus when the accident occurred in Mercer County, said Sgt. Gregory William of New Jersey State Police.

In addition to the bus, the wreck involved two tractor-trailers and an SUV, he said. He did not provide specifics on what happened…. but we know one person was killed and four others hospitalized with injuries.

Peter Haigney, a spokesman for the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, said four patients are getting treated at the hospital. Three are in critical condition while one is in fair condition, he said.

The hospital said that a man named Tracy Morgan was among those in critical condition. State police confirmed it is in fact the comedian.


  1. That’s so sad. I know he has had health problems in the past. I hope he pulls through this.

  2. I am not here to post conspiracies, but I find it really questionable that much of what was mentioned about Tracy Morgan’s illustrious career is that he was embroiled in controversy with the gay mafia.

    All I’ll say is even a cat only has 9 lives.

    • Loved Tracey as Hustleman on Martin and in a few flicks. I don’t watch Saturday Night Live so I can’t comment on that. He’s worked continuously but I don’t think I would call his career illustrious. No shade intended but there’s no need to exaggerate because of the circumstances. Get well soon Tracey.

      • I feel you. I am by no means trying to compare Tracy to the likes of someone with a “serious” acting career, but his career in comedy is pretty damn fantastic, considering his roots starting at Uptown Comedy Club. I used to stay up late to watch that show because of him.

        I’m not exaggerating because of his circumstances. I am fairly certain that he has irons in the fire that we have yet to hear about. A lot of guys in front of the cameras make their real coin behind the scenes.

  3. So glad he was not driving, wishing his family peace at this time. My son will be hurt to hear this.

  4. I am very worried about him with his kidney problem. That is so serious in itself. I join everyone else in wishing him Godspeed and my prayers are with him. I ust saw him on the Comedy Roast of Don Rickles and he performed with Hollywood’s A+ list including Depp, DeNiro, Seinfeld, John Stewart, Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon and many more. It was very touching and he even teared up on stage because he said that he was so blessed to have been included.

    • George Lopez did the same thing. To add insult to injury, Lopez was photographed on the floor, passed out drunk in Vegas. Smh

    • I know we like to call it Karma but we must also realize we all may get injured or hurt one way or the other even if it’s physically,emotionally and mentally.I used to blame it on God,/Karma/Devil.Until I realized that all these innocent babies and children getting killed or in accidents ……….What was their Karma ? What did they do wrong? 40 years ago I asked myself this question about “KARMA” and said the hell with it let’s just treasure and value our life and live in the moment.We ALL will be called home when it’s our time.I hope Mr.Morgan recovers.

    • We all have faults and flaws. Pray that the man lives to learn to be a better man tomorrow. We all have fallen short and I sure hope people don’t talk ill of me on my death bed regardless of what they feel I’ve done wrong. I’m not defending him and I am not a fan. However, there’s a time and a place for everything. Don’t kick people when they’re down. And he is literally down.

  5. That’s unfortunate. My Mother and sister met him a few years ago…at church. They said he was cool/funny, similarly to how he acts in his roles. And, of course, he IS ‘Hustleman.’ lol

  6. I dont watch Saturday Night Live but I know Tracy Morgan from Martin and he is hilarious. I wish him and everybody else involved a speedy recovery.

  7. I pray for Tracy and everyone affected as well as the deceased. Im praying for his wife who is pregnant with his 4th child.

  8. Out of all the pictures of Tracy Morgan in the world you picked that one. You brought some hilarity to this tragic subject thank you. And I’m sure he thanks you too.

  9. Well I think it’s karma coming back. He was given a kidney from his girlfriend and immediately after the donation he broke up with her. You can’t do dirt and expect good to come to you. Ijs

  10. I am praying for him and the other people that was involved to the person that loss there. Life rip may God be with them all get well soon Tracy.

  11. Willie Jones jr….I’m just curious…why do you suggest “sacrifice?”…do tell please

    • He spoke out against homosexuals & pissed someone important off. Three big rigs, an SUV & his limo bus on the New Jersey Turnpike at 1a EST – big rig rear ends him & his is the only truck where serious injuries are concerned. Something is real fishy. I pray for Tracy’s speedy recovery.

      • It was a Wal-Mart semi that struck his limo bus ad according to some on line Wal-Mart is owned / linked to the Illuninati. I am beginning to wonder if he was got at too now?

  12. He’s the kinda of person, as soon as you see him, your waiting for him to make you laugh. He was a funny person cuz you know he didn’t take himself seriously.

  13. He is a funny person cause he doesn’t take himself seriously. I’m a idiot plz forgive me.

  14. Shocking. No ‘karma for not saving his mama from eviction’ comments. Wish him well.

  15. I hope this isn’t more from the Illuminati serial killers. I did think about his treatment of Mommy, but I do hope he pulls through. He’s a funny dude.

  16. Maybe his mother did horrible things to him or made him do horrible things when he was younger..larry fishbourne dissed his mama too..

  17. His “one night stand” was horrible..if u listen really good at his details in the jokes about women he may bw talking about his mother…just my psychological assessment…so of the details he spoke of were not common practices of women today…I cant remember the whole thing but he said things that are not seen amongst “hoes” of today..but were common oamongst women that were “ho-ish” back in the day.

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