Rihanna Is Smashing Travis Scott – Is He Good Enough?

rihanna and travis scott 2

Rihanna and Travis Scott are taking their relationship public.

The Bajan bombshell has been jumping from man to man all summer.   She’s been linked to Scott in the past, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and NBA journeyman Matt Barnes (which she vehemently denies, and he insists happened), plus she is always attached to Chris Brown.

rihanna and travis scott 3

Now it looks like her and rapper, $cott, could be taking the next step.  The two were all over each other at Up And Down and 1Oak on Tuesday.

“They are definitely together. They were dancing very close and didn’t care who could see them.”

A source at that was at the same club is also reporting that the two were groping each other at the club until well past 4am, saying Scott’s “Hands [were] on her p**sy and all.”

Do you think Travis is good enough to graduate from RiRi’s side dude to actual boyfriend?


  1. Whatever wont last long hope he enjoys it while he can plus i never heard this guys music i dont even listen to rap

  2. I’ll never understand why young men like to stick their dicks in a blender , if one dude had her the rest all want some too

    • @knutz, IKR?!

      IT'S like (THEY) WANNA HEAR "YOU get (AN STD), …..YOU get (AN STD)!!!……'YOUUUUUUU GET…(AN STD)!!!"

      WHAT THE HECK?????

      NOBODY CARES?????

      SMH TIL MY NECK hurts!!

  3. She’s just getting piped down. That might be all she wants ain’t like she gone marry him. Let her live!

  4. It looks like she just trynna get piped… She basically flips her man of the day and I guess whoever name it lands on is who’se gonna get some p*ssy for the day. The list is very long…. NBA, NFL, MLB, RnB, HipHop, Business corporate men etc…. I wouldnt be surprise if u can even pay $$$ for that P*ssy, like Draya was doing some time ago, afterall there are many actresses and singers, Models and Reality Stars that are famous that are sleeping with rich men for More Fame, Money $$$ etc… hmm but who knows.

    • @CRAZY CHRIS, "BINGO!!" Laughing!

      YOU WIN (THE PRIZE of THE DAY)!! 😉 Laughing!


      I wish BETTER for THIS GIRL!!

  5. She’s gonna be with her forever…I bet he treats her the best she’s ever been treated…watch!

  6. Hell naw this nigga aint shit! He a slut nigga, BUT for once I must add that so is the woman. Rhianna a hoe from wayyyyyyy back. So birds of a feather it is. Wish them two the best of luck and hopefully sobriety.

  7. This is PR dammit are alla yall blind?! Rhi is the beard of the moment this is just to gass up another bullshit “rapper” selling a f*cked up project. I listened to a bit of his shit on itunes it was wack as fawk! N this N that BORING!! The music of the KKK!!!

  8. SO (NO ONE) CARES about STD'S?????


  9. "AIN'T (NO) SEX (WORTH DYIN' FOR)!!!!"



    "GET IT??"

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