Pornstar Speaks Out About Her “Relationship” With Carmelo Anthony

carmelo anthony pornstar

The pornstar who put Carmelo Anthony on blast speaks out about the incident.

A Twitter account for former adult actress, Jazmine Cashmere (@JazmineCashmere) was spreading rumors that Anthony owed her $15k for “services rendered” and he was refusing to pay.  Now the pornstar – whose real name is Nicole B. Jones – has put up a YouTube testimonial to set the record straight.

She is claiming that the page using her old alias is a fake and that Cashmere herself has never actually met Melo.

“I’ve never met Carmelo Anthony, I’ve never done business with him.  I don’t even believe we’ve been in the same building with one another.”

Besides claiming to have never personally met Carmelo, Jones says that she has tried to get the @JazmineCashmere Twitter account to stop in the past but she has always been blocked, “There’s a fake page, this page has been around for quite some time now.  I message this page, I get blocked.”

Melo’s disastrous summer continues.  Earlier in the off season evidence of his wife, LaLa, banging rapper Maino was circulating, then this fiasco, and now the Knicks are reportedly shopping their lone star player.


  1. Attention all black athletes in the pros and college, if you screw around with a hoe today, it will end up on the internet tomorrow! Once your business hits the internet, it stays there FOREVER! Black men, you must either control your sexual urges, or confiscate all cell phones. Bitches are ruthless, conniving leeches! They don’t love you, they want to destroy you! You guys are not Roethlisberger, you guys are not Tom Brady, the system will not protect you! If you get caught, the system will destroy you (See Ray Rice). This is not my opinion, this is a fact!

    • BINGO! NBAisFixed. hence the reason that whore of a THOT is trying to plant allegations on my boopie Derrick Rose. great PSA to all athletes out there…mainly the ones who are rich as hell with an abundance of money and are well-known like my booboo DRose.

    • Ummm….do not only put women on blast… there are plenty of trick ass dudes, that some of these dudes f*ck with (on that hono or “friend” shit) that do the same thing.

      So do not make this a gender thing…because it is not!

      • @10:41, THANK you!!

        SO TRUE!!

        WHAT ABOUT OL' BOY that said that HE SMASHED ICE T'S BROAD, COCOA, OR W/E! ??…laughing!

        It goes BOTH WAYS! 😉


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