WTF?! The Rock Reached Out to Tyrese & Here’s What Happened

tyrese the rock

The other day, Tyrese went on a rant about The Rock’s filming schedule and asked his Fast & Furious co-star to call him.

It looks like The Rock decided to reach out to Ty via email, and Ty fired back by making this post on Instagram telling The Rock he doesn’t “do email” and to call him back instead.

So Tyrese actually opened the email, read it, and made a social media post about it instead of writing back? He doesn’t do emails but he can write 2,000 word essays on Instagram?

Somebody call Dr. Phil and get this man some help.


  1. He is just trying to punk this dude.

    If their friendship mattered he would not act like bitch on social media.

  2. Really! Now I hope Dwayne doesn’t adjust his schedule to film another F&F (tht doesn’t need to come out anyway). Tyrese is becoming annoying asshole!

  3. Tyrese…here’s some VASELINE for those ASHY ass lips!
    Now who care about you kissing the ROCKS ass…because we all know you a kiss ass…
    You acting like you were gonna JUMP when Paul Walker died…yeah it was sad but come on…
    relax and sit you ass down…Then that RUDE comment you made about BLACK woman as you marry your NON AFRICAN AMERICAN wife…I know you AINT trying to THROW BLACK woman under the bus…LOL I know your MAMA wouldn’t Appreciate you left handed remarks…
    BECAUSE I KNOW YOU MAMA IS BLACK…LOOK @ your crispy black ashy lip wanna be down in Hollyweird because you don’t know any better…LOL

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