The Weeknd Goes Public With Teenage Girlfriend, Bella Hadid


the weeknd bella hadid

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid have made their relationship public.

Since May the two have been rumored to be together and now they have decided to let everyone know.  The 25 year old Toronto-based R&B singer was seen holding hands with his 18 year old model girlfriend in New York on their way to 1Oak and Up And Down.

the weeknd bella hadid 2

They were partying with Rihanna and her man, Travis Scott (who also look to be making things official by going public), and Justin Bieber.   An eyewitness on hand says “they were all having a good time…Bell was all over The Weeknd – so much PDA.”

Bella is a model who is perhaps better known for being  Kylie Jenner’s best friend.  Both seem to be attracted to slightly older men in the music industry.


    • Man sometimes it’s that p*ssy and pretty face giving head that do it for some not always a big booty or fat titty bitch … That’s all cunt right there!

      • No disrespect, but you sound real gay in this post. I have a feeling the only time you around women is when you asking to borrow their wigs and size 11 heels. No shade tho.

    • Actually I think the author might be kind of right, it's the sister Gigi that's besties with kendall. Eh whatever what kind of name is hadid? Sounds Arab.


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